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Stef “pidgezero_one” Kischak

Guest Writer
Stef “pidgezero_one” Kischak
Is Brawl Making a Comeback?
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Ten years after the masses moved on to Smash 4, Brawl is seeing a surge of events and content. Where is the renewed interest coming from?
Smash 64 Needs Readers' Help To Make History
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With Genesis a little over two months away, time is ticking to put together funds for travel and accommodations. The Smash 64 community may be feeling this pressure the most out of the entire Smash umbrella, as it hopes to make history with unprecedented international attendance.

After Apex 2015 and Super Smash Con achieved record registration numbers, Genesis 3 is hopeful to raise the bar even higher. With the return of Isai after a two year hiatus, as well as dominant players like SuPeRbOoMfAn, KeroKeroppi, Jaime, Fireblaster, and Wizzrobe confirmed attending, Genesis 3 is looking to be the most stacked tournament in recent memory.

Speaking of which, attendees should definitely join Smash 64 singles!

Not known to many Smashers outside of the close-knit 64 community, the game has its own legendary folklore of "Gods", whom are scattered around the globe: Japan, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Australia...
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