PMRank 2019: Recap
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PMRank 2019 concludes with a few interesting statistics, and a video surprise.
PMRank 2019: 3-1
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Today, PMRank 2019 concludes its main course, and today, we honor the players at the absolute highest level of the game.
Nintendo Mobile games earn over 1 billion combined
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Wonder which Nintendo mobile games have earned the most? Well, the banner image may give you a hint to #1.
EVO 2020 Lineup Announced
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Joey Cuellar and Mike Ross announced this year's EVO lineup, featuring some shocking omissions and an astounding throwback.
PMRank 2019: 6-4
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Three players, three uncommon characters, and three large ranking jumps appear in today's PMRank article.
Japanese eShop releases - 2/6/2020
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Want to use that Japanese eShop account?
PMRank 2019: 10-7
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PMRank 2019 resumes with some of the game's most thrilling players to watch. These four are true students of the game, and their wealth of practice has yielded a bounty of skill.
Smash Ultimate Has A New Tournament Qualifier Mode
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On January 30th, 2020, the official Japanese Super Smash Bros. Twitter account announced a new online tournament qualifier mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition releases for Switch in 2020
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Rivals of Aether is now coming to the Switch. What new features will be included in this definitive edition? All stages and characters: Read here to find out more!
PMRank 2019: 20-11
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The last of the new faces make their first PMRank appearance today, along with many veterans making large jumps.
Pokemon Home Basic and Premium Plans Announced
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Wonder what features are available in Pokemon Home? How about the plans? Check here to find out more!
PMRank 2019: 30-21
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The PMRank 2019 top 30 begins with a few familiar faces, as well as some making their grand debuts.
Switch eShop sale 1/27/2020
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Any games you want to pick up in the eShop? Lots of options available. Check out our article here for some sale highlights!
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 7.0.0 Released
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Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses will now be teaching lessons in Smash! Learn more about what else has arrived with the Ver 7.0.0 update here!
PMRank 2019: 40-31
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PMRank 2019 continues on, with the first 2018 veterans making their appearances, as well as a number of new faces.
PMRank 2019: 50-41
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PMRank 2019 has finally arrived. Today begins the long awaited list of this year's top 50 players.
EVO Japan 2020 Has Concluded
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From the Leroys in Tekken 7’s Top 8 to the prized Smash Ultimate controller being dropped on the floor, EVO Japan 2020 was certainly a memorable event. Learn more about who won each tournament as well as what was announced here!
PMRank 2019: The Edge of Glory
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Greetings one and all to the opening of the fourth annual ranking of Project M's top 50 players, PMRank 2019! We are very excited to begin unveiling this year's rankings, but first we want to acknowledge a few players who very nearly missed out on a top 50 spot.
Smashboards Staff’s Top Echo Picks
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The Smashboards News and Moderating Staff talk about their picks for potential future Echo Fighters.
EVO Japan 2020 Begins Today
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Japan’s own version of EVO begins now! Learn about which fighters will be appearing at the event as well as more info here!