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  • I have been talking and ranting a lot about this topic lately, but I am disgusted with how football/soccer players such as Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bakuyo Saka who missed during the penalty shoot-out during the 2020 Euros final were all treated with racist and hatred comments within social media after the loss against Italy.

    It is not just happening within the sporting industry, it also occurs to almost anyone, everywhere from actors/actresses within the film industry, musicians etc that had also recieved similar remarks whether these are from social media comments or specific Youtube channels. I am convinced that these people who had posted comments (and videos) of hate were looking to insight trouble and looking to fuel the flames.

    This is why I do feel that social media have to do more to stricten their guidelines and to prevent such measures from happening because these toxic and hateful behaviour have no place at all whether this is in sport, the film and entertainment industry etc.
    Its really funny how many videos I have seen thought that Disney's latest live action adaption of "Cruella" is considered a box office bomb until the film surpassed $200 million in the box office worldwide which have surpassed expectations.

    Sometimes, I really have no idea how these "channels" could consider it as a flop and they are going to have a load of eggs on their faces. That is pretty much the result of what happens if you jump quickly to conclusions.

    Its been 27 years since the first Darkstalkers came out. Will they ever rise up from the dead?
    Sometimes Youtube does provide many strange and bizarre comments.

    So if someone says that they do not care about the character's back story within superhero films, wouldn't that make them less compelling and interesting?

    The point of providing a back story within films is to help develop and construct their narrative and to explain their what happened before the events of the characters and story's settings. This is what makes the audience care about the characters and the story within the film.
    Whilst there are some film critics that I trust such as Dan Murrell, there are some that I do not trust such as Forbes' Scott Mendelson, who tends to be a rather harsh critic and often gives out negative reviews which sometimes makes me want to ignore every review he posted.
    With Kazuya in Smash, as someone who had followed and played Tekken since the third game back during the PS One days, I'm really glad to see that one of the best and well-known fighting game franchises along with Street Fighter gets a spotlight.

    Wonder when could we see someone from Guilty Gear, Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter or even the dormant Darkstalkers?
    With E3 almost over, next up San Diego Comic-Con to hopefully have some MCU and DCEU news. Then EVO, Tokyo Game Show and New York Comic-con.
    I thought I give the 2021 live action version of Tom and Jerry another watch......and even though I still didn't like it, I still wonder how exactly did Colin Jost landed a role within the film?
    Watched the Rocketeer film on Disney+ several times already and I can really understand why this film is such a cult classic superhero film which is massively underrated.
    My Mortal Kombat 2021 Review:

    I've been following the Mortal Kombat games since MK4 came on the Nintendo 64, so I do have a general idea what I hope to expect within Simon McQuoid's take on the much anticipated Mortal Kombat film.

    Sadly, it felt more like a "flawless" dud rather than a "flawless victory."

    The first thirteen minutes of the film started off so well with decent performances from Hiroyuki Sanada and Joe Taslim (despite the lack of screen time.) But then afterwards throughout the rest of the entire movie, it felt like it just stumbled after the first hurdle despite the use of references from the gory fatalities to specific easter eggs which is something that any Mortal Kombat fan would recognise.

    The film does have several issues from the questionable story writing and script, the lack of characterisation of the Earthrealm and Outworld characters, uneven pacing as well as the editing within the fight scenes.

    In addition, introducing Cole Young, a new character unfamiliar within the Mortal Kombat lore is always going to be a huge gamble which sadly did not pay off as he wasn't exactly very interesting and lacked any kind of development to even make me want to care or acknowlege his character.
    After watching episode 4 of the Falcon & the Winter Soldier, there is a tale of two different Captain Americas.

    Remember when Peter Parker/Spider-Man was told about "With great power, comes a great responsibility?" This can be used to distinguish the difference between Steve Rogers and John Walker.

    On one hand, Steve had proven to show great power and responsibility during the Civil War. On the other hand, John Walker may have shown great power being the government's Captain America, but he is not very responsible with how he had used his shield.
    Wow, so I was watching a Youtube channel (in which I am highly convinced that they are trolling) and he said that "Kevin Feige and Kathleen Kennedy are the same." That's almost like comparing apples to oranges.
    So I was browsing on Youtube when I came across a video which is spreading lies about the Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbase and Kevin Feige as usual when someone responded to my comment saying that "I am not truly a Marvel fan." I'm like:

    Look, I've been a huge fan of the superhero genre especially with the Marvel franchise since watching the Spider-Man animated tv series with Christopher Daniel Barnes as Peter Parker/Spider-Man back from my childhood. I then went on to play their video games, read the comics and watch the films from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and the first MCU movie, Iron Man in the cinemas.
    My DOA: Dead or Alive Review:

    There were many iterations based upon video game franchises which often do not do too well in terms of acknowledging the source material. Corey Yuen's take on the Tecmo Koei's Dead or Alive franchise is certainly one of those films which failed to acknowledge any of these.

    For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Dead or Alive franchise, it is a tournament organised by DOATEC in which the best fighters around the globe participate. The film however swayed away from many of the aspects within the source material. For example, Christie played by Holly Valance the "assassin" is also "a thief" which is something that is not a part of her video game counterpart and when did Helena ever took up roller skating?

    There were also characters that I didn't feel were neccessary inclusions such as Max and Weatherby who didn't really do much within the film or people that really make me want to care about. Donovan's villain plot was also underwhelming to say the least and I really wished they would explore his background in depth. In addition, Ayane had little screen time which made me care even less about her (even though she is one of the key characters within the video game.)

    Jaime Pressley's take on Tina Armstrong (despite the lack of wrestling moves) is kind of the onlt redeemable point in the film whilst Devon Aoki's performance as the runaway shinobi felt rather cold and wooden.

    Several of the fight scenes and choreography were also questionable, such as the choice of sound effects which does not compliment the action.

    Overall, DOA: Dead or Alive felt like they were taking a franchise without giving it any depth or respecting the game's origins and instead turned it in to a very dull and boring film.

    My Rating: 3/10
    When Steve handed over his shield to Sam, he told Steve that it felt "like its someone else's." This quote is something that I predict John Walker will feel at some point as the episodes of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier progress.
    Finally managed to watch Zack Snyder's cut of the Justice League. Overall I'd say it is definitely better than Joss Whedon's version even though there are specific issues that still remain within Snyder's version such as the editing, pacing and a bit of the structure.

    I will say that this would've been a brilliant foundation for the DCEU which does raise a number of questions on Warner Bros. decisions.
    It is pretty strange that Wonder Woman 1984 won best film at the Kids Choice Awards, yet it was nominated for the worst film category at the Razzie Awards.

    Its pretty contrasting to say that different demographics will have different opinons and views on films.
    If anyone is interested on my review of Wonder Woman 1984, I felt that the sequel couldn't quite match up to the reception it recieved from its first film which is by far more superior. My issues with 1984 is mainly associated with several questionable scenes in which I felt that having a "wishing stone" is not a very clever idea that would transit poorly within the film's story.
    Well, Battlebots came to an end and its the Kiwis who take the Giant Nut back home to New Zealand. A huge congratulations to Jack Barker and End Game to not only become champions, but they are also the first international based team to win Battlebots.

    I really do hope that more international teams will participate in Season 6.
    So this season's Battlebots is about to come to a conclusion as 64 robots became 8 and only one can take home the trophy. Who will it be:

    • Hydra: The flipper bot was ranked as the first seed throughout the tournament. Most of their matches usually ended up going through a judges' decision although its only KO was against Hypershock in the round of 32.
    • Whiplash: Matt Vasquez's only loss came against its first fight against Sawblaze, but racked up impressive victories which include two matches against Valkyrie to reach the quarter finals.
    • Ribbot: The underdogs of the tournament who had already caused two major upsets to reach the final 8 by taking down Beta and the number two seeds Uppercut.
    • Black Dragon: Last year, the Brazilians made it as far as the Round of 16 and this year they made it to the final 8. Can they go one step further this time around?
    • Sawblaze: Jamison Go's impressive driving abilities had already led him to several convincing wins although Sawblaze lost out to Uppercut in the early stages. Will Sawblaze blaze their way to glory and get his hand on the trophy?
    • Tantrum: Another underdog who made it very far this season, it racked up victories against Fusion and like Ribbot, stunned the number three seed Bloodsport to reach the final 8. Will their good run continue?
    • Shatter: Having impressed during their time on This is Fighting Robots with Blue, they have made it very far in this season in where they took out Battlebot icon Ghost Raptor, Captain Shredderator and Mammoth to reach the final 8.
    • EndGame: The team from New Zealand had certainly made their mark this season especially when they notched out an impressive first win against former Battlebots champions Tombstone in its first bout. Despite their only loss to Bloodsport, Jack Barker and his machine really showed that they are real contenders within the competition so far.
    Usually when I review films, I don't go straight to either the critics or audience reviews. But I go in to the cinema to watch the film first and once it finished, I can then go and see if any of the reviews matches up with my views and give my opinion.

    I usually tend to look more in to critics (although there are times that I do either respectfully agree or disagree with some of their views) as they give a much more constructive views and better perspective over the audience reviews.
    Has it really been 25 years since Pokemon came out? I had a lot of fond memories back from my childhood which include playing the likes of Pokemon Stadium for the Nintendo 64, Pikachu and Jigglypuff in Smash Bros. 64, watching Ash starting his Pokemon journey in the anime and the Pokemon Trading Cards.
    Here is my impression of the Mortal Kombat 2021 film trailer:

    There are parts of the film which does seem to stay faithful to the source material such as the blood and gore, I'm a bit unsure on some of the effects and parts of the dialogue shown within the trailer especially the execution of Scorpion's "Get Over Here!"

    Whilst it is hard to say how the story/plot, the characters and their development, the performance of the cast etc will go and I will reserve my judgement until its release in cinemas (if it reopens within my country.)
    Its going to be an all important match for Tombstone and Skorpios for this week's Battlebots, both of whom will require a win to keep their hopes advancing to the 32-Bracket alive, but only one can come out victorious.

    Rotator and HUGE, two bots who have yet to earn their first win of their campaign will need to salvage something as they face Big Dill and Kraken.

    Axolotl and War Ez! are both set to make their first Battlebots appearance, but can they handle their first fights?
    Here is my review for the first two episodes of WandaVision (without giving spoilers):

    Overall, although WandaVision took a slightly different direction in contrast to its other MCU films which pays homage to past TV sitcoms from the likes of Bewitched etc, I actually enjoyed it with its very well done film making and story. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany's characters really shone as well as Katherine Hahn's Agnes. In addition, I felt that the episodes actually have me more intrugued with the amount of easter eggs and references which make me want to anticipate what will happen in the next episode and the future episodes.

    My Rating: 9/10
    As we close the door upon 2020, it has certainly been a very tough and challenging year which has affected our daily lives and around the globe.

    I do like to wish everyone on Smashboards, a Happy New Year and may 2021 bring to you hope, health and happiness. Also stay safe too.
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