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  • Home Sweet Home Alone Thoughts:

    I always adored the first two Home Alone films that were so memorable back when I watched these as a kid. When I heard that another film was in the works for Disney+, I was cautiously curious because I don't know how things will turn out. Sadly, Home Sweet Home Alone felt like it did similar mistakes in which the 2021 adaption of Tom and Jerry had done in which the main character got shafted in favour of the side characters.

    Other than that, I did like Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper's performances as Jeff and Pam McKenzie.

    If they were to ever work on a sequel, my advice to them is to perhaps hire better story and screen writers who can actually provide a compelling plot and character development.
    Decided to give it a second watch and whilst I still maintain my views, I do feel more sympathy towards Jeff and Pam McKenzie's struggles a lot more than Max. But the only saving graces were the appearance of Buzz McAllister and the final 10-15 minutes of the film.
    After watching Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings three times on Disney+, here are some ideas I have in mind for a sequel:

    1. Shang Chi teams up with Jimmy Woo to form the Agents of Atlas (a team that comprises of other Asian-based superheroes.) I have a couple of ideas for my ideal casting in which if anyone is interested, I could provide my thoughts on who should be who in another post.

    2. Shang Chi and Katy goes on a journey to look in to the history of his father's ten rings and perhaps ally with the Five Weapons Society.
    My thoughts on the Multiverse:
    • Whilst it is something that I will keep track on my radar, I am cautiously going to wait and see how things will pan out as soon as more details will be revealed within the future.
    • It is also quite interesting that they are utilising a 2v2 mechanic which is something refreshing in terms of what platform fighters have offered so far.
    • As for the characters, there is quite a good mix of properties from specific Warner Bros. franchises and it will be interesting to see who else will be revealed.
    When I type in X-Men 97 on Youtube, it gave me two angry nerd channels within the search results saying that their childhood will be ruined.

    Are these channels even fully aware of the history of the X-Men franchise when they were first made or are they as usual use this opportunity to gain clicks?
    Just finished watching Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings and all I can say is "WOW!" and I'm very impressed with how the film tells a very compelling story and well choreographed martial arts.
    I'll probably predict that if a sequel is greenlit at Marvel Studios, I could imagine that this will follow the events of Thena, Makkari, Druig who are seeking to find any other existing Celestials to warn them about Arishem's intentions along with the aid of Pip the Troll and Eros aka Starfox to rescue Sersi who was captured during the film's ending. If anything I predict that if Pip the Troll joins them, he is sure to be the comic relief within the team.
    So, just managed to finish watching the Eternals and I will say that it is not as bad as what the critic scores (on Rotten Tomatoes) reflect, but it does have some issues in which there is room for improvement if a sequel is in the works.
    Happy Halloween! On the subject, it has been almost nine years since this particular "Darkstalkers are not Dead" trailer was shown:

    I would really love to see a new entry where the franchise re-emerge from its grave hopefully within the future.
    Watched the latest Pokemon anime series called "Journeys" and I really do at times miss episodes where they gave Ash's Pokemon a focus episode to give them an opportunity to shine. I'm aware he has got Gengar, Dracovish etc, but I do feel they deserve equal screen and development time other than Lucario.
    Whilst I do acknowledge I do pay attention to critic reviews (in which I respect their review) as they do offer an interesting perspective, there are times that I may either agree or disagree with some of their reviews depending on whether any of these lines up with my views and opinions.

    In the end, it is important that you make your own opinion to decide whether something is good or not.
    I'm seeing that Marvel Studios' The Eternals is getting some rather divisive reviews.

    I will say that, there are times that I do sometimes agree with critics if their views matches with my opinion, sometimes it may differ or lead to disagreements and in the end the only opinion and views that matters is your own.
    Managed to watch all of the episodes of "Just Beyond" on Disney+. Overall I would say its not bad as there are some episodes that are good, some episodes that were just OK and some that could had been better and I wished that some of the characters had a bit more of a backstory.

    "Which Witch?" and "Treehouse" were the episodes that I really liked as the characters and stories are well constructed. In addition, there were a number of good performances by the cast from Mckenna Grace, Cedric Joe, Rachel Marsh to Cyrus Arnold.

    Like what I felt with the Turner and Hooch series, I do feel that there is a good concept for "Just Beyond" and if it gets a second series, there are some areas that probably will need a bit more work.
    Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings is on its last two days within theaters as its 45-day run is coming to an end where it so far made $405 million in the box office. The film will be available on Disney+ on 12th November.

    Next up for Marvel Studios is Chloe Zhao's the Eternals which comes out on 5th November. The film premiere is happening on Monday 18th in which the social media reaction will be released whilst the review embargo will end on the 23rd/24th October. According to box office insiders, the pre-sales of the film has already beaten Black Widow and Shang-Chi where it could possibly fetch a potential $110 on opening weekend.
    Sora of Kingdom Hearts as the final challenger of the second fighters' pass is a fitting way to conclude Smash Ultimate.

    Here's hoping "everyone" will be back for the next installment of Smash.
    Whilst I have seen different predictions for who will be final character revealed on Tuesday, I will say that we should all be thankful to Masahiro Sakurai and his team for all the hard work and support for Smash Bros. Ultimate.

    Who knows what the future will hold? Maybe perhaps we will see a new Smash for the next gen console and hopefully "everyone" that featured in Ultimate will make a return.
    Is it really this hard for anyone on social media to read the full context before jumping to conclusions?
    Sometimes I do believe that we should always do a fact check to ensure what has been posted is accurate and does not leave, miss or hide any details behind. People should not just the headline of an article and then make a quick conclusion based on that small detail, they should always read the entire context on what has been reported in order to get the full picture.

    Let's say that I am writing a report or a news article about something, I'd usually take my time to research everything that I need to know about a certain topic. Once I have gathered all of my resources as well as checking to see whether the information provided is legitimate, I can confidently put what I learned in to the article/report.
    Whilst I am currently still learning more about box office performances, I am shaking my head over how certain channels consider a film that has currently made $200m to be a flop.

    Why don't they just wait for the end of its theatrical run before we even jump to conclusions to whether or not a film is considered a success or not?

    It is pointless to draw up any assumptions at this stage whilst a film is still in its theatrical run.
    Youtube video showed a clip from Kill Bill of Lucy Liu beheading someone and using strong language in which they believe it is "aspirational" to kids.

    Me: How exactly is that scene considered "aspirational" to young kids when it showed a load of blood, violence, gore and foul language?
    Someone from the Youtube comments complaining about Shang-Chi's supposedly lack of marketing: "And Shang Chi in a Marvel vs Capcom game would of helped a ton!"

    Me: That will only work if there were a new Marvel Vs Capcom game in development in which we may not possibly hear for another few more years. Sure it might give him exposure, but I don't generally believe Shang Chi making an appearance in a Marvel Vs Capcom game is the only way to market him as there are other effective ways to promote his film.

    Would I want him to be in a future Marvel Vs Capcom game? For sure. But I'll wait and see what the future holds and who knows, we could get a new title for the MvC franchise.
    As I am no box office analyst and looking at the recent numbers for specific films, all I am going to say I am going to say is that I do feel that it will really take a really long recovery due to the current circumstances.
    My brief review of The Suicide Squad:

    Whilst James Gunn's take is certainly miles better than the original with decent performances from its cast, it is not exactly a complete masterpiece in contrast to his previous work with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. - 7/10.
    Does anyone ever feel like when you heard and read the positive reviews before heading off to watch a film (for example) and only for it to somewhat be a lot different than what the other reviews had said?
    I have been talking and ranting a lot about this topic lately, but I am disgusted with how football/soccer players such as Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bakuyo Saka who missed during the penalty shoot-out during the 2020 Euros final were all treated with racist and hatred comments within social media after the loss against Italy.

    It is not just happening within the sporting industry, it also occurs to almost anyone, everywhere from actors/actresses within the film industry, musicians etc that had also recieved similar remarks whether these are from social media comments or specific Youtube channels. I am convinced that these people who had posted comments (and videos) of hate were looking to insight trouble and looking to fuel the flames.

    This is why I do feel that social media have to do more to stricten their guidelines and to prevent such measures from happening because these toxic and hateful behaviour have no place at all whether this is in sport, the film and entertainment industry etc.
    Its really funny how many videos I have seen thought that Disney's latest live action adaption of "Cruella" is considered a box office bomb until the film surpassed $200 million in the box office worldwide which have surpassed expectations.

    Sometimes, I really have no idea how these "channels" could consider it as a flop and they are going to have a load of eggs on their faces. That is pretty much the result of what happens if you jump quickly to conclusions.

    Its been 27 years since the first Darkstalkers came out. Will they ever rise up from the dead?
    Sometimes Youtube does provide many strange and bizarre comments.

    So if someone says that they do not care about the character's back story within superhero films, wouldn't that make them less compelling and interesting?

    The point of providing a back story within films is to help develop and construct their narrative and to explain their what happened before the events of the characters and story's settings. This is what makes the audience care about the characters and the story within the film.
    Whilst there are some film critics that I trust such as Dan Murrell, there are some that I do not trust such as Forbes' Scott Mendelson, who tends to be a rather harsh critic and often gives out negative reviews which sometimes makes me want to ignore every review he posted.
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