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  • It is interesting to see that Marvel Studios' "The Marvels" which was originally meant for a July release is now shifted to a November release and Secret Invasion and Loki S2 are the only MCU tv shows to be released for Disney+ this year with Ironheart and Echo shifted to next year which actually makes sense.

    With Bob Iger's return as Disney CEO, hopefully this will give Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige more quality and creative control and time that the need to perfect and polish their projects.
    It's kind of strange that I see more marketing and promotion on the Flash and not very much on Shazam: Fury of the Gods which comes out next month.

    To be fair, I was hoping that they would show at least some form of promotion during Super Bowl, but surprisingly none. I'm certainly they will have to show something as soon as tickets goes on sale otherwise with little marketing, there is no anticipation or hype for the film.
    I've been watching a whole load of video game live action films from Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li, Tekken, Double Dragon, DOA: Dead or Alive, the King of Fighters etc and I can understand why these films were criticised solely because they ignore the game's source material.

    I believe it really important that film makers consult and have the producers and directors of the games to have on board throughout its development to ensure that the film achieves a respectable adaptation.

    This is why having Shigeru Miyamoto on board within the film making process for the Super Mario Bros. film is important to ensure everything transits in to a respectable adaptation.
    James Gunn had revealed the slate for their new take on the DC Universe films and tv slate today.

    Overall, whilst it is hard for me to say about these projects as I will wait for further information and news before I can provide my judgement. But I'm not really sure if keeping the door open for Ezra Miller's return as the Flash for future features is a wise decision considering the amount of controversy he had already caused.
    Just finished watching all of the entire episodes of "Wednesday" on Netflix, I will say that the show was able to take advantage of its comedy-horror esque mystery sitcom that gives a new perspective to Wednesday Adam's character in which actress Jenna Ortega was able to deliver on her performance.
    Someone on Youtube saying that a film teaser trailer "doesn't sell at all."

    "A teaser trailer is a short version of a movie trailer that is designed to pique the interest of the audience, getting potential viewers excited about an upcoming film." That is exactly what a teaser trailer's purpose and objective are meant to do which is to build the audiences' curiousity and interest that can contribute towards the movie's hype and anticipation.

    Also from the same Youtube Channel, he claimed that "The word is is The Marvels will be quite a flop across the board." This is going to be one of those moments where this feels like saying that without providing a single source to his claim this is a "trust me bro" meme which doesn't really support or back his entire credibility (which it is obvious that this channel does have a history of manufacturing a load of lies for views and clicks.)
    I am still quite baffled to how parts of Film Twitter, Youtube channels, Reddit etc complained and criticise Princess Peach's role within Illumination & Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. film coming in three months time. Do they not know that as a member of royalty whether this is a king, queen, prince or a princess, their role is to take charge and to lead their entire kingdom which is what Princess Peach's role is. Have they not played a Smash Bros. game where Princess Peach is a playable character where she can fight on her own?

    I've also seen some complained about Mario's characterisation as the "bumbling type." Have they not heard about how a "hero's journey theory" works? This appears in almost every film I have watched. The hero goes through an adventure, learns a lesson, obtains victory and then returns home as a hero. Not only helps his narrative, but builds his character development as the film progress.

    Another example of how this "hero's journey theory works", let's look at "Cool Runnings." After Derice, Junior and Yule all failed to secure a place for the 1988 Summer Olympics during the tryouts plus Sanka crashed out of a race, the four decided to take up the Bobsleigh discipline in hopes of qualifying the 1988 Winter Olympics. The four never even heard of a bobsleigh and you can see during their first training session with Irving Blitzer, they were acting like the "bumbling" type characters. But as the film progresses, the four began to learn, co-operate and work together as a team in which even though they did not win a medal, what they earned is respect from everyone (which is pretty much a victory for them.) As the film's end credits said, that the four "returned home as heroes" yet they "all returned to the next Winter Olympics, as equals."

    I just wish that those who complained and criticise to study up more on how these things work more so that they have a much better and wider understanding.

    I really do feel very sorry for Henry Cavill who left his role on Netflix's Witcher series, confirmed that he was returning to play Clark Kent/Superman a few months ago and then only told by James Gunn and Peter Safran that he is no longer playing Superman which really sucks for him.

    I know that James Gunn has been brought in to reboot the entire DC universe franchise and whilst I do acknowledge that he is a good filmmaker, I'll reserve my judgement on how he does as a CEO.
    Decided to watch "Cool Runnings" on Disney+ for the very first time and overall , I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

    Nowadays, it is very uncommon to see sports-based films as of today. But I can pretty much understand why "Cool Runnings" is a classic which is loosely inspired by the Jamaican bobsleigh team that made its debut during the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. The performance of the cast is very likable in which they were able to act in character and the biggest plus of "Cool Runnings" is that it is able to convey and craft a story that is meaningful and engaging whilst keeping with the entertainment value.

    My overall rating: 8/10
    Someone on Twitter still does not acknowledge Miles Morales is a Spider-Man, I really wonder did they acknowledged what the late Stan Lee once said regarding to the web-slinging hero's creation:

    I acknowledge that Miles Morales is a Spider-Man, just like how I consider the likes of Ben Reilly, Miguel O'Hara as well as Peter Parker himself as a Spider-Man.
    Hearing what is going on with DC films doing a full reboot of their slate is almost like watching Thanos snapping everything away from existence.

    Either ways, I do feel that a reboot was bound to be coming for the DC cinematic films (even though at the same time, it can be quite a risk), but I guess we will have to wait and see what James Gunn and David Safran have in store.
    My thoughts on the Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (Season 2)

    Although I actually quite enjoyed the first season that gave characters a good amount of shine and development, I just felt that the second season had really missed its mark. The second season could had done with a few extra episodes to cover further build-up within its story and letting the characters gain further growth but instead the writers had completely rushed the entire plot from beginning to the end that led to a rather messy concept and lack of focus on what it wants to tell to audiences.

    It can be argued that without Gordon Bombay, the second season really lacks the spark that the first season had.
    After I expressed my disappointment of the first season to Netflix's the Iron Fist, I decided to give the second season a watch and here are my thoughts.

    Overall, the second season is miles better than the first in which it addressed the criticisms that the first season had. Despite some areas that would still have room for improvement in terms of parts of the story and Davos' character, the fight scenes, pacing and Danny Rand, Colleen Wing and Ward Meachum were given personalities in which they were much better in the second season.

    Although it was a shame that all of the Netflix Marvel series were cancelled and since the properties were handed back to Marvel Studios. We had already seen Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onforio retained their respective roles within MCU projects and hopefully more of those who were on the Netflix shows could be retained in the future.
    Even though this is the first time I ever got to watch the Wales national football team in the World Cup finals, they should be proud of what they had achieved having made their second appearance since 1958.

    Although the results did not go their way, I just hope the boys will take lessons learned from the World Cup and now shift their attention to the Euro 2024 qualifiers.
    Decided to give the first series of Netflix's Iron Fist (based on the Marvel Comics) a watch and I can pretty much see why it was heavily panned by critics and fans alike.

    The story was set at a rather slow pace especially within its first couple of episodes where it took a while to eventually get going, the acting from some of its cast was mediocre, some of the characters lacked a bit of development and growth especially with Harold Meachum, the dreadful fight choreography and having Scott Buck to helm the project was a recipe for disaster.
    So I watched Black Adam last night with an open mind (being wary of the critic and audience reviews) and I was left rather disappointed by the outcome.

    Although I do appreciate Dwayne Johnson for his effort, Black Adam ended up being a rather dull, messy and underwhelming superhero flick that seem to devoid any sort interest and build up with its story and characters despite having some decent action sequences and a surprise cameo from Henry Cavill's Superman during the post credit scenes.

    Overall rating: 3.5/10
    So I watched some random Youtube channel where he claimed that the ticket sales for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever caused ticket websites to crash is a way to generate fake interest.

    I completely disagree with this take. Does this Youtube channel not know about how the sales for Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: No Way Home that just like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever caused ticket sites to crash? If the tickets were in high demand, this would cause high volumes of online traffic. High enough to cause websites to crash.

    If the ticket sales were very high in demand for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever that caused the website to crash, this means there is a lot of generated interest and therefore it is not faked.
    There had been quite a lot of discussion in regards to Hellena Taylor-Bayonetta 3 situation lately where she did not reprise her role due to a fallout with her and Platinum Games over a pay dispute where she only recieved a lowly $4000 (£3500 in UK currency.)

    I will say it was very brave to break her NDA to share her side of the story which comes at a time when the game is due to be released this month and she deserves a sum that is fair and respectful to her talent (which takes many years to develop and work on.) I wonder how will Platinum Games respond to her claims?
    After reading a conflicting report, I'm not entirely sure who is in the right or wrong at this stage within this ongoing drama. Either ways, I still feel that video game companies need to ensure that the VAs deserve to be treated fairly and respected with their talent.
    Having watched Marvel Studios' the Werewolf by Night in which it was a very well done special presentation that was able to utilise classic horror elements with some gory bits within the superhero genre. Jack Russell's Werewolf by Night, Elsa Bloodstone and Man-Thing were all very well introduced in which I do hope they will appear in further MCU projects (maybe meeting Moon-Knight at some point?)

    It does makes me wonder whether Shang-Chi's ten rings, Kamala Khan's bangle and Elsa Bloodstone's "Bloodstone" could play a significant role to build up the "Kang Dynasty?"
    I see some complaints saying that a launch roster of 18 is small and they expect a minimum of 20 characters to be in their satisfactory number.

    It does make me wonder whether to those who complain, have they not seen the launch rosters for Guilty Gear Strive and Samurai Shodown that also have a smaller number of around 15-16 to begin with?
    Someone on Youtube, "Agatha House Of Harkness No One Asked For So Just Cancel It Disney."

    Me: Does this Youtube channel not understand how popular Agatha Harkness is amongst fans especially with this scene:

    And this is why review sites need to do more to monitor and prevent those whose only objective is to review bomb on something that they have no interest in or does not fit within their narrative.
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