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  • I see some complaints saying that a launch roster of 18 is small and they expect a minimum of 20 characters to be in their satisfactory number.

    It does make me wonder whether to those who complain, have they not seen the launch rosters for Guilty Gear Strive and Samurai Shodown that also have a smaller number of around 15-16 to begin with?
    Someone on Youtube, "Agatha House Of Harkness No One Asked For So Just Cancel It Disney."

    Me: Does this Youtube channel not understand how popular Agatha Harkness is amongst fans especially with this scene:

    And this is why review sites need to do more to monitor and prevent those whose only objective is to review bomb on something that they have no interest in or does not fit within their narrative.
    Its really strange and rather sad to see a load of new accounts on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB that are highly suspicious in which their primary objective is to review-bomb on a film or tv show that does not fit within their narrative and agenda. Sometimes, you can view the user's profile to see what films or tv shows they had reviewed in which this does make it easier to decide whether they are reliable or not.

    If anything, I think Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB need to find a solution to counter and get rid of those who only made a new account just to review-bomb.
    Having watched all six episodes of Tekken: Bloodline which is available on Netflix and here are my thoughts:

    If I have to be really honest, Tekken Bloodline was a massive disappointment in which although it had several references to the game, it's story felt very rushed with an underwhelming build up and the weird triangle shading within the characters' visuals looked out of place. In addition, the characters especially Jin were somewhat lacking in depth and I wished that the writers would make an opportunity to give each character a chance to shine and grow, even though that would not be possible to do within its six-episode run.

    Overall Rating: 2/5.
    "A channel with passionate opinions that aren't paid off like most critics."

    I never really understand why and where do some people get the idea that critics are being paid for giving good or bad reviews or opinions unless they only say that because what they said disagrees with their views?
    Decided to give Prey a watch on Disney+ and wow, not only the film delivered on its gore and action sequences, it also produced a well built character with Naru portrayed by Amber Midthunder whose performance shone throughout the entire movie within a very well crafted and driven story.

    My overall rating: 8/10
    So Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav laid down his plan for DC Universe within 10 years in a similar concept inspired by Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige.

    This is highly ambitious for the DC Universe and Warner Bros. Discovery to utilise a similar formula that the Marvel Cinematic Universe built for many years which is not always easy to emulate considering that this requires an awful lot of time, construction, planning and patience to create a future set-up of events. The success of this concept enabled them to bring in more newer superheroes that the audience were not aware of from the likes of Ant-Man, Black Panther, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Shang Chi etc.

    I was watching the Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe on Disney+ (which I recommend) and it clearly showed how well each film were able to lay an egg within its sequences that eventually led to its main course within the Avengers and the Age of Ultron.

    The cancellation of Batgirl did come as quite a surprise and I felt like this was a hugely missed opportunity to introduce to a new audience. As I said before that I do feel very sorry to those who were attached to the project that was on the verge of completion only to notified that their work is not going ahead in the most horrible way. But what baffled me is the way Zaslav delivered his reasoning for the cancellation in which his statement was to "protect DC brands" within their new strategy. If Batgirl was not part of their strategy, how does something like the Flash in which its main star had already caused a lot of controversy is still being protected?

    In addition, it is not just Batgirl that faced the axe, but the sequel to Scoob which was meant to air on HBO Max had a similar fate as like Batgirl was also cancelled. It is not known which other films/tv shows that could also face the chop by Warner Bros. Discovery at this time. However, this move is bound to alienate a lot of their creative talent who put a lot of time, hard work and effort spent on these projects only to be canned and may potentially put off others from working with Warner Bros. Discovery in the future.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    I’m generally against a shared DC universe due to that, unlike Marvel’s, it works as detached stories within a shared space. Marvel moves works great as they build up on one another. DC movies work great as standalone entries. That’s how they started and that’s how they should continue. Trying to emulate Marvel won’t work for DC in my opinion. Batman has had how many actors playing as the Batman? I don’t think it would work as well to have a No Way Home version of Batman. I also want DC to look to other properties that they have as well.

    This panel was taken place during last year's DC Fandome. To see Leslie Grace, the directors Adil and Billal and writer Christine Hodson talking about their hype and enthusiasm for the Batgirl film at the time and then to see Warner Bros take away all of that even though it wasn't very far off from completion, its just a terrible way to everyone involved that they will not be able to share their hard work, creativity, vision and excitement with everyone.

    I just hope all those that were affected by this will find much better opportunities elsewhere.

    I will possibly give about my thoughts on the entire Batgirl cancellation and why I feel Warner Bros. Discovery's 10 year plan for the DC universe is very ambitious in contrast to Marvel Studios' cinematic universe for my next discussion.

    I personally would not mind this. After all, it has been a long while since Marvel Studios revealed their current projects two years ago and it is time for more information to surface at this year's San Diego Comic-con.

    I could see them save a number of unrevealed projects for D23.

    Even though I consider the Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter II V as one of my favourite animated fighting game series, Tekken Bloodline looks interesting although the use of lighting and shadows (the same triangular shading on the characters) look a bit odd for some reason.
    Since a lot of people posted their top MCU Phase 4 films, here is mine so far:

    1. Spider-Man: No Way Home
    2. Shang Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings
    3. Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    4. Eternals
    5. Black Widow

    I have not seen Thor: Love & Thunder as of yet. But as soon as I have seen it, I will add it on my ranking.

    When East meets West. This was taken back at Power Morphicon where Yuuta Mochizuki who played Geki in the Japanese adaptation of Power Rangers called Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger joined Austin St. John who played Jason in the US counterpart the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

    It is really strange looking back at this where Keiji Inafune's Mighty No.9 kickstarter was once considered as the gaming industry's next big thing that could be viewed as Megaman's successor. However a combination of mismanagement, over ambitious and over-promised goals led to its downfall that was at the time, more than enough to make an anime fan "cry on prom night."
    Having watched all of the character based episodes from Tekken 7, I just wished it went back to this format that Tekken 4 & 5 had. For example:

    One of the reasons I enjoyed Tekkens 4 & 5 is the story prologues, interludes and epilogues which gave an insight of the characters' motivations for participating in the King of Iron Fist tournament. The character episodes in Tekken 7 were lacking and doesn't give me much of an idea of what it is they are trying to achieve during the tournament.

    I just hope and wish that if Bandai Namco does Tekken 8, I hope they can reconsider readding these features.

    Considering how much damage Bob Chapek had already caused for Disney since taking the reigns over Bob Iger, he certainly will have a lot to answer for especially with several of his decisions that not only include Lightyear's B/O performance.

    But mainly the treatment of Pixar's past films such as Turning Red's sudden decision to go streaming instead of theaters.
    Someone on GameFAQs:

    "But I don't believe for a second that this "leak" was accidental. Capcom leaked on purpose to understand the needs of the community and if they were happy with what they're planning for SF6. Keep telling yourself that you have a degree in marketing."

    Yet I don't believe what Capcom did was "intentional" nor was it on purpose as with almost every leak, it will always be unintentional and accidental. For example, this happened to before to SNK prior to the King of Fighters XIV, when the entire roster got leaked out and also the leaked test footage for the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros that had surfaced showing Shulk as a playable character. I am sure neither of these were meant to be intentional.

    Whilst I am glad to see that the leak does have a lot of positive reaction from the community and I am pretty sure that Capcom did not anticipate something like this to happen, leaks can sometimes be quite unpredictable and risky as it can go in either direction depending on the reaction.

    In general, "whenever a big leak happens it’s bad for the studio, it’s bad for the developers, it’s bad for the publisher, and it’s bad for the marketing people."

    Source: https://askagamedev.tumblr.com/post/616749537089978368/what-are-the-negative-impacts-of-leaks-how
    Someone on Youtube:

    "I know damn well I don't see the FGC criticizing Kingdom Hearts 4 photo realism, weren't yall the same people praising hyper Realistic SF6 & calling us legacy fans losers?!"

    Does this person on Youtube not realise that both Kingdom Hearts 4 and Street Fighter 6 are two different genres which is why no-one from the FGC (Fighting Game Community) are talking about KH4?

    Also, where exactly is the evidence that the FGC had been criticisng KH4 because if you show no proof that this had ever happened, I can't take anything that this person says granted.
    Capcom producer Shuhei Matsumoto recently stated in an interview that he doesn't believe that the Capcom Fighting Collection is going to potentially revive some of their older IPs.

    I just feel that he is attempting to throw down the guantlet and whilst I can understand his expections, I generally believe that if the collection does well in terms of sales and gaining attention, then perhaps this can change his mind.

    Anyways, I am sure that the Capcom fighting department are hard at work with the upcoming Street Fighter 6 and if it does hit the right notes, then maybe this could be used as an opportunity to revive some of their dormant fighting games that deserved the spotlight they had long awaited for.
    In addition, I have seen some comments saying that they are no longer interested in purchasing the collection in which I see this as the complete opposite.

    I know that there are people like myself who is still awaiting for a new Darkstalkers game and after reading Shuhei Matsumoto's interview, whilst he is putting his expectations in place, I still believe that the only way to convince him and Capcom is the old saying that "actions speaks louder than words."
    Finally watched episodes of the Gummi Bears for the first time and I can understand why it was a massive Disney Afternoons favourite back then.
    Watched Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers live action film on Disney+ and whilst it is very much bonkers like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Wreck-It Ralph, I was left entertained throughout the entire film that is not only packed full of Easter eggs and references, but was able to tell a compelling narrative and excellent character development.

    I will leave one particular reference, but if you watched through the credits, did anyone notice that there was a reference homage to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    I would recommend watching from the 15:50 mark to the 20:13 mark in regards to "checking your sources."

    For further context, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had already made over $700M in the worldwide box office in which several "sources" stated that the film was a flop, when in truth it actually wasn't and it is already making money.

    In addition, several sources stated that the film made an 81% second week drop when again, the actual second week drop was 67%.

    It is really sad to see that some of these particular "sources" seem to use the box office numbers to fit their narrative and agenda which isn't exactly what the purpose of the numbers are meant to be for. In addition, these "sources" often have a long running habit of spreading misinformation and lies which as the video said it can be very "dangerous."
    I remember the times when Marth and Roy who were introduced in Super Smash Bros. Melee in which their franchises were not exactly well known at the time as their games were a Japan-only release.

    After their inclusion, I became a fan of the Fire Emblem series in which it took many years for the franchise to achieve the recognition they deserve in the West.

    At the same time, the series certainly gained a lot of recognition with the Super Smash Bros. franchise that had seen the likes of Ike, Lucina, Robin, Chrom, Corrin and Byleth as playable characters.
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