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After months of waiting, the highly anticipated Melee mod by Dan Salvato is out! 20XX Tournament Edition not only includes a wide variety of features, but it can power up an entire venue with one memory card.

Welcome to SmashBoards Writer's Interviews! This is a series that will appear at least twice every month covering a writer (or someone important to making the front page the way it is). These are more casual interviewers, but edepending on the interviewer, they can be asked further questions by the users!

This week, after quite a long wait, we have SmashBoards writer DtJ Composer! Well, more-so editor. Taking the hard working role of editors before him, he's a one man team that skims over articles to get them to the quality they need to be. It's a lot on his back, but he's definitely been...

WAHAHA! There are very few things more satisfying than using a massively charged super fart to defeat an opponent in a fighting game. This is one of those things rather unique to Smash and Wario's Waft has shown time and time again in tournaments how much of a threat it can be. It would seem like such a hard move to hit with, but it turns out it has several reasonable setups. My Smash Corner shows these off in their latest tutorial video!

Many of Europe's finest alongside large amounts of out of country talent came to the battlefield known as Dreamhack Winter 2015 and it was quite the spectacle. The results were shocking as Hungrybox clutched out an emotional win. Let's take a look at the results of the event and see how much this means for the world of Melee.

Lot's of players throughout the world have shown that Pac-Man, the legend of the arcade, cinema, and more, is capable of amazing feats of flashy tech that stun those who watch. One of those Pac-Mains pushing the character to the limit is PEPESPAIN. Today he shows how to 'DITCIT' and how it can applied to make Pac-Man even more dangerous.

Welcome to the Weekend Watchlist 29! The Smashboards events system recently got a fantastic upgrade and we've combed through all of the tournaments submitted to find some of the best events being streamed this weekend to feature here. So without further ado get ready to watch and read because here is our Weekend Watchlist!

It’s been a big year for Australian smash. BAM 7 in May featured some of the best Melee players in the world and had the first female winner of a major tournament. Perth and Sydney hosted new tournament series that were both won by out of state challengers. With all that having occurred in the last 11 months what better way to round off the year’s proceedings than with what could be one of the biggest and most important tournaments in Australian smash history, Adelaide’s SXC 2K15.

Missed the best moments from the past week in the competitive Smash community? EMG has you covered and just posted the 46th installment of their Play of the Week series! Featured in this episode are highlights from n0ne's Falcon at LAN WAR X as well as highlights from the TLOC 1K, Kings of the North, and more!

What if we said the largest Smash for Wii U tournament that Japan has ever hosted is this weekend? What if we also said the top 3 players from this event automatically qualify for the Nintendo-sponsored niconico Championship in January of 2016? The stakes are sure to be high at this special Umebura tournament taking place this weekend!

Another Smash major is incoming! Just announced on the VGBootCamp Stream on April 2nd through 3rd Pound 2016 will take place! The tournament will have events for Smash 64, Melee, Smash 4, and will take place at the Ritz-Carlton in Tyson's Corner. The event will be streamed by VGBootCamp and is set to have some special spectacles including...
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