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Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! While Australia has funded foreign players to visit them with events like BAM7, this is one of the best outpourings of players traveling from their to the United States. The land down under is ready for Genesis 3 but do readers know all their threats attending? Let's give them a look!

The final episode in the HTC Rivals series has arrived. So far the video series has covered a variety of topics and storylines in Melee, namely the rivalries between Hungrybox, Leffen, and Mango. In the emotional finale to the masterly-crafted series, HTC covers everything about DreamHack Winter, including Hungrybox's historic win.

Back in August of 2015, the Smash 4 champion and all around Smash legend ZeRo was signed by Team SoloMid, one of North America's top eSports teams. ZeRo is known for is incredible Smash 4 tournament win streak, establishing himself as the game's best since release. However, ZeRo is much more than the Smash 4's #1. Learn more about ZeRo in this video by Team SoloMid!

While characters receive the most attention in Smash, stages and series representation is something that isn't highlighted as much. That's where SmashBoards moderator and Source Gaming author, @Frostwraith comes in. Frostwraith has continued his excellent Smash Stage Analysis series, this time focusing on the dream-like place, Magicant.

Another top Smash 4 player has received a sponsorship! Yesterday, it was announced that 6WX joined Circa eSports.

Just North of the American border is the Smash powerhouse country of Canada! The country boasts many top players in all of the Smash games, and they will be bringing some of their best to Genesis 3. Without further ado, here are the top Canadians to look out for at Genesis 3.

The first iteration of pools for Genesis 3 have been released! An official states from those running the event was released on /r/smashbros, the Smash Brothers subreddit. A link to the original statement is available here and has been quoted below.

Core-A Gaming, the folks who raised discussion over if we should stop playing side by side, has created another analysis video discussing another hard topic: Drugs and Competitive Gaming. In it comes many insights to a current problem within the eSports world and raises discussions on how it might be handled. Give it a watch!

It's not too often a Samus is seen doing well in Smash 4, let alone placing in the within the top 8. Adding on an event with some of the best talent SoCal has to offer with ESAM and ZeRo himself coming alone it would seem even less likely. But Jonny Westside threw all that out the window.

Former Project M Snake main once within the top three PM players of SoCal, Jonny Westside has been applying his skills towards Samus in Smash 4 and made a big splash at 2GGT: ESAM Saga last night After beating Mr. ConCon in a surprising upset and even taking a game off ZeRo himself Jonny sat down for an interview to talk about the event, Smash 4 Samus, and more.

Ever since Cloud's Smash 4 DLC release, Smashers from all across the world have been trying push the character to his limits. (No pun intended.) Whether it be up-air combos into Limit Break, creative up/down-tilt combos, or one of the many tricks he has, Cloud shaping out to be a big threat in Smash 4. That's why popular YouTuber My Smash Corner is here to teach some Cloud combos and tricks in Smash 4!
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