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KOF GCC Dubai is looking to be one of the greatest fighting game tournaments ever to take place in the Middle East and alongside games like Ultra Street Fighter IV, King Of Fighters XII, and Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Smash for Wii U has earned the honor of being at the event! While the ruleset for the event if fairly regular by North American standards, Miis will be available under a special ruleset. "Mii Fighters are legal, with their full move sets available as per the Evolution 2015 move list. All Miis are to be set to default size only." With such an amazing event some of the best in the Middle East will be there to compete, so let's meet the big threats!

Nakat may be known these days for his strong play of Smash 4, but once he was one of the greatest names in Brawl. He was ranked number one on the Tristate Brawl power rankings and could command the Ice Climbers as well as Fox with precision. Needless to say, Nakat and Brawl have a serious history together. Recently, Nakat made a video on why he loves Brawl talking about some of the best parts of the game as well as his time playing it. Give it a watch!

Do we use two stocks or three stocks in Smash 4? This is one of the biggest current debates within the Smash 4 community. Whether we look at the history of Smash and stock counts or look for current data there are many factors to consider before a final decision is made. Once again Omni has made a vlog to lend his signature voice and ideas to this issue explaining the "triforce" of groups in ruleset creation and more. Give it a watch!

In a brand new Famitsu Column, translated by Source Gaming, Sakurai discusses his selection of Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta for the final DLC on Smash for Wii U/ 3DS.

He begins with Cloud,


Ever wanted to play Melee but have it be a bit more silly? Then today a small dream can come true! The first official build for Silly Melee has been released today. Made by Alpharad and MagicScrumpy with assistance from Casey O'Rourke it is self described on its official website as "Very, very silly. Characters do things that they never should have been able to do." Want to see some of what it can do? Check out the official release trailer!

Brawl Minus 4.0b was released a while back and the team behind the game has been releasing videos to help introduce new players to the cast. For those who don't know what Brawl Minus is the team has put out a video to explain just that. In the simplest terms Brawl Minus instead of balancing within reason makes every character so powerful and broken they become balanced.

Top 5 Smash Shorts with Cloud only? Yes, please. This week's Weekly Top 5 Smash Shorts series shows off what you guys have found to be the best Cloud plays in only a week since his release.. Make sure you stick around until the end to find out how you can win a free Xenoblade Chronicles X in a giveaway that ends this Christmas.

As Cloud has stormed into battle many players have been trying him out and seeing what the character has to offer and one of those players is Swedish player Izaw. He has created videos in the past to highlight characters including The Art Of Kirby, The Art Of Link, The Art Of Falco, and now to show off this latest DLC, The Art Of Cloud! Give it a watch.

This originally appeared as a post on /r/ssbm, the Melee subreddit. The original post in its entirety can be found here. It has been reworked for formatting on Smashboards with minor edits to be posted here. The article is a rebuttal to an article by HugS entitled Why Melee Won't Die. Authored by Zach "Tachyon" Yaffee this piece examines issues facing Melee's future. We hope you enjoy this guest editorial!

Not many international threats get taken down at locals but Michigan shows Midwestern Smash can get the job done! Recently Pulse Gaming's own Zinoto was able to fight and take down Ally, Canada's best, in both Winners and Grand Finals at SFW #19. Zinoto placed 17th at TBH5 and 25th at Apex 2015 losing to, oddly enough, Ally. We tracked down this Ann Arbor player to get his thoughts on the match, upcoming events, character selection, and more.
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