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On Jun 14, Kashan "Chillindude" Kahn tweeted out a video of him revealing Team Liquid's newest addition to the team, Melee veteran Daniel "ChuDat" Rodriguez.

Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest is joining the Rivals of Aether roster this summer! Read here for more information

The Summer of Smash keeps building as three new events have been announced!

Your destination for Nintendo social competitive updates is here! Besides Smash, at least for now.

Stylish plays & taking risks is what Nairo is all about. 2GGC : Nairo Saga is this weekend, here's how you can catch the event, and get a better insight of 2GG!

The Summer of Smash is here and with it, another installment in the long-running water park major: Smash N' Splash!

Don't forget to keep your schedule free! This coming weekend is British Colombia's premier event, Battle of BC2!

After three long years of development, Super Smash Flash 2 Beta has been released!
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