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Custom Robo trademark CANCELED
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Custom Robo, a Nintendo series first released in 1999 has had its trademark canceled.
Nintendo Trademarks Rhythm Heaven, Golden Sun, and more
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Nintendo has semi-recently filed Trademarks for Rhythm Heaven, Golden Sun, Wrecking Crew, and Mario Super Sluggers.

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Work In Progress Fire Emblem Heroes

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As someone who will become a female Pokemon trainer main, (and ice climbers because they are my children and I know they are gonna be the worst character in the game) What do you think their status will be on the first few tier lists? I myself played the a lot in Brawl because I thought it was such a unique character but the bad definitely outweighed the good due to the stamina and type effectiveness. I myself think that they have a chance to become high tier, maybe even a top if people are willing to push their meta. they look like they can cover a lot of situations if you use the correct Pokemon. Plus there's basically no punishment when switching them since it's so fast and there isn't any endlag. And if the Final Smash meter becomes legal (which I really want it to but I know it's never gonna happen) they have a good advantage since their final Smash is pretty good and it doesn't leave them vulnerable as long as they don't miss. But those are just my thoughts.