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Smash Ultimate Spirit Board event: "A Spectacle to Behold"
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Smash Ultimate shows it's first Spirit Board event - Live now.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch 1.2.0 Released
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Today, Patch 1.2.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released, notably two days after the patch’s announcement on December 11th, 2018.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch 1.2.0 Coming Out Soon
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On December 11th, 2018, it was confirmed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be receiving a patch update sometime within the following week.
Izaw Explains Perfect Shield
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In his newest video, Izaw explains how the Perfect Shield/Parry mechanic of Smash Ultimate functions. Watch to find out more!

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I think that the idea of a third party rep having to come from a franchise with Switch entries is wrong.

Only the company who owns it needs to have at least one game on a Nintendo console.

For example, Gordon Freeman doesn't appear in any game released on a Nintendo console (correct me if i am wrong), but Portal had games on them (Bridge Constructor and LEGO Dimensions), making him able to appear in Smash like Joker.
Finally got to play Smash Ultimate to kick off my vacation and WOW is it AMAZING! Ridley is amazing, the mechanics are amazing, the gameplay, the music, heck, I've enjoyed the online so far too for what it is. This game was well worth the wait for me.