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Amiibo Restocks at Best Buy
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According to amiibo Alerts on twitter Best Buy is restocking on amiibo, it’s unknown as of this post if other retailers are. They will be posting more information as it emerges.
The Big House 8: Registration Closes Tonight
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The Big House 8, located in Detroit, MI will be closing its singles registration after today and doubles tomorrow. If you’re planning on taking part this is your last chance!

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You know, I'm not too sure if I want to drop Link now. I like Sonic a lot though, so I might just add him to the other 7. You see, I could add a lot of characters to my main list, but I might just keep it simple.
Well, I'm fine with those changes. I just don't know if I'll keep my interest all the way until I actually try the game. Maybe it's the other 2 Links who got me thinking this.

I enjoy TL, but I never tried YL, so maybe I'm just thinking about other things too much. This was a bit longer than I expected.
Likes: Zinith
I don't know if I'm the right person to talk about changing mains, but you probably already knew that lol. It doesn't matter how my boi plays or what people say about him, I will ALWAYS main Yoshi. You don't need to have a logical reason to main Link or Sonic, you can play them just because you like them as characters...
To be honest, my mind has been changing a lot, but I'll stick with both just because. I feel obligated to play Link for how much I don't see him and the fact that TLOZ was the first Nintendo franchise I explored. My history with him does go back a bit, and maybe I shouldn't stop here. Besides, he has a lot more to offer too...
Likes: Zinith
I spend more time on smash boards than actually playing Smash!
I guess this is me logging off for a while so I can at least enjoy getting my *** kicked by every bayo main on For Glory.
If anyone wants to join me my 3DS FC is 4828-5813-0914