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Welcome to the Weekend Watchlist 22! The Smashboards events system recently got a fantastic upgrade and we've combed through all of the tournaments submitted to find some of the best events being streamed this weekend to feature here. Even with Summer coming to a close the tournament scene is still kicking with many tournaments going into Fall for fans to watch. So without further ado here is the Weekend...

Wanting to know more about what Lucas can do? Thanks to the efforts of fyazko a wonderful video exists to help with just that! In the first part in a series of Lucas Tech videos fyazko explains some cool things that can be done with Lucas to maximize his potential. This includes movement with Wavebouncing. canceling lag on air dodged landings, PK Thunder Tricks, and more. Give it a watch and see what Lucas has to offer!...

With shield mechanics changing recently in Smash 4 it seems as good a time as ever to sit down and review what options players have out of their shields. AceStarThe3rd recently made a video on his Youtube channel that covers everything from the very basic options to the more complex and explains how each of these options can be done alongside what they can be used for. For new players be sure to give it...

Welcome to another Random Tournament Spotlight! As the name of this series implies we will be taking events at random that are entered into our event system be it big or small, on any day of the week, or however unusual and highlight a part of our Smash scene. Last time we met the Project M scene in Wagenningen. This time we'll be looking at...

Missed the best moments from the past week in the competitive Smash community? EMG has you covered and just posted the 39th installment of their Play of the Week series! Featured in this episode are highlights from TBH5 including Kage The Warriors heroic crew battle performance and a slew of unreal comebacks, combos and more! You can check out a recap of the action at The Big...

Welcome to SmashBoards Writer's Interviews! This is a series that will appear at least twice every month covering a writer. These are more casual interviews, but depending on the interviewer, we leave it up to you whether they'll answer further questions. For those who missed two weeks ago, check out this link for our interview with SmashCapps.

This week we have SmashBoards writer Popi Penguin! He's young, but definitely talented for his age. A hard working contributor who may not be the most...

The Big House 5 is one for the history books. Bolstering record attendance and a slew of events the event had set the stage for an amazing weekend of Super Smash Bros. With multiple top streamers, support from a variety of organizations and a grassroots compendium, and top tournament organizer talent all that was needed to deliver the perfect event was there: And it delivered. In the event preview the scope of the tournament and what to look at going forward was lined out. We've also had a quick glance at...

For anyone who find themselves fans of The Melee Games and how it brings together some of the best college Smashers in epic crew battles but have always wished something similar existed for Smash 4 this announcement is going to rock. It's time for the beginning of the Smash 4 Collegiate! Being hosted with efforts from Max Ketchum, Toronto Joe, and The Smash Hub Team, this will take some of the best Smash 4 college bound players from North America and Canada...

Delving into the mind of Sakurai through digging into translations is common work for the awesome folks at Source Gaming. Many of their creative minds alongside a special guest came together to discuss some of the things they've dug up related to recent news in a brand new podcast! In the first episode of what has been dubbed SourceCast Smashboards writer PushDustIn alongside Nantendo, Spazzy_D, SmashChu, and special guest RelaxAlax came together to discuss DLC,...​

his week's Weekly Top 5 Smash Shorts series ends with a blast showcasing another series of community contributed Smash clips with Samus taking the top spot. You don't want to miss it.

What is a Smash Short? As the name suggests, it's a quick moment or series of events in Smash that is so good that you have to share it with someone. And we're giving you (yes, you) the opportunity to share those moments for a...
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