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  • PFP source? Really lovin’ the Agent Venom.
    Yeah, he's one of my favorites!

    The image comes from Contest of Champions - one of Marvel's mobile games. Never actually played that game, but I stumbled across the image and use it as an avatar sometimes.
    Why do I have a status? I'm still not sure. Maybe I'll update when I figure it out.
    Shield Special -

    Jeff Madrox, an n88-made OC that is clearly not Multiple Man, has a small chunk of his shield fly forward at Mario's dash speed - it will not stop until it leaves the stage. If it hits the foe, they will enter a shield-broken state for 1.20 seconds, making them much more prone to being hit by his duplicates.

    If it hits a duplicate, however, that duplicate will now have that small part of his shield and will shield everytime a foe attempts to strike them. They cannot get their shields broken, but it will run out if they shield long enough, after which Madrox will need to send another chunk at them. Do note that this move is running on the knowledge that shielding duplicates is not mentioned anywhere in the set.
    Shield Special

    Madrox lunges forwards and attempts to punch the opponent, dealing 3% and no hitstun on it's own... though all Madrox clones within a battlefield platform will also lunge and deliver the punch as well, dealing an additional 3% and adding a little more knockback for each duplicate. This can add up to a potentially powerful attack, but unlike most of Madrox's attacks you can't command other duplicates to use it, only the original. It is also pretty laggy, so you'll need to have other duplicates pre-occupying the foe as well.
    Shield Special - Surround:

    Pressing this move does nothing without at least one duplicate. If you -do- have some out, though, they will attempt to form a 3D circle around a target point. The size of the circle can be edited by pressing up and down, up making it larger and down making it tighter. Duplicates in the background/foreground cannot be hit, though there will always be duplicates in the main plane on the sides. Pressing left and right moves the duplicates all at once, while they jump as normal. Pressing shield again causes you to leave this stance - you cannot shield or dodge at all while in it. However, you have 100% control over all the duplicates in this stance. Aside from moving the circle about, pressing up and down can change the position of the one true Madrox in the ring, making it easy to hide among duplicates. Any duplicates that are hit by this will be knocked out of the circle of duplicates, but coming into contact with any of them will cause them to rejoin it. Duplicates cannot be created while the circle is up.

    All attacks can be done as normal in this stance outside of Specials, all of which will be aimed towards the center of the ring. Yes, they can still be dodged (Balance purposes), even if the attacking ones are in another Z plane.
    Side Special - Han Shot First

    Han extracts his heavy blaster pistol and fires forward with very little startup time, the blast deals 2% and very little knockback if it actually hits somebody, instead dealing some light pushback, which makes it good for rapidfiring shots.

    By tapping the input in the brief startup time, Han can fire the shot "under the table", shooting it at a lower angle to hit the foe's legs. This causes them to fall into prone, where Han's prone abuse game comes into play. Han can mix shots easily, though this can get predictable if he does it for too often.
    Forward Special: Han Shot First

    Han takes out a laser pistol and shoots it, dealing 10% and knockback that kills at 150%. The laser travels infinitely at Meta Knight’s dashing speed, though it will sadly not rebound off of surfaces like most lasers due to being true to the source material.

    This move’s unique property is when it is used as a melee move rather than a projectile, somewhat like Wolf’s Blaster. In this case, the pistol will out-prioritize absolutely anything, even going through superarmor if necessary. This makes what would otherwise be a camping tool a great approaching move when used from the air, enabling you to move forwards during the starting lag, or out of the Millennium Falcon.
    Its Adobe Flash. Its not letting me view 3rd party flash content or allow sites to store information on my computer some videos and livestream dont work either. Ive right clicked and gone to settings, but the small and large kind, as well as uninstalled flash and reinstalled it. Ive tried with IE, Firefox, and Chrome. It just doesnt work. Is there anything I can do, or should MYM just move to Skype or something?
    For some reason there's no standard red avi frame for members, though there's one pinkish red one. If you want I can try to shoop a member onto the leader red frame, but in the meantime:

    Ocon said that you had better edit your arrgghh post in MYM7 because of some new moderator. Just say like, "reserved for link-up space" and all should be well. :)

    Also, chatroom. (H)
    I didn't want to post again for something as simple as this, but I see DK branching out to his own series (Dixie, Krool).
    Oracle(s) were easily my second favorite after OoT, and it would be refreshing to see what another outside source could do to the game. As for Mario, i just want a game with one plane of Earthly gravirtty...or you know some semblance of a story to make me bear being in space.

    ...And who is Retro Studios?
    Yea, I suppose so, though my problems with Twilight and Galaxy weren;t nessecarily the difficulty.

    Twlight was a combination of difficulty and sheer stupidty in nearly every department. Turning into a wolf with a useful Navi-Imp yelling things annoyed me. And when I finnaly got to play as Link in those brief instances, I had stupid weapons, and nothing to explore. I loved OoT because there was so much to do besides the dungeons.

    Galaxy- I just didn't like the whole messed gravity thing, first Mario game I didn;t finish >.> This one is more of a personal preferacne than based on anything REALLY concrete

    Hmm, i kinda ranted there, My B, N88
    I voted.

    Hey, it's embarassing to ask this, but can you tell me how to put the link in my sig? The one that leads to your poll.
    Both. I was playing around with Photoshop when the idea occurred to me. I actually plan for it to be a semi-serious set.
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