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  • Ah, thanks, man. From what I DID see, the organization at least is very nice. ;)

    And heh, I can imagine.
    Oh, sorry about that - since you don't post too often, I'm never completely sure whether you're still there. I'll be honest, I'm so far behind that I was trying to save time by skipping whatever I could come up with a conceivable excuse for. If you want, I'll catch up with Volke next time I comment?
    Yink prolly won't be added because he's too similar to Toon Link. They're really just the same character, except Toon Link has a more up-to-date art style.

    Rest assured, though. The Black Knight will stay.
    I still do. Not nearly as much as I use to but It's not like the code's there for no reason. :p
    "Haha Clownbot, why so serious *Insert Joke Face Here*"

    *gets out clapping Joker GIF*--

    No no, I would never resort to that. :cool:
    Yo Shino, I'd like to apologize for being irate, sometimes I write so much that it draws people away from my true intentions. I have nothing against you personally I just dislike when people take my words and twist them or if they disregard my intent and state their assumption as absolute.
    That's alright.

    I think it's partially a case of Nintendo trying new things. Zelda in particular gets a lot of "WTF this game is the same as the last one", so Nintendo tried changing it up a bit (But just a little bit) with the Wolf mechanic.

    What I'd really like to see Nintendo do is let someone else take a shot at a Zelda game; my personal favorite Zelda was Oracle of Ages, made by Capcom. I'd be absolutely thrilled to see what Retro Studios could do to refresh Zelda a little.

    Galaxy was kinda hit or miss.
    I wouldn't worry about the quality of Mario and Zelda games too much. The main problem with them is that they've been too easy, but the upcoming NSMB Wii is supposed to be among the hardest games in the series.

    With the advent of the Super Guide, Nintendo may stop dumbing down its games completely.
    Pretty good is an understatement. They were my first "favorite" band that I can remember and I still call myself a huge fan to this day. Their debut is one of the best albums ever. Seriously.
    HI there! I have just created the SSB4 features group! Tell your friends to go there if they are creative in executing the features of the next installment of Super Smash Bros. (not game mechanics) here is a link to it below.


    I will feel happier when more people join!
    Well Shino, in Street Fighter, the fighting styles are usually exaggerated so don't expect a complete copy of caopoeira in Street Fighter. You're best bet though would be Dee Jay, but he's not showing up in 4 until SSF4 comes out. However, you can play as him in HD Remix.
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