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Nov 26, 2005
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    1. ForwardArrow
      I'm curious was that post on the Wizzerd article you? Doesn't seem like your writing style but I could be wrong.
      1. KingK.Rool
        was indeed
        Jun 22, 2014
    2. JOE!
      I see you lookin at the thread (smirk)
    3. n88_2004
      Wow. Way more action going down on Rool's wall than I imagined. Maybe I should passively-aggressively call someone out?

      Nah, I'll stick with posting the link I came here to post. Maybe relevant to your interests? Relevant to mine, anyway, and at least something for you to say 'huh' at. http://www.newsarama.com/comics/marvel-of-the-dead-teaser.html
    4. Davidreamcatcha
      It would of course also be best if you gave any sort of acknowledgement to that.
    5. Davidreamcatcha
      If that is indeed true, then I apologize for that remark. I was informed otherwise.

      Considering that main is where the majority of MYM discussion happens and I can't defend my sets in any discussion of them that arises, (and yes, Joker discussion has happened past my ban according to Agi), this is highly inconvenient considering I'm as much a part of the MYM community as anyone else.

      And yes it would probably be best if we continued this discussion on not-Rool's-wall.
    6. ForwardArrow
      That was not an actual perma. I undid that shortly afterwards and apologized for the incident. Not to mention Twilt pretty clearly does not want to be in main at all, even if it were permanent.

      And I apologize for fighting on your VM wall.
    7. Davidreamcatcha
      You permaed TWILT before my ban, anyway.
    8. ForwardArrow
      Ahem, David posted this 17 days after my message, and the ban took place in between. That much is actually irrelevant to Main chat's deadness.

      Actually the funny thing is Main's been much more alive since the banning, if anything.
    9. Davidreamcatcha
      Well, when MW/FA/Smady decide to permaban in the mainchat for petty reasons like "being an unlikeable person" and then attempt to have them banned in the Phatchat - there are reasons why people wouldn't move back. (HIPPO)
    10. ForwardArrow
      The link in the thread is... sadly updated. It's moreso that due to the xat crash everyone moved to Phatchat... and people are having a lot of trouble moving back for some reason I cannot fathom.
    11. Davidreamcatcha
    12. Davidreamcatcha
      Gentlemen! You can't fight in here, this is the war room!
    13. ForwardArrow
    14. Davidreamcatcha
      Your presence would indeed be welcome in discussing these circumstances.
    15. ForwardArrow
      Yeah this is awkward to say the least.
    16. Smash Daddy
      Smash Daddy
      Is Ragnarok upon us?
    17. Davidreamcatcha
      100%. I think you already know who I'm doing, considering you posted it to my wall in the......FIRSTPLACE!
    18. Davidreamcatcha

    19. MasterWarlord
      Oh how I miss Survivor and 5 minute move.
    20. MasterWarlord
      I try.

    21. Davidreamcatcha
      Could you possibly send me Jafar? I need a copy with the organization intact. (wary)
    22. Davidreamcatcha
      I guess I'm doing Spot/Knot-Tying Heffalumps, Trumpet Woozle/Marching Band and Pop-Gun Heffalump. They would be so much easier to name if you didn't have your PB set to private. (crs)
    23. Davidreamcatcha
      olol. I thought you were referring to the singing Hunny Pot trio when you said 3 Hunny Pots.

      Ominous Hunny Pot Chorus, Walking Hunny Pot and Hunny Pot Genie should be fine.
    24. Davidreamcatcha
      You may do 3 Hunny Pots in addition to 2 Heffalumps. Alternatively, 4 Hunny Pots and 1 Heffalunp.
    25. Davidreamcatcha
      I'll do 3 Heffalumps or Woozles if you do 3. (SMIRK)
    26. Davidreamcatcha
      It's certainly a good concept, and I could see you making Walking Hunny Pot very well. Of course, I could also see you making Ominously Singing Hunny Pots much better.
    27. Davidreamcatcha
    28. Junahu
      well, that's a total bummer, I knew the in-browser option has been down for years, but I never noticed the mediafire link vanishing. Well, I reuploaded it all the same.
    29. majora_787
      I'm doing a set at some point in a week or two and I was hoping you'd be able to give it a few revisions? I'm asking in advance so that I have someone when I start it.
    30. majora_787
      Hey Rool, do you think I could get you to give my set a look-over so I can make sure it's okay? I just want another outside opinion.
    31. Zajice
      You can definitely count on that happening, lol.
    32. Zajice
    33. Davidreamcatcha
      Down Special - Crow

      Rooster looks into the sky, and after .20 seconds, lets out a cry of "**** a Doodle Doo!" This forms a vibration the size of a smart bomb explosion around the Rooster, dealing 20% and high knockback everytime he does so, making it a good GTFO move. But it's extremely laggy, taking about 3 seconds to say.

      See, everytime Roolster is in the match, the stage takes on a day and night cycle similar to Battlefield. At night, some sort of unexpected buff happens to the foe, presumably since they're werewolfs or something. The Rooster wants to set up egg traps and various other ways to stall the foe during the night, as whenever he uses down special, the night immediately changes to day, where he is at his best.
    34. Nicholas1024
      Thanks, I sent it over.
    35. Nicholas1024
      Hey, remember me? (I'm the one that made Dark Samus + Megaman.EXE a month ago or so) Anyway... I'm almost done my third moveset (Fawful), but I feel like I have too much filler, and there's still a good bit left to write (the main part is done, but I need to write the powered-up Dark Fawful version.) Would you be willing to look it over and give me some tips?
    36. Hyper_Ridley
      It was generally well-recieved, but the set never got finished and basically everyone who was around when it was posted has disappeared.

      Pokemon PSA is practically as dead as MYM, lol.
    37. Hyper_Ridley
      Back to your original avatar I see (smirk)

      Speaking of Weavile, have you read my PSA moveset for him in my sig?
    38. Hyper_Ridley
      So you wrote Skeleteon I presume?

    39. Plorf
      Well hey-o.
      "This is the only old MYM that stays open."

      MYM 1 is still open.(smirk)
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