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  • Special Down Smash

    The Appetizer bunches his meat up into a sphere like formation with a brief period of start up lag. He will then roll forwards at Ganondorf's dash speed, accumulating meat on his mass if he rolls through any goop. Appetizer initially deals 12% and knockback that KOs at 150% while doing this, but as he gathers more meat this will increase to a maximum of 24% and knockback that KOs at 75%. Once he hits a foe or presses another input, Appetizer will burst apart back into his normal appearance and distribute any goop around him. Aside from that, Appetizer will also speed up travelling down slopes, further increasing the amount of damage and knockback he deals as he rolls down.

    Aside from that, bowling into a meatball will send it rolling, as well as transfering all of the mass Appetizer rolled up to it, causing it to deal additional damage and knockback based on how much was rolled up.
    Special Down Smash - Meat Pillars
    The Appetizer lets out a deep laugh as he faces the screen during the charging phase. Meat begins extending from him during the charging phase, forming two walls as tall as Ganondorf 1 Battlefield Platform on both sides of himself. By charging, the distance can be increased by up to 4 Battlefield Platforms away from the Appetizer. You can knock a pillar down by dealing 25% to it, causing it to become a small pile of meat on the ground that is purely asthetic. The Appetizer can eat this to form a side special meatball, however, meaning it's not entirely pointless. This, of course, gives him a way to form these without the foe's involvement.

    Naturally, this gives an actual use to the Shadow Moses mention in the Neutral Special - allowing you to make walls to fill up with your goop. You can also make meatballs bigger while foes are preoccupied with destroying the walls.
    Special Down Smash

    Von Karma takes out his gun before firing it down at the ground in front of him, dealing foes 30%-45% and putting them into prone... which they can't get up from for a solid 2-4 seconds. This is similar to the Up Smash in that the bullet can be submitted against you as evidence, but at the same time, the additional damage/stun over the Down Special may be worth it in certain circumstances. Aside from that, the move is pretty slow on both ends.

    Aside from that, using this will cause all cops and witnesses with a half battlefield platform on either side of him to jump backwards a bit during the start-up lag. While it is a bit situational, this can get them out of the way in another manner.
    Special Down Smash – Breakdown

    Von Karma looks shocked during the charging phase - he's about to have a breakdown! He instantly enters a superarmored state as he slams his fist down in front of himself, dealing a massive 18-26% damage and high knockback to those who are hit by it. If the foe hits him during the startup, he will take the damage but suffer no hitstun or knockback and instantly perform the fist slam attack right then and there. This gives Von Karma yet another defense option, as well as one he can use while the foes are preoccupied with the cops - let them throw a hit that gets you instead of them. This can also provide you with defense if the foe somehow gets your cops to turn on you with that one move.

    If the foe isn't hit by this, Von Karma will begin screaming as he begins muttering the foes name for some massive end lag - far worse than even that of Dedede's. This will, however, cause cops to turn to you and run towards you until you stop, attacking anything in their path. Perfect way to command them about.
    Down Aerial
    The Count turns his mass into slime before plummeting towards the stage, still at the same fall speed. Anyone caught in the slime will be grabbed by it, and will have to escape with 1.5x normal escape difficulty. Zondark can be caught in this as well, and players are still capable of attacking with their ground attacks during this time. Notably, you can take control of Zondark during this via Neutral B and pummel the opponent with your superior range if you catch him in the slime far enough away from the opponent. The Count will reform a second after landing on the ground, and is invulnerable the whole while. If anyone is still grabbed at this point, he will pull them into his regular grab, though he cannot grab both players, prioritizing the one closest to the center though always the foe over Zondark.

    The Count's body tenses up for a very brief moment of time, about .30 seconds to be precise. If the Count is at all attacked during this time, he will vomit out a stream as long as 2 Battlefield Platforms in the direction he was attacked in, practically guaranteed to hit melee-attacking foes. This causes them to enter a footstooled state and get some slight FLUDD-esque pushback. This is one of your more notable defense mechanisms, as when you're in the air you can push foes away with the greatest of ease - the possibility of pushing into Zondark is there, of course, also obvious is just footstooling them straight above Zondark, actually giving his up tilt more use as the Count is easily able to just DI down to Zondark during the end lag.

    Brio enters a massive bear hug in front of himself, being one of the laggier grabs in the game. If this connects with the foe, Brio grabs the foe and begins crushing their bodies in an automatic pummel, dealing 2% per second to the foe.

    With his side throws, Brio crushes the foe into a bowling ball and bowls them forward a set distance of 3 Battlefield Platforms before they fall into prone, taking 8% damage. A good method of forcing the foes into prone on the slime, of course. His up throw has him hold onto the foe as he makes a massive leap upwards in a mockery of Bowserciding. This happens much more rapidly than Bowserciding, though, and the foe can mash A to be on top of Brio - though Brio can do the same to them. While one of your more direct ways of putting foes into the slime and actually dealing a considerable amount of 15% if Brio ends up on top due to his massive weight in this form, it is a bit riskier since he himself is vulnerable. His down throw has him squish the foe into a pancake, them stuck in this prone state, able to move, for 6 seconds unless they button mash- if any slime is poured on them during this time, they will be coated in it and automatically be entagled in it.
    Monster Form Grab - Tower Over
    N. Briostein swipes his arms along the ground for a moderately ranged grab over .6 second.S Should he hit an opponent, he'll knock them off their feet, giving him the chance to tower over them, placing a foot on them to hold them in place. Due to said foot being rather small, foes are still able to use get-up attacks (albeit no rolls). However, if the player has competent timing, these can do little more than power up N. Briostein's existing pummel, which is to pound the player with both arms, hammering them into the ground bit by bit (three pummels, which can be done with surprising speed, will fully bury medium-sized foes).

    Should he pummel as a foe is using a get-up attack, his powerful biceps will easily overpower the foe's wimpy blows, hammering them down with twice as much force as usual. Since N. Briostein will most likely be spending time wreaking havoc instead of wasting time grabbing foes before attacking, the grounding of foes serves largely to keep them occupied escaping while he transforms back, possibly even giving him time to set up more slime before they come around.

    N. Brio reaches forwards and grabs whatever happens to be in front of him, be it a foe or one of his pillars. After this, you actually get a new set of A attacks. Standard has him slam the foe down in front of him, dealing the foe 2% and anyone hit 5%-11% based on their weight and not releasing them. Up Tilt does the same but swinging them upwards instead, Forward Tilt has him chuck the opponent/pillar dealing them 8% and the same damage to anyone in the way. Down Tilt has Brio slam them down in front of him, dealing them 10% and anyone who comes into contact with them 10%-22% and knockback that KOs at 160%-60% based of their weight.

    You can also obviously use a pillar to swing around, them functioning the same as a top end weight opponent(at least for a Brawl character, bludgeoning with Garbage Man obviously does more), but the key thing about this move is that if you swing the foe into goop with this, they will get stuck in the goop. From here, you can potentially pull them away from the goop up to a battlefield platform before it snaps them back. If a pillar is snapped back this way it deals 20% and huge knockback, if it's a foe they take no damage themselves but get stuck in the goop with double normal escape difficulty. Aside from that, swinging them around in the goop also increases their escape difficulty by .25x for each time you swing them.
    Y'know, I just now realized that my FSpec for Frollo down there is some sort of twisted modern ripoff of Jafar's FSpec. I'm pretty unoriginal apparently.
    *insert stream of expletives here and occasional angry reference to selective moderation and pro-Warlord bias*
    You're an insufferable *******, you know? I'll never get over your sabotage of the otherwise utterly perfect and well-organized Duck Twacy project.

    The Easter Bunny places a small colored-egg down on the ground, with the same amount of lag as Snake placing a C4. As he places the egg, he must press an input, with no limit as to what it is, (aerials, throws, specials and whatnot are all fair game.) Upon the egg being grabbed by the foe or an ally, they can press this input to crack open the egg and eat the small chocolate candy inside, regaining a great 20% health.

    Now, obviously the Easter Bunny wants them to use their laggy moves while trying to find out which input he "hid" the egg in, during this time he can use his much more difficult-to-land moves against them. The Easter Bunny also has a relatively quick side special that has him swiping at the foe, he can press an input if he connects with the foe to move one of the eggs he has on them to that input, if they're beginning to suspect it. The Easter Bunny can also place eggs in little burrows to make them more difficult to find, but burrows that don't have eggs and can also double as generic pitfall traps...
    Down Special ~ Hide a Plastic Egg

    The Easter Bunny reaches down and places a brightly colored plastic egg on the stage. He does this quick as a flash, so that you wouldn't even notice him do it if not for the festive-looking egg he leaves behind. The egg will break if stepped on, dealing 0.1% and flinching knockback. If a foe spots the egg and picks it up, however, then they'll break it open and eat the delicious candy inside, healing 4% damage.

    If the Easter Bunny places an egg on the stage where there's already an item, he'll neatly tuck the egg behind the item. If the foe walks past the item, they'll step on the egg and break it as per usual. However, if they pick up the item the egg is hidden behind, then they'll spot the egg and gobble it up.

    This can be used to motivate foes and lure them around the stage. Before long, you'll have them looking underneath every easter basket, bunny, and decoration they find to devour some of these eggs' tasty contents. And of course they'll be left holding those items afterward. What a great way to spread easter cheer!

    Kaa's grab has an invisible arrow appear above his main body (which is abso-****ing-lutely huge), which you can move along his body at an incredibly fast speed. By pressing the input again, he will coil that particular part of his body up, grabbing anything that may be on it, including foes, allies and additional hitboxes. He has no throw game, but by pressing the grab input and a direction while in this state, he will launch them in the direction chosen, which allows Kaa to launch allies away from harm or foes into harm's way.

    Kaa is able to carry around the foe while he has them in his coils, and can still attack while using the grab or grab in the middle of other attacks. This is particularly useful for attacks that have him lash out his main body, as you can turn them into hitboxes at any time. Of course, you can always use your hypnotism nspec to manipulate them onto the spot you want them...

    Grounder clings to to Scratch's legs, as Scratch rapidly flaps upwards, with Grounder turning on a jet booster from underneath himself to assist the duo as they fly upwards. They can fly around freely for about 7 seconds before the duo falls into helplessness. Grounder can freely attack during this, and any attack to Scratch's body will cause the duo to exit their recovery. The duo can separate, of course and still recover individually, but their recovery time will be halved due to not having some help.

    Scratch and Grounder's game primarily focuses on placing traps to catch that meddling hedgehog across the ground, however, they are vulnerable to all of them, considering their incompetent state. This is one of their better ways to maneuver while avoiding traps. In addition, the duo's side special, which causes Scratch's neck to become extremely long and solid, can heavily help them here. You see, traps can be placed on Scratch's neck, and the duo can fly up to fleeing foes to attack them from underneath with their traps.

    Wickedly chuckling, Pinstripe places a small box labeled "TNT" on the ground in front of himself. This box is completely solid, and will detonate 3 seconds after someone grabs it or touches it, dealing 15% to anyone hit by it. You can pick up the crate, but this will trigger the detonation 3 seconds later, meaning you'll want to toss it away. If it is thrown at someone and they are hit, the crate will cover their head. They'll have to stand still and jump to get it off, giving Pinstripe time to space himself. Naturally, Pinstripe can cover the stage with TNT crates and detonate them from afar with his tommygun, you can also shoot them while the TNT crate is on their head to automatically detonate it.
    Side Special

    Tiger Woods takes out his signature golf club, swinging it in front of him. This deals 15% and knockback that KOs at 120%. You can actually angle this attack, but angling it won't change the animation so much as the direction of the knockback. Angling it down causes him to pretty much slide the foe along the ground whereas upwards will have him launch them high up into the air.

    While angling it upwards has much more KO potential, angling it down will be better for forcing them into holes, which brings Tiger Wood's pitfall abuse game into play.

    Tiger gets into his car and drives forward at Captain Falcon's dash speed. He will do this for 5 seconds before he exits the vehicle with atrocious end lag. Should he hit the foe at this time, he will crash, causing the car to explode and dealing 15% to the foe, in addition to good knockback.

    As he drives, Tiger can use his standards from the comfort of his car, most of which are just swings from the golf club at different angles. He can do this to hit the preset golf ball traps he has set around the stage, creating a wall of projectiles to overwhelm the foe.

    Waluigi chuckles to himself as he pulls out a sparky sticker, wickedly placing it down on the ground with gusto. This is 2x as laggy as Snake placing down a mine, and generally a lot less reliable. If foes step onto the stickers, they will jump up into the air in pain as they take 10% damage. However, this also comes with another effect: the foe will lose any status effect they have on them.

    Waluigi's playstyle has very little damagebuilding moves, mostly just moves that only kill at high percentages. Instead, much of his library of moves consists of inflicting foes with items such as mini mushrooms and mega mushrooms, which give them obvious status effects. These generally make a lot of Waluigi's attacks much easier to handle, his pitifully small sweetspots will be much easier to use on a giant foe, while moves where he hits the ground with his feet will hit smaller chars much easily. Waluigi generally wants to build up the foe's damage by either abusing status effects and koing them in this method, or making them get rid of status effects, and using one of his high percentage KO attacks to kill them.
    Alright, I will do such! The SM is going quite well, as a matter of fact.

    So, my new goal in life is to get "Knot-Tying Heffalump and Woozle" in your SV list. (chew)
    I sent the link to Kibs, who posted it in the chat. Had absolutely no reception, so I doubt I'll be doing it again.

    I was just going to rip off the Toy Story part you planned if you weren't working on it. Chapter 2 of Paradox seems like a much quicker task, but it's really all up to you.
    It is certainly not dead; as I stated in that stupid little blog post, I will attempt to make more of them. (Probaly through just telling you to tell interested people to get their ***** into Davechat). Right now, I'm focusing on my setwork rather than typing up the first RP Survivor.

    Speaking of SMs, how goes Paradox? (TIPSY)
    Side Spec Torch Lob

    Frollo extracts a torch from the realms of his coat, reeling it back to give you an opportunity to aim the trajectory. Once you release it, Frollo lobs it in the direction you tossed. It arcs, obviously, landing back on the ground after traveling 3 Battlefield Platforms. If it hits a foe on it's path, it will deal 10% and good knockback in a firey explosion, making it one of your best spacing moves.

    If the torch hits the ground, it will become a generic flame trap. This deals multiple hits of 2% to the foe, and lasts for 4 seconds. Too hard to really do anything with, now isn't it? Frollo mainly wants to use these to keep the foe in place for his down special. His down special has him pull out Esmerelda's cloth and start rubbing it as he sings that one part of Hellfire, ending with "Turning me to sin..." as the cloaked figures pop up behind him and the stage changes to a dark Final Destination-width stage made up of the cloaked figures and various fires. Frollo's torch fires last for indefinite length here, and he can feed existing fires into becoming larger. He can also stab his sword into fire in this dark dimension to cause it to catch in fire, increasing it's strength quite a bit.
    Forward Special - Hellfire

    Frollo's righteous indignation spills forth as he gestures forward, beseeching some unseen god for guidance... and it emerges in the form of a line of fire that stretches across the stage until it hits a wall or the edge of the platform. The fire is half as tall as Frollo by default.

    This is a gentle enough flame that characters can walk through, taking 3% per second; they also can't stop moving while passing through it, although they can jump repeatedly to try to stay vaguely in the same spot. This ties neatly into Frollo's overarching gameplan of herding all gypsies, hunchbacks and foes into a corner of the stage and executing mass genocide on them via his DSpec.

    This fire will also cause any carriage left in it for five seconds to combust (the carriage is his grab and allows him to gather up foes in a hard-to-escape space and lug it around via soldiers).

    However, as Frollo continues executing his dark desires, the fire will grow more and more out of control, actively pursuing him around the stage - and he takes full damage from it, like anybody else. "Dark desires" here means what he considers to be God's will - genocide. The more he KOs his foes, the more fervently the fire will pursue him, eventually shrinking away from all foes but him and forcing him to literally walk on coals nonstop unless he gets off the ground with his feeble jump and pathetic aerials.
    You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
    Question to discuss:
    How am I supposed to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula?

    Stranger 1: Buy a Krabby Patty legally.

    Stranger 2: just buy one

    Stranger 2: like damn..

    Stranger 1: What?

    Stranger 2: its like 2 ****ing dollars

    Stranger 1: Oh.

    Stranger 2 has disconnected
    DSpec (Damage Control):

    The generic politician spawns a large, wooden conference booth from the ground as several reporters from various slanted news sources storm in from all sides. Foes caught in the way of a ravenous reporter will be knocked toward the politician's podium for 4-6% damage. You'll naturally want your intended target to be dragged along with the reporters, since what follows up after the booth is set up can greatly help out the politician. Should any foe be nearby in a smart bomb explosion radius during his conference, he points an accusatory finger toward the nearest foe. For ten seconds, the victim is constantly pursued by the press, constantly snapping pictures and asking how they feel. The camera shots deal a measly 1% damage, but put your foe into a large amount of hitstun, while the questions heavily damage their emotional stability. If nobody is nearby, the politician merely replies, "No comment," as the podium sinks back into the ground with the disgruntled reporters sulking away. Naturally, the politician has a limited amount of podiums at his disposal over a certain amount of time. Since he requires a situation that will inevitably cause backlash, if he waits twenty seconds after summoning a podium, he can create a new press conference.
    Down Special - Campaign Base

    Generic Politician stops and looks around, as if to say, "this is a nice spot!" With a bit of start lag, he plops down a platform-wide stall, displaying a banner with his name on it and leaflets littered on either side of it. Generic Politician can enter into the back of this by pressing up, making himself invulnerable to enemy attack. However, he always has to keep his minions [the voting public] under strict control or they wander around like sheep, so he can't afford to be back there for long and the stall itself only has 25% stamina. If the stall is destroyed with the Generic Politician still behind it, he takes end lag and is at the mercy of the opponent.

    If Generic Politician isn't behind the stall, his minions will simply pass it by and not pay it any attention, with those affected by your grab [placing a sticker on them] drawn to it, but simply stand there. Behind the stall, Generic Politician starts to rally the voters, handing out the leaflets if they come close to it and angering them toward that darn opponent over there! They're so angry, in fact, that they form an angry mob. The angry mob is a big clump of your minions, with stamina of 3% per minion you can recruit to it.
    Down Special - Diamond Dig

    The lead Diamond Dog points to the ground, causing one of the two other Diamond Dogs (who lurks in the background) to enter the foreground and start digging at the spot, while the leader attacks. Each second, the Diamond Dog removes a Bowser's worth of dirt from the ground, and control can be switched to him with the shield to angle the direction he digs, allowing you to create a series of underground tunnels, which in turn can make your Earthquake NSpec more effective. Two Diamond Dogs can be digging at a time.

    If the Diamond Dog digs for about 3 seconds, he will find a gem. The Diamond Dog finds one of these every 3 seconds. Once he is hit out or cancels it, he will bring it back to the leader. Thanks to the gem, the leader Dog's enthusiasm raises, granting him a power boost of 1 for the next ten seconds. This amount can stack, and your moves change depending on how much your power boosts, such as said EarthQuake move becoming one of your best KO methods as you can cause foes to suffocate in your tunnels.
    Up Special - Ponytail Whirl
    With a tap, Dixie spins her hair rapidly, falling at half her regular (slow) fall speed and gaining great horizontal DI abilities. She can attack while falling and cancel the move by dodging. Contact with her hair deals light punishable hits of 2%. She can use this move once per recovery.

    Now, for the non-SSB4 part of the move, if Dixie holds the move out onstage, she keeps on spinning, around and around, causing a hurricane-esque windstorm to grow around her. It starts as Party Ball-sized area of suction, growing to a Smart Bomb-sized natural disaster over two seconds. Opponents caught in the whirlwind spin around and around, suffering 2% per second, as they would from hitting her hair. The real purpose of the move is to pull in the various DKC props that comprise Dixie's only other potential with the move's Kirby-esque suction, extending a platform to either side and above the storm each second it's out. While the traps hold opponents back as Dixie increases the size of her storm, they get pulled into the vortex once it's big enough, spinning around with opponents and knocking them around for much more damage. Upon release, Dixie stops spinning, sending all opponents flying, doubling the move's purpose as a potential KO threat.
    Up Special - Hairspin

    Dixie Kong does her trademark hair spin, spinning her hair around fast enough to keep her at the same horizontal level in the air and being able to travel at her previous momentum in mid-air for the next 2.2 seconds. By angling the move through pressing the directional input, she can turn slightly down or up, making her travel back or forward and tilting her hair. By hitting an opponent with her hair, she creates a hitbox with it that deals 10% damage - propelling them down at default, but otherwise in whatever direction she is currently tilting. This allows for some easy gimping. As a character designed for team play, characters on Dixie's team can actually use this to their advantage, as they take no damage from the move and Dixie can easily recover if she has enough momentum as well as her ally.
    Up Special - Headgear

    Fawful's headgear begins sucking in air, sucking anything within 3 Battlefield Platforms towards him at Bowser's dash speed, anything coming too close to Fawful during this time will get sucked into the headgear, having to button mash out with 1.5x grab difficulty. Fawful will keep doing this for as long as you hold the special, pressing B again will cause flames to emit from the bottom of the headgear, giving Fawful free flight with the headgear for 7 seconds or until he presses A, which causes him to release the headgear, allowing it to float towards the top blast zone at Mario's dash speed, before falling back down to the stage after exiting the top blast zone, Fawful having to pick it up to regain headgear based moves.

    This has low startup lag, allowing Fawful to catch unsuspecting foes offguard or suck in their traps/projectiles without expecting it. (His NSpec Headgear Fireball Launch will always shoot out sucked in projectiles/traps before fireballs.)

    Up Special - Jet Platform
    A jet platform three-fourths of a platform long and Mario's height spawns under Fawful, being held up by flames. Fawful can control the platform around for up to three seconds for his recovery, being able to use his regular moveset while doing so to push opponents around offstage for a gimp. By inputting Up Special while riding the platform, it crackles with electricity, throwing off opponents with 10% and decent knockback.

    By jumping, Fawful can leave the platform, allowing it to sink to the ground at half Jigglypuff's fall speed. Once it reaches the ground, it has 30 HP, lasting infinitely otherwise. Its flames pull opponents under it down to the ground with it, dealing light hits of 2% and some stun, putting them in prone upon releasing the stage and forcing them to destroy it with get-up attacks to escape. This is a great vertical zoning tool and gimping mechanism to boot. One platform may be onstage at a time, and Fawful is left without a recovery while one platform is out, although he can destroy his existing one, or hop back onto it to continue riding around for superior movement.
    Side Special: Blowing in the Wind

    Whispy turns to face the desired direction and starts to suck in violently, pulling in opponents and his apples. If an opponent is hit by the apples - which are lightweight enough to be pulled in faster than any opponent - they are buffeted and made vulnerable to being sucked in further. If Whispy manages to suck an apple all the way in, he inhales it, before spitting it out instantly toward the nearest opponent for 10% damage, doing this every time he sucks in an apple. If an opponent is sucked in, the same is true as with apples, except that you can delay blowing them out. By delaying so that you also suck in apples, you can blow them out along with the apples, causing them to struggle against them as they are sent in a similar trajectory.

    By double-tapping the input, you blow out. This obviously has the opposite effect to sucking, and pushes apple to buffet in the opposite direction. Either way, using this move causes the apples on your tree branches to rustle and becoming hitboxes that deal small damage, but that will also dislodge if touched / attacked by an opponent.
    SiApplesde special - S special

    Whispy shakes his leaves in a fury, causing an apple to fall out. The apple flies a battlefield forward as a weak throwing item, dealing 10%.

    Whispy can turn the apple into applesauce aka generic goo by attacking it. He can also blow apples with nspec and create other trees with dspec to lift apples up for an aerial assault.
    Why are we suddenly making moves for my unmade Tom and Jerry moveset (WARY)
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