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  • Arrer. If you're there... I wanna chat, and can't Skype. Do you have access to any of the old xats or anything so I can chat with you in-browser?
    Say FA, is xat still, like, an existing thing? You guys might wanna update the links at the Bunker and in the thread and pretty much everywhere else... And hook me up!
    Special Forward Smash (Blatantly a Special and not a Smash, who cares) - Tentacle Tether

    A watery tentacle extends out of Chaos 0 (In such a position it looks like a tail) and attaches itself to the stage behind him, stretching into the foreground and background to get a half-decent looking grip on that portion of the stage. You can move anywhere from 1.5-4 platforms away based on charge before you will be forced to let go of the tether. Having the tail be attacked or inputting this move will cause you to be brought back to the position where you tethered yourself down at the speed of Captain Falcon's dash - as you fly backwards, you are still perfectly capable of attacking. Inputting Special Fsmash as you are getting pulled back to the point will cause Chaos 0 to let go, causing his momentum to cease quicker than it would otherwise.

    The application of this move should be obvious - Chaos 0 chases the foe back and forth across the stage, damaging them through the act of approaching. Considering how horribly slow he is normally, not only does this enable him to attack foes as he passes by if they get away, it enables him to easily get back in the face of a foe who has gotten away. He can also use this to get to the opposite side of a foe he's chasing very suddenly, causing them to want to run back towards the end of the stage they were originally on. The momentum based aspect of the move also proves incredibly useful with the long awkward rebounding hitboxes on moves, such as the fair.
    Forward Special Smash - Chaos Bomb

    Chaos 0 points one arm upward at a 45 degree angle and fires a Soccer ball sized orb of water that travels in an arc and lands on the stage one to three Battlefield platforms ahead of him, depending on charge. On its journey, it deals 11-16% and flinching on impact as the orb bursts. If the orb hits the stage intact, it will burst and send a small wave of water in each direction, covering one Stage Builder Unit. The water has a surprisingly strong pushback effect, similar to FLUDD.

    Hint: fire behind the foe.
    Special Down Smash: Skeletons in your Closet?

    Oogie Boogie causes a skeleton attached to a wire to come down from the top blast zone at double Sonic's dashing speed. When it initially comes down, it deals 25-35% and knockback that kills at 90-75%, giving Oogie another much needed KO move. The skeleton sticks around and doesn't seem to do much afterwards beyond waste a trap and be a wall with 35 stamina. Wasting a trap is half the point, though, as if the dice make the skeleton go away, instead of vanishing it will get pulled off the top blast zone at the same speed. If it comes back into play, it will be a hitbox once again as it comes down, making foes have to be incredibly wary whenever the dice are rolled. Simply making the foe be paranoid of that part of the stage can make the luck factor beneficial.

    Characters can press "up" to grab the string holding the skeleton like a ladder. This serves minimal purpose, but characters can then hit left and right to swing the skeleton about - the physics are the same as the uair hook that Oogie can swing on. This will cause the skeleton to become a hitbox based off the momentum it achieves, though Oogie will always be immune to the skeleton no matter what.

    Inputting Special Dsmash with a skeleton already out will not make a new one. Rather, it will cause the skeleton to come to life and open his rib cage, attempting to grab foes inside and dealing 10-20% and 1% per second while grabbed. Keep in mind that the skeleton can do this while being swung about. . .The fact that this grab escape has 2.5x regular escape difficulty also means you can have the skeleton release the foe (Special DSmash again) when the momentum is at its' strongest to knock the foe off-stage. . .Or, if you want to stall for time, you can just use the dice to destroy the skeleton when the foe is grabbed, causing the skeleton to take the foe up to the top blast zone (They will be released and not killed).
    Special Up Smash: Egyptian Pyramid

    Bowser raises his hands up to the air and roars, causing a chunk of the stage as large as he is to levitate up out of the ground, going upwards as fast as Jigglypuff's falling speed for as long as he charges. As it goes up, you can move it horizontally at Ganondorf's dashing speed. Once he releases the charge, the ground chunk falls downwards at the speed of Captain Falcon's dash speed, dealing 20% and spiking knockback as it goes down. If you get sandwiched between it and some other solid ground, you will get pitfalled on the side of the ground. Bowser is free to move as soon as he stops charging - inputting Special usmash when a ground chunk is already falling will cause the ground chunk you were manipulating to float in place whenever it is. Note that you can't make a ground chunk float more than 2 Ganondorfs above the main stage, but there is no limit to how low it can go.

    This generic terraforming move is quite interesting in the context of 4 warps that go about the stage -AND- the ability to just destroy massive portions of the stage. Making a very high perch is a pretty obvious use as you camp from on high. Plenty of set-ups are possible and are only limited by your imagination. . .Try making a massive tower in the middle of the stage with a warp on top for you to camp at, and warps on either side to easily transition from side to side while the foe is largely lost. Obviously make a fourth warp for them to randomly get sent to when they use the warps.

    You can also make a portion of the stage that is too far out for the foe to recover from if they reach it and camp at them. They can typically see this coming and stop you from doing it if you just intend to stall, and if they're in the lead they can just stall themselves. Instead, keep a warp on the ground chunk you're moving away so foes -can- come, then use special usmash to immediately make the stage chunk start falling. This can flow nicely into the formerly described set-up, being the fourth warp you use as no matter what happens you get into a nice camping position unless the foe somehow ends up at the same pillar as you.
    Smash Up Special - Power Flight
    Bizarro enters a generic flying state one would expect from the likes of Super Sonic, gaining a ten second recovery at Ganondorf's dash speed. The poor mobility is made up for by the raw power of the move; contact with Bizarro as he flies deals 17% and powerful horizontal knockback, pushing foes back from the big guy as he flies back onto the stage. Of course, what with the move's onstage use, he won't necessarily need this defense. As long as he can pummel his foes far enough away to keep them out of his hair while he uses his strength for an alternate purpose, he'll be even more unstoppable.

    By flying against a solid platform, Bizarro pushes it along, starting out fairly slowly, but gaining momentum as he keeps pushing. Smaller platforms require a shorter period of pushing (a second or longer will suffice), while larger chunks require a bit more effort (entire floating stages can be moved if Bizarro has seven or so seconds to spare). Bizarro can even use the newfound pit-forming effects of his D-Smash to split larger platforms in two to his liking, essentially creating a mix of obstacles for foes to avoid in addition to his attacks, or simply a multitude of new vantage points from which to attack. Bizarro can further use his stage modifications to meet his goals by pulling them around the stage with Vacuum Breath or toppling them down on foes with Power Slam.
    Special Down Smash: Freeze Vision (Again)

    Bizarro turns to face the ground before shooting ice out of his eyes at the ground, sweeping this beam of ice vision forward. Anybody who comes in contact with it will be frozen and take 15-25%, much like in the Neutral Special, though the fact this is aimed at the ground makes it more awkward. Bizarro will sweep his ice vision a single platform forward before stopping.

    As you may've predicted, this causes the ground in front of Bizarro to be turned icy and lasts 15-25 seconds. This functions the same as Brawl ice without any added gimmicks. The relevancy of this is largely for two purposes - firstly, you can use your vacuum breath when the awkward traction of foes turning around from a dash is triggered, bringing them towards you during the horrible lag and causing their momentum to contradict horribly as they're stuck in even longer lag. Secondly, shield pushing becomes much more competent on this ice, as attacking a shielding foe standing on ice will cause them to start slipping about backwards as the ice takes effect.

    Note that foes will not magically get out of traction lag if the ice disappears, and any fire moves, such as your flame breath, can destroy the ice early so you don't have to deal with the properties of it yourself if you don't feel like playing a momentum character.
    I started playing Xenosaga recently after I figured out the other games Monolith Soft made before Xenoblade. I saw your avatar and thought it resembled Albedo and simply curious to know if I was right.
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