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  • Well, we clashed a quite bit over Ridley a while ago. He's not playable. Thanks for the debates though, you certainly are a "devourer" for sure. Not gonna lie, I'm still a bit resentful over what happened in that thread, and admittingly much of it is directed towards you.
    Jerry Applesauce
    Jerry Applesauce
    I didn't really have the best intentions either; some of it was me wanting to "be right" but there were other times when we had good discussion, and some humorous moments. but I want to let go of the hostile feelings from the debating, so from a detractor to a supporter, truce? Or is that a bit cheesy? How about no hard feelings?
    Also, as RidleyDX suggested, I might make you the Lounge's Detractor Devourer (along with some others) if you want, and I'm considering also making you the Ridley Crocodile Pit Manager if you would want that as well (I would consider that a co-op job with me since we came up with the original idea a while back).

    Also sorry in advance for what could be considered account comment spam.
    Pfff wow I'm sorry. I hadn't turned off my likes notifications or anything yet so I never noticed these were here.
    Per your mention, I've made you the Lounge's "Female Avatar Roulette Captain/President" is that title okay? Also, I'm still keeping you in the ????? department, but I can make you solely the head of the Female Avatar Roulette department if you want (maybe I should call it Wheel of Female Avatars Operator, what do you think?).
    I know mang... Just get through it and you'll be glad you did. Life is good, though I've lately been exhausted. I'm a teacher now, so I wake up way early. In fact, I gotta go to school right now! Let's continue this later. Peace.
    Hey man, things are pretty well with me, how about yourself?
    Man Garry's Mod lets you play so many different minigames and I have literally just been playing Murder this whole time. It's ridiculous.
    Yeah, I got it cheap on a Steam sale years back but still haven't touched it much, I ought to get on that one of these days. Blasted Steam sales stealing my money and leaving me with more games than I can reasonably play in one lifetime. :p
    Pfff that's super.
    Yes, that. Taking summer courses so I don't have as much free time as I'd like. Regardless, I actually am getting work done. Seems to be some correlation with having such a schedule. If you'd like any more character design worked on, I could probably muster it now. I'm in a much better place with myself.

    Working on a character for Kholdstare right now and I'm having a blast. Still want Emidius? Or do you have any new ideas?
    I haven't. Can't say when I'll have the time either.

    Can't believe I promised to do this last semester and now that school has started again, I've yet to complete your request. On the bright side, I got my tablet back.
    Nope. As of right now, I don't have time for that—my apologies. School comes first!

    Also, every ounce of my free time since Sunday has been consumed by Skyward Sword.
    I tried my hand at Emidius based on that portrait. For the concept you're describing, I cannot use that as a basis. He can be so much more than a young Professor Hojo. I will revisit the character with a new approach.
    After Tuesday. I must complete 8 paintings by then. Once done, I should have plenty of free time!
    I've got the last moves I need planned out, the question is when I'll have time to add them and add 4 play style sections (not to mention proofreading). As far as your set goes, I'll get to it s soon as I can after I get this 4 set series out, but I'm a bit strapped for time at the moment.
    I don't know, Majora. Phantom and Leviathan might be done, but Harpuia hasn't really had any progress since what I've showed you last, and the fourth one isn't even started. I think I'd rather take some extra time and make them the first four sets of MYM11.
    So, did you get anywhere with the mafia man set I sent you, or should I get working on Harpuia for you?
    Uhh. Buff up on attack and defense first, get some good abilities if you can. Don't get depth+ because you'll be missing out on stat increases. It doesn't start getting too hard until depth 600. My only roadblocks are Hakumen that start out with 50% heat and barrier distortion my first move for tons of damage, but they're rare. By 400, I usually had around $20,000. Maybe that'd be a good place to get to for a while before you try moving deeper and end up losing all your money (like I did several times).

    I like how I filled up your VM page.
    ololol. I beat score attack last night at 3am for the first time. **** Mu. I hate her so much, and she's not even unlimited. Tager's easy. Hit confirm, know your combos, and don't do unsafe stuff that'll get you Tager groped. Honestly I thought everybody in score attack was really easy besides Mu at the very end. Console version of score attack is way harder. Also, it's impossible to beat Abyss Unlimited Ragna, because he has +50 attack and speed. He moves at the speed of light and one combo easily does 9000 x_x
    Mu is such a ***** when she's unlimited, because her drive hits you while they're floating. YOU CAN'T GET IN D: unless you play like Lambda or something. Those are the only ones that will ever give you trouble. I guess in Abyss/Legion, Taokaka could be a problem because her D does 5000+ on one hit when unlimited. Tager used to give me trouble, but once you get your fundamentals down he stops grabbing you out of everything.
    I used to suck so hard at this game, and still kind of do. CS1 was my first fighting game outside of smash and I had no clue what to do. From BB I got into MvC2/3 and SSF4. Then when I returned to BB just a few weeks ago it was like I magically got better. Sucking at other games made me a better player, yay! And it only took 7+ months. :D
    Maybe life just hates you. I've played the crap out of this game and now I just want to face some actual people, but my ps3 is in a different country. Oh well. :/
    Beginner mode exists for a reason *wink*
    Also, good luck beating Mu after Lambda's arcade story ends. She's unlimited and if you die, you can't continue. :(
    Haha, yeah, that's one bad thing about Abyss. And screw Tao's astral. I can never pull that garbage off. Luckily for me, Makoto is a very straight forward character. Nothing too complicated which suits me just fine because I really suck at fighting games. Tao looks super fun to play, by the way. Sexy (at least below her neck?) and fun, you made a good choice.
    Oh, hey. Glad you posted in the BB thread. I haven't seen how much money you get from story mode since I don't feel like going through it all again, but I just got ~100,000 from abyss so D:

    Gettin' dem Tao combos down? ;P
    I no longer play Smash Bros so no. For a time, I was really into the hacking scene.
    alright, cool, just wondering :)
    And it is rather useful, especially if you like ratios and percents, haha
    RAWRRRR ._. PROFILE ****!!!! Congratulations, you have just been ***** by kichikichisexmydoughnut. Have a very nice day.
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