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  • Firusu za Hejihogu
    PC is basically a ghost town now, but yeah it was quite a task in its heyday ha. I miss a lot of the old crew as well, it was a fun bunch of people we had. I've just been juggling studies and life, so decently busy but it's not so bad. My moderated room's a ghost town too, so Smashboards doesn't get in the way of life.
    Yeah, I've checked back a few times and it's sad to see the PC so dead...then again, that might be an improvement over the community circa 2010. (That's probably mean, but I spent more than enough time being tactful about it.) What's the room you're moderating? I don't seem to be able to find a list of moderators associated with rooms like it used to be lol. Glad to hear things are going well with you, though.
    I mod the Pool Room ha, completely dead.
    Last night I dreamed that you, me, and Meta-Kirby (forget what he changed his handle to) were playing D&D. Haven't thought about you guys in years.
    Oh man, that's wild haha. Yeah, it's been ages since we've talked. How have you been?
    Gonna miss having you as a mod. :c then again, we all need breaks sometime.
    Aw, thanks, I appreciate that! Yeah, I've just got a lot going on at the moment and it was getting hard to dedicate the proper time to modding.
    Thank you for joining my social forum! If you ever have any suggestions, please let me know. I want to make it as best as can be based on user feedback. I hope to see you around!
    Yeah definitely, thanks for the invite! I'll be sure to let you know if I've got any suggestions!
    Agh! Sorry about that thread in the Pokemon Center. Also, it's nice to see a fellow Virginian on here! :D
    So I finally decided to log in again after trying to describe this site to a friend. The sense of nostalgia here is ridiculous haha but I was just stoping for a friendly "hello!"
    FirusTheHedgehog <3
    Ah, remember when, haha. How're you doing man? I haven't talked to you in forever.
    What do you think about getting a XY thread in the Battle Tower? The current XY thread is kind of a cluster**** of disjointed conversations.
    Yeah, that's definitely a good idea. I was just thinking that the 5th gen competitive discussion was going to need a replacement. If you want to go ahead and create it, that sounds good.
    ok my drought team is finally ready. i had trouble getting a good vulpix. all the conditions have been met
    Okay, your thread's re-opened.
    ok thanks i just edited everything that i had originally
    that's fine; there is no rush/deadline at this point; trying to drum up interest. didn't want to spam the pokemon center with it; but you should make them all do it too~the more people the more fun the results will be~
    It looks to me like Gamefreak has been redesigning Pokémon to improve on design. These Mega forms seem to be the 'ideal' designs of these Pokémon (MegaBlaziken and MegaLucario are just way too cool). Except Mewtwo. MegaMewtwo is kind of awful.

    Really excited that Ampharos gets one though! Always been a personal favorite Pokémon.
    Haha, I'm glad you enjoy! I suppose that piece has gained the most popularity of all my work. There are two versions floating around the web, an older and more refined one. I like the differences in retrospect.

    So uh, MegaEvolutions... Slapping "Mega" on feels like a copout, though the designs look fantastic. This pretty much confirms Lucario and Mewtwo's return in Smash 4 and what their Final Smashes will be.
    good chart again~and that's s'alright

    you should post all your 2013 charts in their respective threads; the person who does the Pulse 100 (which complies personal charts) isn't to 2013 yet, so yours could count haha
    I think you're activated now~

    I'm not really into Imagine Dragons lol I do like the diversity on your chart though

    my most recent:
    Good stuff. I figure a good way for you to keep up motivation for your charts might also be: Pulse. It's the music site I go to and the personal charts section has some good activity. :p
    Haha, well if you are feeling bored at the end of the next year, feel free to ask me and I'll help instruct you how to do it without too much hassle. :p

    Haha, mine are caught up now. :p


    Now that I have wasted so much time getting the year-end chart, done, I have to catch up on my 2013 weekly charts haha. Thank you for listening. Glad your 2013 charts are going fine so far!


    That's the #115 to #51. I pretty much didn't update for like a week because of Gatlin visiting haha. But that's that so far! I will link you to the top 50 when I finish doing my countdown on Pulse and such. lol

    And yeah, we have different tastes, but we still both have stuff in common! I hope that the suggestion helps you as well! Charts are very fun! :P
    Fun fun with your year-end, definitely a lot of stuff I'd expect you to listen to.

    massive spoiler:
    we have the same #1 song

    Perhaps instead of over-complicating your points system you could oversimplify it instead. Perhaps just making your points simply eyeball values each week (no calculations, just entering whatever point value you feel works).
    Hey, how long ago did you become a mod? Probably mind-blanking but I seem to recall you weren't only a short while ago. :o

    Probably just mind-blanking
    good good it'll be fun to see what yours has since I haven't seen it for a year lol

    i haven't posted my year-end anywhere yet; been trying to see if I can arrange an internet radio type thing to broadcast the countdown and get some people to listen lol
    Been going fine, just life and such.

    I just finished up my 2012 year end chart and such, fun fun~
    I just saw the episode of Buffy depicted in your avatar yesterday. So awesome.
    For example, I'll take one of my favorite games of my childhood, Donkey Kong 64. I played that game to death, and to this day I love it.
    We should be lovers.
    Nice post in the Nostalgia blog. I also really enjoyed TWEWY, it's a game that really has no peers. Have you ever played Persona 3 or 4? If you enjoyed TWEWY, I think you'd really like those as well.

    This week now marks the 13th consecutive week where the #1 song was not a single-week #1. That breaks the record. There were two other periods where it was 12 weeks straight where the #1 song was always a song that was a multi-week #1. The record will likely continue to stretch another week or two as Some Nights isn't likely to come off yet.
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