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  • Good to hear from you, man it feels like it's been forever haha. Hope everything's going well with you. :)
    Yeah, I'm glad they revamped the default skin and worked to make it more interesting and whatnot to help new people adjust to the site better, but it takes too much work to get used to it for anyone who's been here for a while, lol.

    I've been pretty well. I've been pretty busy with the huge number of games I have that I have to actually start playing (the Steam sales got me to buy way too many games), and I graduated high school and I'm off to college in less than a month, which is still really weird to think about, haha.

    How about you? How've you been?
    Yeah, you should definitely stop by every so often, it'd be great to see you around the boards again. :)

    And yeah, they totally revamped the default skin. You can still go back and use the regular skins though, personally I can't get used to the new default skin either. I've been using a slight alteration of Classic Blue for ages now.
    Wait...I think you already noticed this, haha, right after I became mod. Though I guess if you haven't checked here in about a year, it makes sense that you'd forget, haha.

    Anyway, yeah, I'm a mod, haha. The PC's activity has dropped severely though, I miss the old '08 days. I think MK's the only one who's still around from back then.
    Well of course, it just wouldn't be me if I weren't a Grammar Nazi, right?
    Haha, you actually saw it very, very shortly after it happened.

    Thanks, zrky!
    Thanks. :p And yeah, it's just that now I can see a bunch of icons and stuff I couldn't see before, so it was a little odd at first.

    Also when I want to quote someone else's post, I have to be careful not to accidentally click the Edit button. :l
    The data was from Bulbapedia. I was emailed the data tables from a friend on another table. I figured the table was useful, because it directly compares type ratios.
    No, I haven't. My friend wanted to see it last weekend but stuff came up with everyone else and stuff is coming up again this weekend, so I'm not sure if I'm going to see it or not.
    Yeah, I have no clue how people screwed it up.

    What can I say, people are stupid. :laugh:
    Haha, yeah. People called me that when I had the joke name too, which was actually even more annoying because I couldn't correct them since, technically, they were correct in calling me that.
    Haha, indeed. Spire suggested that I do it and I realized it was a good idea.

    This one makes it easier for everyone, and I don't have to get angry at people calling me "Firust".

    (Well, if anyone calls me Firust I actually would get angrier, but the lack of a "t" in this would hopefully prevent that. =P)
    Art History has been my favorite, but Philosophy is getting really good.
    Hmm, I take the class as a historian, because that interests me equally as much as art. There's definite parallelisms between both (hence, Art History), and I just really enjoy it all. I would advise taking it in college.
    Not really. I got rid of the program once I quited out of everything. I really only plan for this to be about a weeklong stay, though, so I don't see much of a point to re-download.
    Actually, because most of what we know historically about the ancient cultures of the world comes almost entirely from their art, it's primarily a history class over like studying the art for art's sake. We're studying it for history's sake.
    Like, ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman art, etc. If you're into that like I am, it's awesome.
    I started and ended playing about the same time we talked last. So Platinum...

    Wanna brawl? I'm just as rusty as you are when it comes to playing at the competetive level.
    This semester is more difficult than last, by far.

    But ten thousand times more interesting. I'm taking Philosophy (awesome), Ancient Art History (awesome), Computer Imaging (bleh), and Graphics Communications (bleh).
    Not really. They still think they are bad for me, but I'm not interested in owning any of them. In fact, I have only played brawl for the past month nor do I plan to change that any time soon.
    Been sick since Monday. Just sinus crap really, but I can hardly speak because of it.
    I'm still alive? No wai!!!

    Since this morning. I was in the mood to brawl, but then I started checking up on everything and yeah. Lots has gone on since last time...

    Favorite was probably Silverbolt, Cheetor and Tigertron. Dunno why, just thought they were cool.
    It was just bad. they were all trying to be all spiritually and stuff. The transformation animations sucked and Rattrap just looked horrible v.v
    You'll get to know people who know people one day and you'll know exactly how awesome it is. But trust me, it'll be the most unsuspected thing ever.
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