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  • We never knew if we had priority, we always hit "Random" XD. I loved how when I was Ike I fell off the stage two times in one minute. XD

    You have taught me to grab more, it's made my Meta-knight mean.
    XD sorry we d/ced and just moved on. Lol, some of those randoms were halarious, my friend kept getting so mad lol.
    Well, he is late, but he could be here any minute. Then we could Brawl. Heck. I'll put my ethernet cable in my Wii to supercharge the connection. :D

    Item matches are fun. There will be a foruth (CPU) as well. Nothing is more fun than seeing us all loose to a robotic Ganondorf who Warlock Punches us all!
    What I mean is, I can play online with you, fine and dandy. However...nevermind. Would you like to Brawl later? It'd be me/my friend/you, items on, nothing serious. Just a fun free for all. (I know items are hax, but sometimes it's fun just to chill, heck , I'll be playing randoms XD)
    I wish online play was better. My friend is staying the night, but we can't brawl with you because of 1 Wii. That was a dumb idea on Nintendo's part.

    And I just keep it all balanced. I played an mmo 24/7, but it was because it was my only line to my GF long distance, now we live together, etc. So I go GF>School/Work>Games. I still play a lot though, XD because... I find spare time somehow...
    Yeah; in August I start College, and next week I shall start working as well. That + a loving Girlfriend make video games take a back seat, but I'll never let them die<3

    I hope you take care, one day we'll rematch on Brawl. You inspire me to pick up Ness. I used to like Lucas more, but Ness' moves are all around better, and while Lucas has UPA Killdeath, it always is too laggy.
    I need to tell you, those 800 hours are not breeding. 200 was gameplay/dumb breeding ideas, 100 was finishing Trainer card bar BT, 200 was breeding, and the other 300...Battle Tower. Yeah I have bad luck....

    As for Riolus, I'm not doing it on my bday. Kinda breaking away from MPT/Pokemon a bit (Metroid prime trilogy) and doing SMG2(110 Stars) and Majora's Mask. Though my friend is staying tonight and I plan to smash it up.

    And tommorow, my girlfriend has a special present for meh =] ~wink~ So how are you? Don't be gone forever this time D:
    So mellow compared to me lol

    Well, I probably won't need it, but I'm doing other stuff right now, so I'll get back to you.

    THAT IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!


    Now I just need to change my avi to Eggman!

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Let me know if there's anything I can do to return the favor!
    I could see that. Ugh Riolus make me mad I'll breed later. I need to get those 4 pokemon done and ev/move teach like 10 of them before im ready..so much work D:
    Scizor may get a tiny backlash.. heck it may be healthy for him to disappear into ubers. I just liked... Latias but whatever. =/
    Well see... Mixmence can cover a team that has NO coverage. He is like the golden blanket shield on my offense team. DDmence can rip a team apart. And with Latias gone, it's biggest threat. (Bye bye ScarfMeteor) He really runs up in threat. Banning Latias was a bad move.

    Banning Mence is very possible, and if it happens... I like the idea of Dnite/Kingdra, but I hate when Smogon puts pokemon in catagories they can't be used in. Mence has a hard time competing with Rayquaza, just as a lot of BL can't hold it in OU.

    That is smogon for you though, lol.
    Well then that makes my Kingdra a waste. I need a good Relaxed Ditto/Gyarados... I'm doing Resttalk. :3
    I have a great mixmence, but I fear he will be. Banning Latias was fail, because now Mixmence can prowl without punishment for the most part. I suppose we'll see. Personally I hate it but love it. Dragonite would be good then, but I liked Latias/Mence as well.
    It's a pain because you have to evolve them to replace their parents. I have a rain dance kingdra I don't even use. Though if Salamence gets banstick, it'll replace him for sure.

    31/30/28/31/29/31 Naughty with Swift Swim. One of my best babies..and useless.
    You're making me want to get Riolu/Gyara done and catch heatran/azelf so i can battle, lol. Riolus just have me so down D=.
    Let me get my Heatran and I'll pump out my SS team, my pride. I love Ttar..so you can imagine it is my best team. Standard offense runs a close second. Some of the random Evs can hold there own. Once I did Dragonite/Gengar/Kingdra/Raikou/Hippowdon/Suicune and it kicked some ***. XD
    I wouldn't call it the best, but I have 2 teams (once i finish lucario/gyara/azelf/heatran +24 random ev/iv pokemon I play around with. It's fun taking 6 random pokemon and seeing what you can do.

    My SS team is Ttar/Gliscor/Gyara/Celebi/Heatran/Scizor
    Stand offense is Azelf/lucario/gyara/scizor/salamence/jolteon.
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