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Ryu Shimazu
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  • Let's say that one day down the line I want to build a *****ing gaming PC, would you be able to help me?

    There's a Ninja Gaiden game out for the PSV? How is it? And my older bro has Gravity Rush, he seems to enjoy it. You into the Persona series? One of the games is coming out for the Vita later this year.

    How do you play a MMO "casually"?
    Yeah...that's why I'm prolly never gonna get into MMOs for that reason...I don't want to get addicted to games such as WoW and have to pay a yearly fee...(Isn't a year of WoW much more than a year of XBL gold? Correct me if I'm wrong on this btw.) I'm just not interested in D3...I think I tried D2 once but I didn't like the game. =/

    Isn't that what I said?

    Huh, the more you know. I just assumed that they were using old tech from 2005/2006 to power the Wii U. And I don't think that you'll be able to mod the Wii U...and is 4 GB of RAM good? How much RAM does the 360/PS3 have? (I know the reason why the PS3 can't do party chat like the 360 does is due to it's RAM which is pretty sad if you ask me, since Sony often flaunts the PS3 to be the most powerful console of the current generation.) Do you think that Nintendo is finally gonna take online seriously with the Wii U? I do, but they have a lot of catching up to do in terms of XBL/PSN IMO.

    How is Skyrim? I tried Oblivion but I didn't like that game...and is your computer new? Mine is from 2009. I was born a console gamer...I don't wanna upgrade my computer every few years...I'd rather just plop down $500 and be good for several years. (I bet you've heard this one before, huh?)

    Which games are you gonna get for the Vita? IMO, try Gravity Rush and Escape Plan. Avoid the Resistance game and the Uncharted PSV game is pri good.

    No problem. :)
    You think so? From what I've seen from the trailers shown, games running on the Wii U look like what I see when I play my 360/PS3...=/

    And I guess...I do recall early PS3 games such as the first Uncharted and Heavenly Sword not looking nearly as good as the games you can now play on the PS3.

    Isn't Diablo 3 addicting like World of Warcraft? =/

    Nice! Which game(s) did you get or are planning to get in the future?
    How much do you think the Wii U will retail for at launch? Me? I'll say...$300. Nothing higher since it's on-par in terms of power with the 360/PS3. I'm also willing to beat that MS/Sony will lower the price of the 360/PS3 to combat the Wii U's launch. =/

    How about the new Gears game? I was pretty interested in Watch Dogs and The Last of Us. iunno about adding MP to the new God of War game...not every game needs MP IMO. Agree?

    I was never into the Diablo series. I did play the OG Starcraft back in the day tho and was ranked in the top 1500 players in NA in the ladder system. :awesome:

    What is Dragon's Dogma?
    What did you think of this year's E3?

    IMO: Nintendo > Microsoft > Sony (Not counting Ubisoft.)
    In response to your previous VM:

    I'd rather not say the reason(s) in public. I hope you understand.

    I want a PSP, just waiting for the inevitable price drop later this year.

    And good to hear, I'm still busy playing ME2 on my 360. (Got all the DLC recently.)

    You have a 3DS, no?
    That is correct.

    How you been lately btw? How's school/work/life etc. ?
    Well, the way I see it, I prefer stick. But they can be a bit expensive. They also take a little while to get used to. I find it a lot easier to play on a stick.

    But it's up to you, really.
    You definitely don't need a stick. Considering that some top players play pad, it's not required. For someone like me, it made a big difference, my execution still isn't super amazing, but there's a lot of things that I can do on a stick that I couldn't on pad. Some characters, you may want a stick for, such as Carl, Arakune, or to some extent, Litchi. Those characters can be pretty difficult to play on pad, because they require more access to all buttons.

    Eventually, you may reach a point where you want to use a stick, because it's a more precise form of input, but pad should serve you fine for a long time. On the other hand, learning on stick now means you won't have to re-learn everything later if you decide to switch. And if you ever plan on going to a tournament, then pad can be a tricky choice, simply because you may find yourself playing on a system that you don't play on, and the pad will be different as a result.
    No problem, always glad to help someone out. :)

    And nope, sorry bro. I haven't played a RPG in the past while and I don't play any JP games. :(
    Forgot to reply, um kinda, like if you haven't already put in a but load of time like I did before Dissidia 012, you don't really need to waste your time getting everyone up to Lvl 100 before playing 012.
    Hey, so how did you go about making your sig? I know that's referencing Naruto, but how did you match it up with the games?
    Hmm, let's see. From what I can come up with, I would try:

    - BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend: okay, so this game doesn't actually come out until Feb. 14th, but still. It's a little hard to pick up, just due to the fact that there's a lot of system mechanics to wrap your head around. It's usually the most daunting aspect of trying to pick up BB, and the combos can be a bit on the long side. It's not as fast as MvC3, but it's nowhere near as slow as SFIV. I say if you're interested in it, I would give it a shot. It's a really fun game, and it can be really deep, if you want it to be.

    - Arcana Heart 3: this game is only out on PSN, but I'm pretty sure you have a PS3, so it should be all good. This wouldn't necessarily be the first game I would jump to, but if you don't mind the anime aesthetic and all-girl cast, it's a pretty fun game. The combos aren't too hard, homing is a cool combo mechanic, and the Arcana system is really interesting way to customize characters.

    - King of Fighters XIII: okay, not gonna lie, this game's execution can be pretty strict. But, to me, KoF takes everything that I don't like about Street Fighter, and fixed it for the better. If you've never played a KoF game before, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the huge selection of characters. But it's really fun, and it basically fits almost, if not all, the criteria of things that you want.

    So, in my opinion, try BB or KoF first. Or try Soul Calibur V when it comes out. I don't know a lot about the Soul Calibur series, but a lot of Smash players really dig it, so you never know.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions, I don't mind at all. :3
    Do you know how to activate the 1-month PSN+ trial which came with my PS3?
    Well other than the PP shop, EXP and AP. Nothing else gets transferred over.

    But if you want you can play the story mode and beat that. Although Dissidia 012 redoes the original's story after you complete the Dissidia 012's story, it doesn't have the same feel. Kinda like how when you watch Star Wars 4, 5 and 6, then watch 1, 2, and 3, in the essence that Dissidia 012's story is a prequel of the originals.
    I actually want a PSP-3000 but I'm still waiting for Sony to drop the price of it. (Which I'm assuming will happen sometime this year when the PSV hits NA shelves next month.)

    Can you recommend me some PSP games?
    I guess the main reason why I've mainly been playing shooters for the past 4 years is cause my attention span is pretty short and I just want to pick something up and play without learning a whole lot.

    You still haven't added me on PSN btw. :mad:
    It was confirmed that he had none of them within him, rather the appearance of the full Triforce on his hand signified his ability to unite the Triforce.
    No, I tried Oblivion a while ago and I didn't like the game at all. =/

    I prefer the Fallout series.

    I also got Killzone 3 for my PS3 today! :D
    I have SMB (Still have to beat it but it's VERY frustrating :mad:) and both of the Portal games, would you like to play co-op in Portal 2 one day?

    Also, add me on the PS3: TheRealF8AL

    Are the Asscreed (my nickname for the series) any good?
    I'll add you the next time I log into those services. Have you seen all the great Steam sales? (Makes me wish I had a good gaming PC...)

    And I've only played Crystal Chronicles and the one on the GBA with the Blue Knight. (I think his name is Seth?)
    What's your PSN?

    And I didn't know you were into PC gaming! You have Steam?
    Sounds good. I can't guarantee anything but if I decide to give the game a shot I'll let you know.
    I hate random crashing. Especially when you're in the middle of an online match.

    So my WoW expires at the end of the month. I was planning on giving Rift at shot then, but since FFXIV is still free to play I'll give it a chance. I'll tell you when I get it, just tell me your server.
    My comp specs? MANLY. But seriously, I've checked out every game I can think of and I can run them all at max graphics. Except for FFXIV. Is it serious free to play, though?
    Nice man, I kinda stopped going for achievements on the 360 lol. (Currently have over 22,000 gamer score :awesome:)

    How can you be such a perfectionist? :p
    Okay, let me know when you create an account so I can add you. Have fun! :)
    You don't need a mic to participate, most of the time, it's text chat anyways.
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