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Jan 22, 2016
Mar 18, 2008
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Austin/Plano, TX
Being Awesome

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Brawl Backroom Member, Male, from Austin/Plano, TX

"I loved you first. I love you still. I always will." Jun 28, 2014

theeboredone was last seen:
Jan 22, 2016
    1. theeboredone
      "I loved you first. I love you still. I always will."
    2. theeboredone
      "I wanna be there just in time, wanna be your shining knight, protect you like a soldier."
    3. theeboredone
      I don't like this change! It's all Obama's fault!
    4. Locuan
      Sorry but your avatar pic made me do it.

      Hey Makooooooooooooooooooo....
    5. GoldShadow
      Apply for the Debaters group and I'll let you in. Probably long overdue.
    6. Morin0
      How is it like working at Best Buy?
    7. F8AL
      That's understandable. I prefer being in first person but that's probably because I've been mainly playing shooters such as Halo and Call of Duty for the past 5 years. Altho I do like Gears since you can peak around corners w/o exposing yourself due to the game being played in third person.

      Doesn't LA Noire have a season pass thingy or something? Heavy Rain? Isn't that basically an interactive movie or something?

      Is it possible to beat DKS or no?
    8. F8AL
      Why not? My attention span these days is pri low. All I want is a game which I can easily jump into without learning too much...hence why I've mainly been playing shooters since '07 with the release of CoD4...

      Fallout 3 > Fallout: NV btw IMO. NV = glitchy POS

      Isn't the facial expressions in that game excellent?

      So it's a beginner's trap then?
    9. F8AL
      No Resistance? No Killzone? :O

      And how is Dark Souls? I heard that game is ****ing BRUTAL in terms of dying. Is that true?

      How is LA Noire so far?
    10. F8AL
      Agreed, which MP games do you play on your PS3 btw?
    11. F8AL
      I agree but you and I both know that'll probably never happen. IIRC, most people who buy the yearly installments of the CoD don't even touch/complete the single player. (I always play and beat the SP part first, then I move onto the MP.)

      I'm surprised that they haven't added MP to the Fallout series yet. (Altho I'm not sure how that'd work out...prolly something like Stranglehold or Max Payne 3.)

      Unlike most people on XBL, I enjoy a good ol' SP game such as Fallout 3, GTA IV or Mass Effect 2. I love games which offer me a lot of content (50+ hours to complete) which gives me more bang for my buck.

      Why not? =O
    12. Jane
      Nice, now I see why my avatar from a while back had you curious about me haha
    13. Jane
      Your profile pic here had me a bit confused but your pic on AiB gave me a clearer picture of what you look like. So are you like persian, indian, or some sort of west asian?
    14. F8AL
      Won't this new God of War game have MP in it? Why won't game developers realize that not every single game needs MP? *Looks at Bioshock 2* :glare:

      Watch Dogs also looks pri sweet, what is your opinion on that game?

      I agree, they spent like 20 minutes talking about that ****. :glare:
    15. F8AL
      I thought you'd enjoy Sony's conference? New God of War and The Last of Us?
    16. Jane
      man, i seriously am very curious about what you look like. like, i think you're asian, and thats about it. lol
    17. F8AL
      So, opinions on E3 2012?
    18. Disfunkshunal
      Yea I saw that I got super hyped, I love the boondocks. Pause, no homo
    19. F8AL
      IMO, a lot of developers will prolly port over a lot of Wii U titles to the 360 and PS3 since the Wii U is (almost?) as powerful as them. Nintendo needs to be 2 gens ahead to not fall behind in terms of technology. =/

      Same, I'm fine with what I'm playing right now. (Mass Effect 3 and Minecraft on the 360.)
    20. F8AL
      Do you think the "10 year console cycle" still applies? I still hope to see new games coming out for the current gen till 2015-2016 THEN we can start talking about the 720/PS4/Wii U but that's just me.

      I hope Microsoft learned from this gen that you can't rush a console and sacrifice quality. =/
    21. F8AL
      I'm not ready for next gen yet, I want it to last for a few more years. D:

      And I'm approaching the Wii U with cautious optimism, I don't know who I want to go with next gen. =/
    22. Nysyarc

    23. ahchoomattchu
      I just wanted to say that I think you're awesome and I totally respect your basketball savvy.
    24. F8AL
      Waiting for a price drop or better games?
    25. F8AL
      Do you have a Vita?
    26. Jane
      Tucson, AZ. I'm mexican :) haha
    27. Terywj [태리]
      Terywj [태리]
      Dunno when you switched to the Calvin & Hobbes avatar, but props to you.
    28. F8AL
      Happy 4 year SWF anniversary!
    29. Dojo
      Gotcha. Well you're doing a damn good job. Keep it up.
    30. Dojo
      Yo, you ever considered picking up a different character? Just curious.
    31. PantyRaider08
      Game&Watch. Hes so good without Metaknight.
    32. PantyRaider08
      Want to pracitce doubles at the next fest and see how we do? No more mks in Ike's way.
    33. Ryu Shimazu
      Ryu Shimazu
      Nah, I'm sure I could but then when I beat games I'd have to fix it all over again D:
    34. Ryu Shimazu
      Ryu Shimazu
      I actually just used my favorite paths for main games, and my least favorite paths for lesser games.

      Deva has always been my favorite. Shirai Tensei<3. Since Monster Hunter is probably the biggest thing going on, I assosiated it with that. Brotherhood and Final Fantasy(iPad) fell in the list as major games, even though FF1 is kinda small.

      The only flaw is I need to move Portal above Minomonsters, Portal deserves a better path D;
    35. Xyro77
    36. SupaSairentoZ7℠
      Happy New Years theeboredone!
    37. Sky Pirate
      Sky Pirate
      So, umm... I definitely knew it was your birthday before checking the Ike boards. ^_^;
      Anyway, happy birthday, sir.
    38. SupaSairentoZ7℠
      Merry Christmas theeboredone!
    39. SupaSairentoZ7℠
      That is probably why I haven't seen one in a while. Then again, I think you guys can hide you're back room members through your settings if I remember correctly. I know all you new members will do a great job with whatever projects and such you guys get.
    40. SupaSairentoZ7℠
      Ah you didn't do anything special for me. I just talked to you on a few threads here and there. So I congratulated those I know a little. Its no problem. =) When I think of it I can't recall an Ike main that is in there.
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    Austin/Plano, TX
    Being Awesome
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    I'm awesome.

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