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  • Maybe, Razer's been telling me to go everytime we get on cod. Honestly theres a chance. Last Genesis was awesome for me so I would probably go again.
    As one of your biggest fans I demand that you get that whobo/CoT4 drive back and dominate apex pls
    Hey Dojo, are you still looking for a mid tier doubles teammate? Would you like to team? I main Pit, and I definitely want to do well at WHOBO. Who do you play in mid tiers btw?
    Since SA sucks, I'm staying in a hotel with Zigsta. He asked the BBR and then then the WHOBO thread for anyone that wants to stay with us. I think it's just 3 ppl so far.

    Most likely driving from SA on friday and coming back monday. Havent announced a carpool yet.
    Let's try this again: You coming out to the Crusade series tournament? I need a teammate WINK WINK.

    Edit - I promise to post more pictures of Jessica Nigri if you team with me.

    Double Edit - Just read the thread for it. Nvm :mad:
    Actually I'm down. School is over with and I should at least attempt to seriously practice for HOBO 38/Whobo. So yea. I'm serious. Idk if I can find a ride though. I'll ask around.
    I use to do a ton of advertising but after awhile even though I kept doing more new creative ways to advertise nobody new really showed up. I just kinda lost interest in advertising to new people because most new people got upset because I advertised for them basically to show up to my tournament then I got 1st place and their money. People have been mad before >.>
    LOL i bet. You've got the best combo in the game if you can keep them both non-rusty. I'm seriously considering dallas now btw. It'll probably be the last time I travel to dallas. I might dip on reggaefest. We will see.

    How many people do you think will be going?
    LOL both reasons are good but the second one got me. The only thing is I might be in Austin this weekend for reggaefest. If not I'll go to revolution just to chill with dallas/u. Is it mk banned?
    1. Mayneeeeee. Okay.
    2. And okay, your good. I'll let the SA thread know about the carpool now.
    1. Megafox is my only static teammate, and I doubt he's attending. So no.
    2. Haven't even announced a carpool yet, though now that I think about it, I will soon. Aka 4 spots lol.
    I got the 8th badge and them quit playing :(
    Alot of ppl keep asking me for a proper ending, so I might have an ending soon.

    Poor Penis.
    Yo, I main mk now lol.

    The only video I have recently is of me ****** someone I usually go even with but it will have to do until I get more(which will be soon)


    Tips? I've been playing mk only for about 4 months, won a small tournament here with him easier than I usually do with IC's. I need to play people a lot better than me though because I don't know what to improve on.
    I have, but it's more of a personal belief that I'm not interested in winning for the sake of winning, as much as I just wanna do my best with Ike.

    Plus, I don't take the game THAT seriously.
    Well I'll only go if Tim doesn't want to go simply because there's one spot left in the carpool. Trel isn't going I believe.
    Dojo, want to team for HOBO 34 regular doubles?

    I play really well with a Metaknight on my team.
    Esca and I placed 2nd at HOBO 31, I believe.
    We took Gnes + Razer to game 5.
    Fuuuu. I know I can beat him. I just need to figure out like two things before I play him and probably need to play with you beforehand so I can remember the matchup.

    ****ing west coast even attending now. All these **** trying to come take all of our money. Instead they just wasting plane tickets lmao.
    Which one LOL? Championship happening during the worst time. Right in the heat of all my major stuff for school.

    Talk to ally asap. he wants to team with you at the LSC championships in november.
    Naw, me and tim gonna team. Gotta get on that m2k ally lvl. You should team with zac/vinnie
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