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  • I had a question about your tournament, this upcoming saturday.
    Is it PM & Melee or?
    "Eating well" is a pretty broad term and what it means is ultimately up to yourself. If you wanna know anything specific I can help you but I'm not good at talking about things just like that ... without knowing what you somebody actually wants to know about.

    Fair enough LOL I'll come up with specifics soonish =)
    That's awesome haha. You use legde hop lasers too? I love using those.

    Glad to see you still playing the game and bodying people. XD
    i dunno i might convert to melee since i'm either moving to cali, chicago, or north carolina for grad school l0l

    ledge hop lasers are OK. risky on recovery ;( if you're talking about the rain style laser where you run off DJ and laser like that, i forgot about that

    and i dunno about body. my falco just wants to hit people
    Yeah I got it mixed up lol I meant rain lasers. Ledge hop lasers are very risky indeed, I don't use it much unless I see that I have the opportunity for it.

    Yo that'll be hype if you move to Cali! But if you move to North Carolina you have to attend some GA tournies. =)
    I'll see if PP wants to drive :p

    i am bad at using RAIN lasers but i do like them.
    you're welcome <3 i could've done better but you already posted the analysis that said most of what i was going to say lol
    We're arriving at 5:30 at the greyhound terminal. Not sure the address, but I think meekspeedy has that info.
    Depart Buffalo, NY, Downtown Terminal on January 25, 2013 10:30 PM
    Arrive Columbus, OH, NW corner of Nationwide Blvd. and High St. at January 26, 2013 5:30 AM

    I hope you know where that is.
    Sort of. We have a facebook group and we started plotting stuff out, but taking a hiatus until Apex is over. I'll probably be making a video after Apex to talk about our plans and stuff.
    This ratio system is inherently flawed. I assume you weren't a panel member last time, there was a pretty interesting discussion on the topic in this thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=313983

    Long story short, the current ratio system lacks nuance. Soft counters (55-45) are supposed to be a +1, straight up counters (60-40) are a +2 then? Would be fair enough if it weren't for the fact that +4 is, then, the tier of utter impossibility (Ganondorf stuff). +3 becomes the hardest 'realistic' tier for any matchup to end up because nothing is of the same difficulty as Ganon's misery. The matchup chart leaders weren't too keen on translating the old system to the new system so now no one knows what to do with +1s. Last time people were arguing the same difficulty of a matchup but ended up agreeing on a ratio which didn't really seem to be representative of a MU's actual difficulty because it ended up on the same tier as a MU that wasn't quite up there.
    P4u I play Labrys(some chie for really bad matchups), For Marvel I play Spencer/Dante/Doom and Nova/Frank/Dante. And you should play ^_^. Both games are fun and will honestly make you better at fighting games in general. Brawl lets you get away with SO much stuff.
    Dude you know I love midwest, but I honestly don't have the money to travel now. If I did, you guys and west coast would be the first places I visited. When is your tourney tho?

    Honestly I quit brawl because the metagame feels really stale at the moment and its just boring for me. I wouldnt say forever, but If I start having fun again playing or things get hype I'll start going 100% again. I still play friendlies tho and I enter singles/dubs occasionally in tex.

    Oh and legit profile pic. ^_^
    JFK is *** and is a tad tough to get from there to the venue. You would have to get to NY Penn Station and then a train from there can send you straight to New Brunswick Train station which is right next to the venue but I dunno how to go from JFK to NY Penn Station.

    EWR however has a train at the airport that can take you straight to New Brunswick train station. I dunno who could get you though as most people will be at the venue so trains are your best bet.
    Wow I lose to the best ICs in a bunch of 1 stock matches with numerous SDs in tow and this is what I get

    He beat me fair and square but next time will be different just sayin'

    Aww :( Whether I want to or not is irrelevant lol, the real issue lies in whether or not I have the time and can justify spending the money :x if it works out though, and is sometime after APEX, I'm definitely interested.
    Stuff about how the tier list is made
    Good stuff. You're a pro at writing walls of text that are worth reading :p
    Whats the best way for me to get replay files to you? gonna try my best to get them to you ASAP.
    Watched you vs Darc:
    You need to stutterstep your fsmash punishes. You kept missing tippers since you weren't stutterstepping properly

    If you PS, dsmash to punish at high %s, especially when your DS is staled. You forfeited a kill/positioning a few times.

    He jumped so much- ftilt and jab a lot more.

    Getting back on stage w/ nair you always go forward. As soon as you notice shield, you need to fall back to the ledge and start over. You got punished so many times,

    You jump into his jumps so you get hit a lot for that.

    A message from the TO? I am honored!

    The event was amazing. I really love the venue itself, even thought the mall itself is really empty and kinda creepy. Everything was run really smoothly in my opinion. I'd definitely come out to another one if you host there again and I have the time/money for it.
    I know why I feel like its hopeless and I can't do anything about it. No matter how many times I try the same issue arises. I am not a prodigy. Therefore, I do not have the talent to make maximum use of the limited resources in my environment. I don't live in Ann Arbor so the offline players in my area are all worse than I am. The ones who aren't don't even play much anymore or at all. So its pointless.
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