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Black Mantis
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  • Actually, I may not go. I don't know who else from GA/AL planned to go, but it would most likely be me. I see that most of the competition is going to the Raleigh event, and that's sadly too far to go too. I wanted to play NC too :/ but unless I find a cheap way to get there, then I'll let it go. What's the expected attendance for Rock'em'sockem anyway? How many went last time?
    I definitely would have considered but there's a convention here the weekend after and I have to save up
    I don't play anymore and moved to texas but ill pass the word along for ya if I see you haven't already.
    We just stopped using it for the most part. Now, the PR list is just in the OP of the LA thread.

    I don't think there are still enough dedicated brawlers to make the trip to NC. Like I said, I'd ask in the LA thread, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
    I'm not sure. You'd be better off asking in the Louisiana thread. I know for sure that I would not be able to make it.
    You'll be out of walking distance of me then, lmao. Still, we should play whenever you get settled.
    Thanks, but I won't be going OoS any time soon. If you are looking for GA interest, then I'm really not the best place to look to. Hope to be there next year though.
    I don't know. I'm not the best spokesmen for GA though. I'm not setting up the car, in the car, or even going any more (sorry I had to cancel. I really wanted to come.) Player-1 would be a better person to ask.
    Let's do it! Who do you play if i may ask. There's no.. information available on that subject haha.
    There's no way. Wayyyy too short notice. If you want MI to attend NC events you gotta give me the proper heads up to rally people or have your TOs advertise earlier lol. Were used to one month in advance minimum.
    Hmm...small chance i'll be there tbh with you.
    Besides, i don't live in IL anymore, but i do come back around september or august.
    I'll let you know around june or early july.

    Of course it's the one weekend I wouldn't be free, haha.
    Charleston does an annual 10K run across the Cooper River Bridge, and I have like 6 guys coming down and staying at my place for that that day. And I'm free every other weekend in April... next year I'm gonna be back up in Greenville, SC and hope to get to some NC tourneys pretty soon.
    Uhhhh, MK wasn't that bad. But he was really dominant. Yeah.. he didn't need to be banned. Coming from someone who's been in MULTIPLE metagames.. he didn't. He's no ST Akuma, he's no SCIV Hilde, he's no JJBA Petshop, he's more on par with SF4 Sagat, who is dominant, but beatable. Yeah, you're gonna see a lot of MK, but as long as he isn't ****** the **** out of the cast with 8-2 mus everywhere I see no reason to ban him.
    btw, I only went MK because I was feeling sick and my Lucas was sooo off. I ended up leaving early. I sorta want to MM at the next event so you'll actually get to play my Lucas when I'm not phased out. (I had felt like someone drugged me :urg:)
    I'm not sure as of yet. I don't have a confirmed teammate but I have a few maybes pending they make APEX or not.
    I'd love to go to Raleigh with you. We should have a Smashfest at Sneak's beforehand too.

    Ehhhh, too poor for Apex, atm.
    It's definitely possible if I go and if you can give me some gas money. I've got to figure things out first.
    It is possible, but we won't be able to enter anything, I think. We can't leave until around 4-ish :/

    Is that worth it?
    What if I meet you somewhere in Greensboro? Like, maybe at your place or a Wendy's or something.
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