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  • Hello, I've been lurking the Roy boards and saw you posted a lot of good Roy info awhile back. Idk if you still play him but it'd be cool to get some discussion going, I really want to improve with the character and it's sad that the boards are dead : (
    I don't really play roy anymore but I can talk about stuff I suppose lol.
    "didn't have for that long?"

    Dude, ever since i saw in the pony thread which was like, February or early March, you've had that avi.
    ohhhhhhhh. That's cool, i guess :P Southern Accents are the bomb.
    I find it funny that i live in Arkansas yet i have no southern accent whatsoever XD
    This will probably make me look like a total noob, but what does DWAM mean?
    It's an insane social phenomenon. Of course I'll check it out once in a while to see what happens lol.

    Watch closely though. ;)
    Thanks :3
    if that post was directed at me.
    are you going to duke this weekend? I want some Ganon vs Roy action!

    Preciate it man. =)

    And yeah, just bug Moophobia to come over and play you. He's more than willing to learn, so I think at the very least you two could practice well together.

    I hope your money thing works out man.
    Kay, I'll get on that. should have it sometime tomorrow.

    P.S. hopefully the money situation will change soon. nothing so far though.
    I see you're already viewing the group. Awesome. If you could discuss DI, that would be great. =)

    Also, have you talked to Moophobia about playing? I don't think you guys live far apart and the experience would do both of you good.

    Also also, how is your money/work situation coming along? Basically, will I see you soon? <3
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