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  • dear god riot. you are the sole reason i want to drop any character and pick up zelda. its so goooooooooooood
    Yo it's GHJUJUBEES on smashmods who Buuman asked you to Playtest for.

    lemme get your aim or skype or msn or something
    I had it shut down because im working on somthing else tht has to do with LT. All i can say for now is like please make a thread in the zelda boards where you record ALL results for zelda. regular singles/teams/low tier....ect. i WILL use it.
    Hey riot, hit me up on AIM sometime I wanna chat. Tom raves about your zelad and teh vids i've watched of you recently... lets just say I'm in awe.
    I'll try, thanks... It's not an easy thing for me to deal with. But I gotta, with work and all... Phooey...
    Hey it's me again lol... I'm practising this nayru's thing again, I just wanna know if it's actually legit in improving DI. Like is it better than FF bair --> Jump? Because sometimes I get inconsistent results with this, but it has seeeeeriously helped other times. So yeah, once mastered, is it legit?
    dude I just wanna ask... does this nayru's momentum cancel make a big difference in her DI than standard?
    Dude... this will seem really random... but that no lag lightning kick seeeriously got me excited. I'm going to nag some of the researchers to see if they can come up with an explanation cos I doubt any of the regular posters except maybe kaylo have the capacity to fully test and examine this.

    I saw this vid. Riot you disappointed me >_< Don't roll into Rob anymore. You rolled into him twice, and the last time you got punished hard. You could have tried for a Din's punish or aerial after the lag. & then you glide-tossed twice into Rob to Dash attack, which got you shield-grabbed. You could have tried for a grab or spaced smash. Then then your 1st stock kill, if you would have jumped then up-b, you would have made it >_>. Still a decent game though.
    lol, I was kidding more or less. Diddy, imo, really isn't bad on teams. His saving skills and such are good. But Peach has alot of similiar qualities. And overall his ability to float and capitalize on how alot of Zelda's moves knock people into the air is great.

    Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. :p
    sup man, how have the MA tournies been? how are you losing? are you Zelda only? if so, YOU NEED TO PICK UP SHEIK. Lol im serious, you will not believe how easier your matches will be w/ Zelda/Sheik together. Sheik can do extremely well vs Snake/MK...maybe not extraordinary, but she helps out a lot! Don't think of it as leaving zelda, but making it easier 4 her to win. Ive only played sheik 4 2 months & all I need 2 figure is when 2 switch & Dacus. Also search Armada's Sheik up, you will be impressed!
    Heya! Do you know you have that tournament placers thread you made awhile back?? I think I need to lock it because the stickied community centre thread does exactly that, and plus because there's no actual placements in it >.< Don't hate me lmao! xD
    ****, I was hoping to save on gas that way. No biggie though. I'll figure out when i can come down though.

    Also, "good friends" ouch, sir. Ouch. :'(
    how did you 3 stock again? like was the falco hanging on the ledge? or was he recovering? I agree w/ Ledgewarp being Flashy, its something that will come in useful on the ledge if I can get better @ it.
    I hope we don't. but even if we do I still think I'd benefit a lot from playing you.
    I added your Brawl code to my Wii, we should play online sometime.

    Mine is 4468-6263-4927.
    I was going to ask you if I can somehow get a ride with you (in case Deoxys doesn't come, asking for back-ups never hurt right?) but since it looks like as though your car is going to be phat as hell I guess there's no point DX
    I know your car is gunna be really full. But make sure to bring anything you can. If it's just a wii or two that's fine, I know the TV last time was a real pain in the ***, but I wanna prove that this BS about brawlers not providing set ups is just that.

    (I'm gunna have like 5 TVs and only two Wii's with me. And with your car as full as it is, I understand if you can't do TV's but make sure to grab as many Wii's as your Zelda can lightning kick on over sir.)
    Well Dazwa can't come, and I doubt my mom will let you guys sleep over. TT__TT grrr!

    But yeah, I'll text you.
    If you or Ace want to come over tonight and play doubles with Nuro, Cog, me, and maybe Dazwa, that would be sweet.
    - Chain Jacket
    Quote:Originally Posted by stealthsushi
    By performing the Chain Jacket, you can infuse the knockback of ANY Sheik move into the chain hits. So if you do a D-Smash Chain Jacket, each time the Chain hits the enemy, they'll struck with the knockback and damage of a D-Smash. Insane isn't it?

    ** How to perform the Chain Jacket: **

    1. Perform the move you would like to Jacket onto the Chain. It does NOT need to hit someone.
    2. Perform a short hop and deploy the Chain JUST after you reach the apex of the hop. This does NOT have to be done immediately after Step 1.
    3. If done correctly, you should see the Chain deploy "dust" come out about or slightly below Sheik's shoulders. It is also accompanied by a lower pitched Chain deploy sound.
    4. Your Chain is now jacketed until you retract it.

    IDK if you knew this already.
    You hate being talked to by people?

    What do you prefer being talked to by?

    Heh, it's all good. I'm just insanely bored today. More snow and stupid driveway means being stuck home unless I wanna go out all night. In **** weather. With jury duty tommorow.
    Oh I forgot, any chance I could get like $5 for gas?

    Also, I told Deoxys I could bring him if he could get to your house. I'm assuming he mentioned this to you?
    If I remember right it was about an hour and half away. And with the fact that people will be driving stupid 2 hours sounds good actually.


    God I have to leave really early... ::cries::

    Doubles doesn't start till 12 though, so there's a windor of time... or at least I think there are sign ups for an hour, not sure.
    If I were free to go to the Maine tournament, would there be room for me to carpool with you guys?
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