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da K.I.D.
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  • I think I knew you from somewhere... Does the Initials T2A sound familiar to you?

    I might be confussing you with another guy with the name DaKid.
    Alls good man. I don't have an account on SRK (yet) but when I make it I'll let ya know.
    I gotcha. Well, finally got a job interview comin' up here next week, so that's a plus. Still rough to find anythin', so not gonna screw this up. Also I think I found the Roc page on the SRK forums and what not, which reminded me to stop by here.
    Ah, I gotcha dude and understand how it goes. I still got the same number, although sure you could use it again, or just toss me yours later on. Also have some good news since last chat anyways.
    da K.I.D.
    da K.I.D.
    Usually i go by KIDGoggles. Do u know that name
    Holy smack dude, haven't heard from ya in like a year. You need to hit me up sometime dude, gotta catch up!
    So, just a random thought that I suppose I should've asked a while back. It just happened to strike me again recently in reading your latest posts. You're a really knowledgeable guy IMO and one that can contribute to the community heaps so... I guess i'm just talking about what i've thought of you for a while now. Keep posting! :)
    Heya KID, I was reading your posts in the TL thread (which I agree with a lot) and I was wondering, have you applied for the BBR yet? If not, is there any big reason? I mean I seem to recall your name coming up in certain places for certain things and in retrospect thinking 'what is there stopping this guy from going onward?'
    Hey K.I.D., I'm curious: what do you dislike about Melee in a nutshell?
    That's fair. Personally, I'm a lazy ***, but I'm VERY good at yelling at people (both at the tourney and in preparation) and getting people to attend.
    At a point, over saturation is definitely bad. Say I host a tournament on the southern end of a state and you host one near the middle on the north side of the state across my border. You and I can work together on scheduling and supporting each others tournament series, or I can work with the other six TOs in my own state, which leads to me hosting tournaments uncomfortably close to yours in date and location, even if I'm not trying to steal your thunder. It ends up hurting us both. I don't get much OoS representation at my event because I'm competing with you, but I also end up the smallest of my own state's tournament because I'm on the southern edge of the state, so I can't ever get enough of a draw to reach into your state and make them want to come. Meanwhile, my state has 7 ****ing TOs and a tournament at least once a month. You have a really hard time pulling attendance from my state because, since we're doing it right, we incentivise our players, low through top level, to support our scene.

    Oversaturation leads to problems and stubborn people don't make sacrifices. A LOT of people host tournaments because they're stubborn enough to do it. They make a comment or see something they want to accomplish and they host their own tournament to make sure it's "done right." Those people don't stop hosting tournaments.

    The trick is to space tournaments out so that there is something that your region can go to every month. That gets trickier and trickier as you expand (see half of Alabama into all of Alabama into AL/GA). You can't do that when a TO stubbornly hosts monthlies, even if he schedules around your tournament season, because he significantly lowers the pool of traveling players from his immediate area and outward due to the fact that they have an alternative now. This causes your other events to be smaller and have less allure when trying to sweet talk other new areas into coming to your events.

    But that's a tangent.

    I'm divided on getting a stickied topic in Metagame and Rule Set or something similar. Even if you coat it in warnings that new players should not be attempting to start tournament series, you'll get one month into the scene Random Ike Guy trying to host tournaments and spending his money on a venue (which is something that I would advise) without the ability to get it back (something I would also cover) because he thought he had a gauge on the community and he did not.

    That and that I am extremely opinionated and a lot of the reason I go out of my way to make sure tournaments that have my name attached to them are amazing is to push my message. I am pro-ban and it shows. I am pro a lot of things that are not popular and it shows. However, in such a format, that advice could easily lead to division instead of unification because two people from the same region both read it and both try to apply it and they are in bitter disagreement on the way that the tournaments should be run.

    Excuse me if I rambled a bit. I didn't reread this.

    I'm selling something, for sure.

    However, a blog seems to be what you're aiming at and I feel that it would work. I wouldn't want a stickeyed TO Guide or some such because there are a lot of people who have no business TOing. The last thing you need is a flood of tournaments.

    But you're right in that I type up the same set of advice far too many times and should create a resource for it.
    A thread like that is only going to read even more like an advertising ploy than the first post I made in the tier list thread on the subject.

    Maybe I will, but not at the moment.
    Just realized I hadn't friended you. You're pretty cool. I generally agree with you on things unless it's MU specific discussion and your posts are never eye-stabbingly bad
    We don't need 5 panelists, but it's honestly more profitable to have someone who might chime in once in a while over no one at all for that last spot. :applejack:
    Yeah. Kuraudo kinda fell off after the Marth discussion, and Speed only really contributed to one or two discussions.

    Well, I'll slap him on and see where we go from there. Like I said, it can't be any worse. :applejack:
    True, but aside from keeping the consistency and integrity of the panel going, I doubt he'd honestly do any worse than Kuraudo or Speed from the last panel. :applejack:
    You good for Excel and Meek then? I'm fine with it myself.
    I'm good with True Blue too. I'll PM them today to see what they wanna do. :applejack:
    By the way, according to Prime, we may actually have a guaranteed GR > regrab on Lucas. I tried it out and it seemed to work, but I can't say I'm 100% sure of it yet. :applejack:
    I personally prefer MK to be banned, but if he isn't for the tourney, I'm not gonna rage about it. XD
    Dont respond to Slashy. He'll drag you down to his level of stupidity and beat you with experience. ._.

    Just edit your post or ignore the guy. :/
    That's what's up. Unfortunately, I'll be working a lot during the time you're here. I might have some time to hang around for a little. Just let me know what's going down.
    oh cool i'll definitely let them know and i'll see what i can do about getting up there around that time.
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