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#HBC | Ryker
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  • Man Shadowbringers looks great. I can't wait to get to it; right now I'm still at the slooooow beginning stuff.
    Ryker babe, how big do you think the monthly will be this month for smash wii U, trying to talk myself into going but I gotta make sure I save the wear and tear on the car for a decent sized event
    Do you have a teammate for the 13th?
    If not, we should totally team bro.
    I think we could win.
    Orbo's wave of vm'ing people for lack of better **** to do on new years~

    Play more games ha ha. You're actually a lot of fun to play with, to the point i considered not killing you in FE:A because of it. I'd totally hydra with you in the future if you needed an activity booster, simply to get to see how you work.
    The Part 2~
    Even if i don't agree with how you go about things, I respect how you stick to your beliefs no matter how unpopular they may be
    Hey, I'm going around touching base with everyone in Pen and Sword, making sure that we're all still participating. I saw that you were attempting to post, so I assume you're still in.

    Slightly related, but have you heard from Tom at all recently?
    Super curious how everything is going with you. I wish you all the best with you giving up on mafia games to get more serious with real life and that I hope to god you get your share of whatever pie you're looking at. And I'm sorry that it took me 9 ****ing days to finally engage in a serious conversation on this topic.
    When i said working together and synergizing to have a tournament, i didnt necessarily mean 4 dudes running 4 tournaments.

    If you can work together, you have have that guy in the north part of the state, suspend his series for a month, and take allllllll of his people to your event down state, and even though you may be the Event Organizer, you let that guy be the Tournament Organizer for a particular event, since if he runs monthlies, you know he knows how to get through a bracket.

    Thats the kind of cooperation i mean.
    Im a great TO, but im too lazy to go around looking for a venue, and setting up, and making arrangements with people like that. So the FGC TO that holds tournaments a city over, he does all that, and then I tell him to run smash and he puts me in charge of it. He doesnt have to stress himself over holding a tournament for a game he doesnt know, and he gets a higher attendance. I dont have to do all of the stuff that would be required of an EO, but I get to have a smash tournament, and I run it well because im good at that. Everyone wins.
    you say theres a lot of people that shouldnt be TOing, but if they followed your advice, wouldnt that make them better and more worthy TOs?

    besides, more TOs is never a bad thing, unless they dont want to work together or something. if you got 4 dudes that all want to run a tournament, it serves to reason that if they collabed, they would be able to all benefits from each others strengths and cover each others weaknesses.
    Advertising what? Better networking skills?

    You arent selling anything to my knowledge, so whats to advertise.

    you just want to have it available just so when you come across topics in other threads like what just happened, you can be like, 'well I actually go over how to do ______ in the thread I made about becoming a TO and building your scene (insert link)'
    I respect the fact that you are actually trying to teach people how to be better TOs and foster their communities.

    You should make it into a big thread so that way you only have to type it out once, and then you can refer to it whenever someone brings it up.
    Sounds about right. My job keeps me from seeking entertainment though, so I always come in at the end of everything, leaving me in a state of perpetual, forum-induced ennui.

    I sincerely hope you weren't agreeing with noirscythe that I'm actually a "shortbus" when quoting his remark.
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