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  • hey man i saw you post about playing smash in Fussa back in 2014. do you guys still play? i just moved to Japan (Itabashi) and it would be cool to play. i mainly played pm but at this point ill play any smash
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    Hey dude, just saw your post. Yeah, we play pretty much every week on Saturday of Sunday. Mostly melee and sort of a tie between smash 4 and PM. If you wanna see about playing this weekend, PM me and I'll give you more info and we can set something up
    Hey man, I live in Takasaki city, Gunma prefecture. It's about 1.5-2 hours away from Yokota by train. I only play melee and I'm looking to fest, mainly on a weekend. When do you guys play usually?
    Weekly, like every weekend. Unfortunately only about 2 of us are dedicated that play every week. Maybe 3 to 4 more play from time to time
    You guys play melee, mainly? Do you use LINE? Maybe can figure out a good day to fest on there...I rarely check smashboards...
    Nah, me and devin haven't played in a year or more and I'm not sure about anyone else. I haven't really been active. :(
    Ah, gotcha. Well I hope all is well with you guys though! I miss the GE crew, lol
    Gonna be tricky to tell you what to do since I don't exactly know what step you're on. I'll give you the links on what to download and when you're free, we'll get your brawl sorted out.

    hahahaha. yeah a few times i took off a stock, may have taken two off in the last game even. i'll get em next time :p
    the only one i got to play was hax and he whooped me as you might expect. i really love how he plays though. didn't even talk to any other big falcons aside from gucci; i followed him around a lot and watched him play his matches etc but never got to play him. he 2-0'd westballz in pools dude :DDD
    Hey man I am RomeDogg I am a 24 year old smasher from Redfield, South Dakota I play all Smash games except vBrawl but I sent you an invite to a South Dakota Smash group I made a few years back here on SmashBoards. I am sure if you enjoy Brawl there will be brawl players there too hopefully. Also please invite as many South Dakota Smashers as you can or inform them about it. Its seems Like an Easier way for us SD smashers to keep in touch rather than chasing threads around. Thank you.
    Never did I once say I was. I have been JMan8891 since I was in middle school bro. And im turning 24 next Saturday. I use " T ITS" as my Melee tag out of respect for jesus tho
    whats good bro, gimme dat facebook one more time.

    also, post it on my wall so ill actually be able to see it
    Im glad you cared enough to give your honest opinion.

    No hard feelings, guy, if it aint for you, it aint for you. Thanks for taking a look at it anyway. I do wish you good luck on the air force path, it looks like you got a solid plan set in place so far.

    One thing that I will say is that if the business isnt for you, if you ever have the oppurtunity to help a friend out, and try my services, keep me in mind. Id appreciate it tremendously. I market video phones that can be used for people in the armed forces to see their families, I also do cell phones, internet, satellite tv, and home security systems.

    So if you ever need any of that, do me a favor and let me hook you up

    ^^my website, go there.

    On the top of the screen click on the tab that says "Make $"

    scroll all the way down, there should be a bunch of blue bubbles, click the one that says " 6 minute business overview" and stream that.

    If that sounds like something that you want some more info on or it sounds interesting, on that same page there should be an option to stream the full business presentation, you can go ahead and watch that.

    No matter what you decide, send me a message back, I honestly want to know your thoughts on this.
    dude, how old are you. you said you have a lot of debt and no job, and i think I might be able to help you out with that. hit me when you get this
    yo. bro. i hear you live in South carolina. my family is actually taking a trip to myrtle beach we should b getting there at like around monday next week and leaving the next week on friday. so I will be in SC the weekend of the 5th.

    I know its a long shot but if there are any tourneys or fests that I could get a ride too (i have 0 idea where myrtle beach is in relation to where you live.) let me know.
    yo, im trying to help out the smash scene in SC and it would be nice for you to join our myspace group. we feel myspace is the best way to reach the largest amount of people :D plz join to help us out:

    sup, i see you live in SC!
    me and my friends are trying to start up a smash scene here and wed like to try to get all the help we can. if you interested plz join our myspace group:

    yo wats up man...if you play smash 64 im tryin to get a tournament together in Fort Mill...if interested just get back to me
    yo wats up man...if u play smash 64, im tryin to get a tournament together either in Fort Mill or sum where in South Charlotte...get back to me if interested
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