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  • Hi Scatt! You did AMAZING at TO 11! Your Mega Man is beast! Anyways, I had never heard of you until I had seen you on here, and I didn't know that you were such a great player! YOU BEAT MVD. LIKE. BRUH. Well, I just wanted to congratulate you on getting 4th place. Keep it up, man! ;)
    Haha, you got the wrong person. I'm Scatz, a Yoshi player. Scatt doesn't talk on here from what I know, but I'll relay that information to him. :)
    Oh my gosh, LOL bro. (facepalm) That's funny. I just thought that since you were in GA and helping run TO 11 that you were Scatt who was also helping run it. Wow. I feel so stupid! :D
    In Tipped Off 11, I want to sign up for Smash 4 pools. But it does not say it on the list for sign ups. What do I do?
    Can you please post this on the main thread of facebook group? I'm not in charge of the smash.gg page, but can refer you to the ones that are.
    Nobody is replying to the thread about it. What do I do now?
    Thank You. Nail on the head on multiple accounts.
    No problem. I didn't want you going around in circles with people who didn't understand both sides of the table. Most people wouldn't have gotten past the fact that Project M is supposed to be based on Melee. It sucks when it comes to that.
    Yeah, I picked up on that right away. Pretty much the main reasons I switched terminology from nerf to reversion. "It was reverted or 'restored' back to Melee with some perks" yeah I get it, lol.
    Yo bigman.
    That trick with the gloves to DR is pretty neat. Should've told me earlier. ;o (I still can't DR consistently, but the gloves are a big help for sliding your thumb)
    Probably about 2 weeks.

    the first week is going to be mainly business, but the second ill be visiting with my sister in Marietta. pretty much completely free everyday.

    If you ever do a tournament in EU (or I make it to NA) we gotta do friendlies, sometime.
    Yeah. From 2/25 (that was the date) there should be some doubles of me/4god vs kismet/reflex. It would also be nice if there were some Pika vs Falco matches (One on Castle Siege specifically) which would be me vs kismet, and then also me vs reflex (PT 3-0) and 4god (Pika/ICs vs D3 3-1). Could you check?
    So....random I know, but was your wii the one that the last few matches were played on at Bulldog Brawl?
    Develon was my favorite from Bash.

    Hippatte! Puzzle Bobble used some nice sprites. I used the Develon one from there for an image not too long ago.

    Once 3DS games can be opened, I'll be grabbing the sprites from the game. :)

    Bust a Move Bash had a nice change in sprites..
    I'm really interested in the game, since it seems to be using high quality models for Bub. Only games where he's had 3D have been Super Puzzle Bobble, and Bubble Bobble Plus.

    I love the old-style sprites from the arcade games (PB 2 & 4). :bubblebobble:.
    Some of the newer games don't look as good (Bubble Bobble Double Shot).
    You consistently have the best avatars. :bee:

    Was this current one cropped out of game art again?
    Aww man Scatz, yeah I read what you wrote on the Bulldog page. That must be hard my man, I'll be praying for you. Whatever else you want me to pray for, send me a pm.
    I finally got around to critiquing your Bowser matches--sorry for the long delay! Your Bowser has gotten a lot better. :)
    Scattypoo, I played Truth at my house last week and saved a bunch of pika ditto replays if you wanna watch them (and possibly record them <3). I actually think you'll enjoy them because of my combo game... lol
    I like it due to the fact the edges aren't grainy, I"ll fix mine in the future. Still saves pic since I like the darker coloring.
    Uh, might I ask one question: What's Stage Loader? Can't tell if I need it or not. I use Gecko OS.
    Hey Scatz, you know where I could find your downloadable hacks pack? I'd really appreciate being able to use it.
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