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  • i wish it would give me the option to reply to your reply on your own profile, dunno why i have to post a new one S: anyways, wow that is such a long time, well he did sort of disappeared from the smash scene, as he got into playing marvel vs capcom, but as the game grew more broken, hes trying his best to keep that alive and or get back into smash, but hes also into other things as well, so how you been? XD
    I've been fine, do you still use that old xat chat?
    derp im such a fool, i didnt notice i can just click "Comment" why u no tell me? heheh and no not really, but i could since there great for doing online matches, and still chat with a person with minimum wifi disturbance, good to hear your fine though :3
    Well just link me to whatever you use for communicating with other people and I'll be sure to just drop by sometime
    You seen pidgey? i seen so many people from Rels forums who then continued trough AIB, but many of those guys have changed their name by now, i have no clue where i might find them now hehe, well except for Scatz, but thanks for leaving a comment, i can guess you saw the videos i uploaded of Pidgey and i fighting?
    I haven't seen him since the Chatango days. I honestly thought he just disappeared
    yeah, I realize it was too early, the problem is whenever I wait longer, he almost always gets another spotdodge off before I can grab him. It feels like he has fewer vulnerability frames than most characters to me. I'll just have to work on the timing though I guess.
    lmao at the personal profile picture XD but yea your avi is what I meant in the first place haha, thank you!
    whats that display picture of (prods you out of nowhere even though I don't know you that well D: )
    ROFL. I was like "Notification? Unread Visitor Message?!"

    I don't really get much time to play as much. I think Smash gives me a headache, ahaha.

    I'll try to make it to TAG though. <3 <3 <3
    oh right

    I never knew you cared *sniff* Lol I'll change it back soon - I've just been playing Sonic CD recently (still can't get the darn sound to work properly) and Super Peel Out is easily my favourite move ever so I was like 'I will make the change'
    Besides my avi isn't that radically different, this is just a 16 bit version :p
    But don't worry I'll change it back soon I promise, I'm missing it already :p
    Same here. It was pretty convenient that I was actually eating popcorn as I started to read all of that.
    You do know there are little tabs right above this saying "about me" "Statistics" "Friends" and "Contact Info" right? My info is under contact info
    I'm normally on if I'm on my desktop, but my laptop isn't configured to load it up on startup (I keep forgetting).
    Actually (in all seriousness), I have heard a theory that everyone is supposedly bisexual or something like that and then you can either swing one way and you make a choice based on your preference...I believe my friend told me there was some sort of scale, she didn't say what it was called though. I suppose it depends what is defined as 'gay' or 'curious' although I'm pretty certain I'm not gay

    That's what she explained to me anyway - I honestly don't really care for such things xD

    As for time zones, Pacific Time (is that PST?) is...let's see...
    That's like 8 hours difference, so it's probably coming up to 4pm where you are
    Whereas its coming up to midnight here

    HOWEVER - I have finished exams and have a load of weeks off so I could take part if it wasn't massively late :p
    Don't make allowances just for me if it 'jeopardizes' the game

    Nordal wrote at 10:24 AM on Jun 14, 2011 :
    "Hard-on" is only one of the many synonyms that mean an erect penis.
    If you want to critique someone, you should critique someone who's actually asking for a critique. Fitty posted some matches a few days ago and is waiting for someone to critique them. It'd be nice if you could critique those for him. :(
    I agree wholeheartedly that the thread's activity tonight has met my daily recommended value for :yeahboi: procedures. However I do not think it is quite over yet.
    45 left on my side, then I start yours. I can most likely get those 45 done tonight. XD
    Just a glance at the cut up pics that you'll have too. I've done 20 of my pics so far.

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