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Eddie G
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  • Hey I just joined the forum looking for other melee players. I'm in the Cleveland area but in the Canton area during the school year. Let me know if there are others willing to train and go to events with. Thanks!
    Hey, I live in the Cleveland area and am looking for some people to play melee with. Please let me know if there are any events/friendlies I can attend!
    Hey I'm looking to join the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio smash scene since I live in the area. I'm a smash 4 player. Do you have any info for me?
    Yo king beef me and you are in honorable mentions in pr. I heard that you wana money match me if so my skype is Xane.rhoden hit me up their and we will see when
    hey, I'm coming back to the states around August 14 and will be moving to Cleveland August 17. Are you still in the area then? I'm looking forward to training!
    Yo, I got a house tourney on this Saturday. Nothing big obviously, but I thought I'd invite you up for it. It'd be a good time to play extensively with several MI regulars since it will be all pools and lots of free time.
    Hey man, I have to postpone Hope5 due to emergency cirumstances. Please spread the word to ohio people you know are going. Carroll's hostin an improve melee tourney-see the thread for details.
    My carpool is full. Its me Col Berserker and Fishy. I don't the status of other carpools out of pittsburgh.

    Sparta Kick is coming now and we're teaming so Mav will be open for teams. I'm letting Mav know your situation as well so this is your chance to do doubles with a legit partner. Hop on that!
    Wow that's pretty gay since there's only a little more than a week left.

    And yeah I agreed to team with M@v for this one since my normal candidates were al claimed lol
    i got my code from Colaya: He got in and they gave him a couple extra codes for friends. His brother, Berserker Swordsman, and I used those three codes. I don't know where other codes are. I can ask him if he knows where more are when I see him.
    LOL, I was trolling bro. If were asked to join that's a different story but since I'm not an OH resident I wouldn't ask lol. I just wanted to troll Roller.
    If I go, then I'd definitely be down to team. I usually go mk/pika/falco in teams though.

    But tbh, not looking good for me showing up what with me being in NJ for the summer. I will be trying to make it out, but no guarantees. =/ I'd look for another partner, and use me as a fallback plan if I were you.
    Sorry, some people in MI are being so stubborn and such. I hate seeing this kind of thing go on in my own thread. You're easily one of the most level headed and fair Smashers I've ever met. Don't let any of that talk bother you.

    this is why i hate forum matchup discussion
    small little detailed talk like in that thread
    Psshhh all easy, the appropriate folder structures for hacks should be listed in the OP. Ofc you can reuse all your hacks. You just have to move the folders around so that they're at the needed locations. Simple cut and paste>renaming of the folders. it's easy to use codemanager to make a new codeset without the FPC. If you're not sure how to make I could always whip one up for ya.

    Riivolution would be much easier for you if your wii can still read the game's DVD(My wii's DVD drive is worn out and can't read standard DVDs). Honestly it's only slightly more advanced than Gecko. You'll be capable of replacing any file on the DVD(which would include the sound effects file). The link I gave has guides to setting things up in the OP(go to the section on Hozu's Riivolution Loader). If you have questions or a problem while setting up you can always let me know.

    My method is a bit more complicated I would need some info like if you have at least an 8gb external drive for storing the ISO. Then there's determining the method of preparing your wii for USB loading by seeing which system menu you have. The whole process kinda takes a good deal of time. I would ofc be willing to help if you have the time and resources for it. I just think Riivolution would eliminate the need for that(Unless you want to USB load for the convenience of not needing the DVD.)

    lol man we can talk about all this at the hotel...but I mean my only bad matchup is prolly double MK in teams...and thats not even bad...I don't really have counterpicks either...lol I like anything but Brinstar
    oh uhh...Kirby...I have Falco also buuut he's not really the team char and I have a pit too but I'm sure if you get me grabs i will get kills. thats pretty much a core to my team play Grab -> free hit
    Hey KB, any chance if you can take me and Blue to SiiS6 if you have any room? I'll get Blue if you don't want to get him. There are possibilities for another ride but status is unknown at the moment.
    I think it's best if we post outside of the social for approximately the next week
    I can no longer go to /HOPE3. I never cancel last minute but a tragedy of sorts blew up this afternoon and I have to fix it. Seagull is still looking for a partner so I'd hop on that. Sorry bro.
    I actually am undecided at this point because apparently Md/Va is going to King's dominion this weekend. IDK what I'm doing loool. I'll let you know later this week.

    If I do decide to come, I'll prob team with you unless I get like June to randomly come with me and team with me,
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