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Eddie G
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  • What about blue rogue? I know he wants to come. Does he have a teammate yet?
    I would say one of the guys in my crew but he doesn't do teams. NEOH(Shugo/blue rogue/etc.) should be making it. Michigan is coming for sure(Lain/tech chase/etc.)

    I have no clue how the team situations are with all of them.
    Not sure. I don't even know if he can make it 100%. He's trying to finalize a ride.
    Yo, KB dunno if you are looking for a partner for /HOPE3 but if you are I am kind of looking myself. My track record is pretty good. Last 4 out of 5 tournaments, my team took top 3 lol. 3rd > 2nd > 1st (w/Judge) > 2nd. Beaten L@in's team before as well with non top level teammates so that should give you a solid idea of what I can. Plus you use two characters I get along with REALLY well in dubs. My D3 looks like Coney out there ;) lol seriously though if you're interested holla at me. In it to win it baby.
    lol alright, I have work till 4, but we'll see what we can do.

    Can you Private Message me your cell number? I lost it.
    awww I just got off from playing with Nordal for like 4 hours, lol.

    We can play tomorrow or Monday!
    I know me,orion,gheb,crifer are confirmed. Leon will probably come along as well not sure bout the other yet
    man you already know what i'mma ask about lol...could you at least send the replays to someone if not :<
    hey KB, I was wondering if you have a teammate for hobo 32 mid tier doubles, if I end up going I would love to team with you.
    YOOO whaddup starkiller kb its ya boy shadow1jp first off lemme just say i d **** the hell out dat ***** own there any ****in day

    anyways onto more important stuff hobo 32 is close bro its really comin up

    you said wanna team are you mk or peach remember in dubz we got 3 stocks each we cun quivo and beef or santi and dojo i just wanna wini ya no no?

    anyways thats all i had to say enjoy the shoutout and have a wonderful ay abd before i get heres a something to help you remember

    Hello there Cosmic particle slaying sovereign of red cow meat, would you be interested in a Bo5 $3 MM at SKG? I don't care who you use, but itd be cool to do a double blind game one though.

    Let me know if you're interested.
    he's extremely serious when it comes to organizing tournaments / playing smash and keeping things in line. When he's watching matches or hanging out with friends he is the definition of "life of the party". He is a great guy and both him and I share similar views on alot of things.
    Haha.. he may LOOK like Xyro, but I bet he doesn't act like Xyro. Nobody in the world has Xyro's personality lol.
    You will love Texas. The place.. isn't that great - but I love our smash scene. Everyone is super friendly and hilarious. I'm pretty sure tons of people will offer housing for you too - I would... but I'm pretty sure my parents don't want people in my house for a prolonged period of time lololo
    hoooooooooooly ****

    It will be worth it! Is this your first time out of state? omg I can't wait - I love when Peach mains come to tournaments I'm at.
    Are you seriously considering coming to HOBO 32?

    If you are - we have to team. (if you wan't to)
    "The game should be played AS IT WAS INTEND TO IN EVERY WAY SHAPE OR FORM"
    If we were truly meant to play the game AS SAKURAI INTENDED (according to you), we wouldn't even be playing this game competitively at all."

    Yup, we all should because obviously adding 3 stocks and 8 mins to the game causes lots of problems. Look at MK planking, and running the timer.

    "What it all comes down to in this kind of situation is usually the purists vs the progressives. This doesn't necessarily just apply to this kind of topic with hacks. It has also occurred between the Melee purists and the Brawl progressives back in 2008 (still a little salt thrown around, but nothing like back then). I used to be a hardcore Melee purist, I hated the direction Brawl was taking. What did I do? I tried Brawl, I learned it. Ohio's Melee scene went down the crapper in late 07 so I didn't really have a choice if I wanted to still keep playing competitive Smash, it was Brawl or bust. In 09 I learned to appreciate Brawl a little more, got pretty good at it, got ranked, all that jazz. Then...it got stale, really stale."

    KB this is what happened to me. It got stale. I got tried of people trying to gay me over by running the timer, i got tried of the same old stuff that comes with playing this game the way the brawl backroom wants us too. Part of my issue is the community, their choice in keeping meta knight in, rule sets and the other part well..

    The other part is Brawl is just...not competitive. This community is trying to play this game competitively and its failing thats because they're not playing it the way it should be played as. Casually. Theres too many loop holes with community rules, the more complex they keep making the competitive system the harder it is to play brawl on a competitive level.

    I do not believe a hack is the answer. I can feel your feelings in your post that you want to play the game on a fast, combo fun level like in your melee days. I know how that feels and i understand how frustrating it can be trying to play brawl and enjoy it this long. But im telling you a hack is not the answer. That is not what brawl is and we both know that no hack can truely give us what we all want...and have everyone be happy with all the tweaks.

    And that is why i decided to play Street Fighter competitively. The developer works closely with the community, they monitor and fix infinites, they build the game to be competitive from the ground up, while also keeping it simple enough that newer players can also join and that older viets can enjoy it on higher levels. Smashes developers...dont do that. And look where its gotten the community.
    As an artist and a avid competitive gamer i find hacks that are aimed specifically toward players like me that are NOT created by professionals to be inferior to the real thing in every way. It is NOT the job of a college student to go poking around into someone elses sweat and blood. Brawl was created by artists and programmers backed by alot of money and resources. By playing a hacked game, im pretty much taking a big crap on all the hard work and dedication towards sakurai's creation.

    It is not the player who should be taking this game into his own hands and re creating it, it is train professionals and teams who should be sitting down at studios making and creating the game itself.

    Like kid says, i hate the players that think they can play god. The game should be played AS IT WAS INTEND TO IN EVERY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Sakurai made the game to be casual, you will play it casual or not be satisfied with the game.

    There is melee, 64, Brawl, King of Fighters 13, Mortal Combat 9, Soul Caliber 4, Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, and Marvel vs Capcom 3, BlazeBlu -- All of these games carter to different tastes and all are very professionally done. If you do not like how Brawl is then by all means dont play it. But if your asking me to respect peoples or groups of peoples that believe they can make brawl better with a hack then your not enjoying the true spirit of brawl and should seriously consider playing another fighter game.
    Dont hate the game hate the players.

    the times I was refering to you directly was just me being stupid and trolling. the more generalised stuff I said, not liking the community and their acting super needy and such, that much was honest.

    Im not gonna hate for you having fun, definitely do you. But when people hype stuff at brawl expense, thats what annoys me.
    We're still waitin on that snivy ;o
    Besides we wanna raid another board as an army of snivies xD
    It's only temporary, at least do it for a few days. If we could get 2link and Nicole to sacrifice their avis for a few days then you can too!
    Man...I'm sorry. I stick to old-school FF, so I don't think I'll ever play it. D:
    I actually am not...which saddens me.

    Who is that? Sorry I'm a huge noob haha.
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