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  • Gotta say, really hyped for TGC 7, lost in semi's in solo pools at TGC 6 but i've stepped up my cloud game. Was wondering if maybe later we could play so you could give me some tips? Thanks either way man.
    Yo can you link me to that post of yours on some results page that was set to music and was really long with lots of gifs? Your magnum opus pretty sure. Need to see that **** again.
    Lmao I'm gonna need a bit more info than that.

    What year?
    Smash 4?
    It was brawl and you were complaining about metaknight placements. Remember GIFs of black people grinding.
    Mind helping me out with Samus on Sm4sh? I'm online right now, and I would appreciate some training from a veteran. You've already added me, it's Varia31. Don't expect anything too amazing out of me. lol I just want see how I do, and get better.
    Hey Xyro. I'm a recent Samus convert and I could use some advice on my style (Smash 4), I've been losing something fierce online lately. I'll be salty in private but honestly I'm just getting outplayed (For Glory).

    Maybe we can Skype or something and you can give me some feedback during a match?

    NNID: Jibbysmack

    On second thought, we can forget about this. I get far too angry when I lose, fighting games are just not for me. I'm going to step away from Smash before I do something stupid.
    Ok, man, your call. If you change your mind, let me know.

    Looking to to accelerate the clean up of the boards now that we got a few new backup mods. Been waiting for holiday break/vacation but keep getting caught doing family/holiday stuff.
    your videos on youtube for brawl samus years ago and and they actually inspired me to pick up samus.its hard to create pressure without missile cancel when you have MU that are against faster characters. i think as of now dtilt needs to buffed back to the way it was in brawl.
    what are your thoughts on what updates samus should get on the next patch?
    Is Roy R playing smash 4 at all?
    not that i know of. have not heard from him in YEARS. he has a wife and a real job so i doubt he plays.
    How much are spots at whobo?
    Venue is at 30$ and will stay 30$. As far as I know, it's the only MLG event that doesn't raise prices.

    Want a link to the thread?
    Hi Xyro. Did you delete your facebook or did you block me? After Apex was over, I wanted to tell your the results right away so you would be able to prepare your results thread post early.
    I deactivated my account.
    I know the feeling. I did sooo much gaming over the past few days, that I was still dreaming about the brutal 1v1 battles I had. Just show me some Samus stuff when you can.
    Hey, I'm Howl (Sheik) that watched you play Samus and I was blown away at how you played with her. Do you have any vids, tutorials, tips, etc...that you could send me? I would like to learn to play Samus like you too.
    Yeah man i can help you out. I JUST got home and im super tired so i wont be able to show you stuff tonight. But i really would like to help you. its very rare to see someone use a Samus.
    Yo dude, I'm working on a project now that involves the restults of top level players. If you could post or send me an image of the HOBO 39 bracket I'd really appreciate that!


    This is my tournament. As you can see, I have an MK legal bracket that's invitational. I want to have a few qualifiers here and there for it. I know your region has a few people who are interested in coming out to this tournament so it'd be awesome if your tournament could be a qualifier for my event. The reason I say it's a favor is because you don't really get anything out of it. What do you say?
    I just realized you sent me a message, so sorry I didn't respond to it.

    ... I don't know what it is I just read on that thread, to be honest, lol.
    I posted the placings in the results thread a few days ago. Copy and paste. I don't want to make it for fear of drama.
    FOR REAL?! Sweeeeeeet!

    Since I couldn't get anyone to AR me the Pokemon I wanted, I raised entirely different ones. I'll try out those links later 'cuz I still wanna crush people with Stunfisk and Tropius.

    If you read on you'd discover through magical code that the name of whoever's reading that thread appears there. For example, I see 'Seriously Mic_128, we've talked in the shack about you..."
    since now you are kind of leaving the community.
    i imagine i won't be seeing you post nearly as much anymore.
    with that said, i kindly request your GIF folder.

    The House of 3000 & all smashers who see your posts <3
    Huge props and thanks to you for all the stuff you did for smash Xyro.
    Hey mang.

    Looking for samus combo videos and saw yours, I wanna say great samus.
    Looked for more combo videos, did not find any but I pissed my self laughing at your videos, you're a classic :')

    I'm Ryukario btw, nice to meet you :p
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