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  • Ignoring the fact that you haven't logged on in over half a year, mad respect for calling out the Snake MU being slightly Marth's favor or even in early 08.
    Haha yea. I had forgotted how much I dislike wifi. I don't feel in control of my character >.> But i need more matchup experience than I'm getting, so eh. You are pretty fun to play btw
    Cool. I'll be ready in about 10 mins. Friend code? Mine: 0387-8905-6438
    My dad is now watching tv again. So I can't. >.> I might be able to soon though
    Oh, I quit Marth on wifi because it messes me up offline, plus I just dont like using him in lag. Now I play Olimar for wifi, dont ask why.
    ._. oh I dont remember that but whatever your much better off using meta knight in our mm I'm telling you, unless your waaaay better with marth or something
    Are you stoopid? DDD and snake both ahve the same advantage on marth
    btw I completely quit DDD so whatevs
    Hmm, that's hard. I actually haven't fought any of them lately. I haven't fought Inui and Spam in FOREVER, and I've gotten LOTS better at the match-up since then. I fought M2k's MK a few weeks ago, and I took him to last stock last hit. Basically, when fighting M2k, just don't ever shield or dodge, and you'll do fine. He just waits for this, and then ***** you in the opening after. M2k's whole style revolves around abusing the openings you create yourself. Recklessly attacking him and challanging everything helped me discover just how powerful Marth can be on offense.

    Aside from Umbra, the last MK I fought was Forte. I lost, but since then, I've become considerably better at the match-up, since my brother has finally become a formidable MK.

    Seriously, I don't think the match-up is that bad anymore. While on the defense, MK can pressure Marth, and the problem is that Marth players are intimidated by MK, and so tend to overly rely on defensive options like shielding and dodging. MK is too quick for these options to be effective, as he can easily hit us out of dodges quite reliably, and doesn't have enough lag for the shield to be a super-powerful tool vs. him. Marth's sword on the other hand, outranges MK's. So long as Marth applies the proper pressure, and DI's correctly, he can fight MK on nearly even footing. If you'd like some examples, I'll see if I can have Steel upload some videos of me vs. Umbra.
    make sure u can leave on thursday and get there thursday nite or early fri morn. ill miss school and we can play ALOT for the whole weekend.
    well first figure out the plane ticket. orbitz.com is a good site. you would wanna fly into bush or hobby airport.

    ill give u a date pretty soon and then u can buy your tickets EARLY.
    wait till feb. so u can save more money. ill house you and let u get into the tourney for free.
    Yeah Ill be right there, if you want, ill use other chars to make it more fun lol. Cause I hate Marth dittos ^^
    nah, i was just playing neo since he lives pretty close to me and we never lag. terribly anyway >_>
    Sunday should be fine as well, even Monday is good because of Columbus day :D
    I can later. For some reason Wifi isn't working for me right now (same with several other people I know so it's probably a Universal problem).
    Haha sure thing. Wifi's pretty much the only way I can practice anyway lol (I have some good offline friends but I don't always have time to play them). Hit me up on AIM when you're ready.
    Hopefully I'm gonna make it to the biweeklie...and theres another tourney?!?!?!?!?
    watsup riot....just realized that you sent me a friend request. nice games today. i won one against you with wario...yay!
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