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  • you still hosting those 3000 events, getting rather bored in NY and wouldn't mind going to your smashfests, especially due to that location.
    I stopped hosting public fests for a while now. Sorry. I mentioned it in my thread... If this ever changes I will definitely give the update.
    Is your event going to be streamed? If so would you mind if my Wii was on stream?
    Hey Im ready to do our match.
    Im really sorry about being late >.> I had dinner with my grandparents and it took along time D:
    Haha, yeah sure. Haha, I was one of the guys going "shhhhh". I wish I could do Friday's but at least I got Saturdays. =]
    Sheen used to come to smashboards. He's gone and most likely not going to come back. Although, he did say he was going to get back into smash. I can contact him on AIM. Although he doesn't go on it much either but he does receive and see the messages. You got a muuch better chance of contacting him there. His AIM is "sheenex"
    Minus the quotations of course. =]
    Also you can tell me and I will obviously tell him and MGW.

    As for me, Smashboards or AiB is great. I check them every time I go on my computer, which is often.
    Aim: Mikekirby09ts
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