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  • I'm so sorry box. I used to be so mean to you and idr why lol. 4give meeeeeeeeeee
    Btw want to play some sm4sh some time? It's ok tho cuz I suk since I haven't played any faster paced fighters in a really long time.

    urstillatotalfggtbtwomfgih8u (jk)
    GGs dude. Tremendous DK, ROB and D.Pit there mate. I learned a lot from playing you. Those ledge trumps were hella legit.
    Hey I got a new 3DS so I can finally play you now. Just let me know what times you are free to play.
    Back in my day we didn't have bread and butter to eat, we simply survived on eating down throw into up-air.
    Hey, do you happen to go by Speclar at all? I fought a DK today on For Glory with the same color as your avatar, and the player also used Jigglypuff (which for some reason I think you use?). Whoever it was gave me a considerable fight. I never did beat that DK.
    I found the guy. Actually, he found me through the name I was using (Atoyont) on another website. This is his profile here. Not totally sure what the best way to get in contact with him is, though. I also found one video of him back in the Brawl days on the Link boards' video thread (do a name search and you should be able to find it).
    GGs mah boi. Your spacing's getting better, but throwing out them up-Bs while in neutral get you punished and killed a lot. Something came up and I had to run earlier, but we'll play again soon
    Ok well I ****ed up the formatting, but you should still be able to get the links to work lol. My bad.
    No problem. You might want to think about making a facebook, even if it's just a fake one, to join the groups. I don't like it either, but our scene pretty much lives on facebook now. Even if you don't post, you can at least know about what events are coming up.
    Smash 4 Group
    Brawl Group
    I don't, but I could link you to our facebook groups to help you find people to play! What game do you play?
    On the first grab, its like 10-15ish, anything after that there is absolutely no invincibility until you go back onstage.
    "I was never a true brony. I just rode dat hype train because everyone else was :/"

    I see your secret is out (by like 5 weeks). So then what have you been up to if not MKWii anymore?
    I probably won't main anyone in particular especially if it's gameplay is similar to Brawls (unless a character(s) really, really, really sticks out to me...even then i'll feel the need to show the rest of the cast some love every now and then).
    Thats good, DK always been a pretty solid character (being ranked 7 out of 12 in N64 Melee: 15 out of 26 Brawl: 21 out of 38).
    So he's been slightly below average, if his track record is anything to go by he'll be average/slightly below average but you never know I mean Sheik used to be 3rd in melee and Kirby used to be really **** (2nd highest) in Smash64 and dropped to (tied with) worst character status. lol
    So I just randomly ran into this youtube channel that I think you'd love. It's about cartoons and he talks A LOT about a ton of good stuff (including things like Doug and Arthur :D ). Ive been watching it basically non stop since I found it and I thought youd appreciate it as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/LewToons
    Won 2-0 with just Ike (redeemed myself in a big kinda way here), Lost 2-1 (went with Ike game 1 cause I was feeling pretty good after 2-0'ing with Ike last set. Sadly I lost that one, not badly though. Went Marf and won. Then went DK and lost again taking me out of tournament. Was a good set)
    Played lots of Brawl friendlies too (especially since I came pretty early) and entered in other games.
    The tourney went well, there were multiple events there and it was free (for events and avenue) that day.
    Naw, but in the Brawl tourney I mainly used Ike. Overall I used Ike (3 times) DK (2), Marth (1) Mario (1).
    Lost 2-0 (Did terrible this set barely took a stock. lol)
    You should go to one sometime/day they're actually pretty fun. Im pretty sure you'd enjoy it and do pretty decent (especially if that Falco is half as good as it used to be. ;P).
    I actually have a Steam. I would ask ya to add me on Steam but you wouldn't really get much since my computer is lame and can't even play TF2 (which was the primary reason I made). lol
    Yeah, its pretty bad especially when you wanna go more in-depth and such (or if you use a PS3 for your interwebs/forums >.>).
    Indeed and yeah college is way more flexible and easygoing than high school. Still has some amount of stuff you have to do first to transition into it but thats/it pretty negligible.
    Lol I usually pop on to lurk watched thread and respond to messages and such. I generally forum game when im actually active on the forums though. xP
    Anywho how about yourself, how have you been?
    Also message char limit. </3
    Hey man, i've been good graduated High School, going to a local college in the Fall besides that the generic summer stuff (chilling at home, going to sleep at times like 3:00am and waking up at 12-1pm, hanging with friends every so often, etc).
    I also went to my first rl tourney not so long ago.
    Hey, sorry, my computer died and by then I needed to print off my ticket and get ready and stuff.
    Stream was fun for the time I was on it!
    Hey, I saw you posted in the Tf2 thread o: What is you're steam name? We should play sometimes.
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