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Phantom Gamer
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  • even after seeing it a billion times

    your sig still gets me every time lmao
    Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer
    lol yeah, it's nice that I got referenced like that
    Are we friends on FB? I'm bad at matching names to gamer tags, so idk if I have you added
    Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer
    I'm rarely on FB, but I'm guessing we don't have each other added.
    if you search "Kendall Williams" we prob have mutual friends. & my prof pic is the same as my pgd one so shouldn't be hard to find
    Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer
    k, for you I'll actually get on FB to add you. <3
    heyy! just letting you know I didn't forget your skin. league store's been down all day, but as soon as it's up again, I'll buy your Ziggs!
    Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer
    K, thanks

    store went up later in the night, so I hope you got it! merry xmas!!
    Hey bro, would you be interested in joining a pony forum?
    Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer
    Well, we're currently attempting to bring some activity back to the forum and advertise a bit to gain some more members: http://ponyvilleforums.com/

    I was hoping many of the SWF pony crew would be interested in getting onboard, so I thought I'd ask around a bit.
    Yeah time vortexes are weird like that, lol.

    If I ever hear something that sounds like the actual tune I'll let you know if I don't forget. I think I remembered a couple of weeks after you asked me but forgot about it.
    The exchanges in the Find a Pet song were inspired by some of the musical exchanges in Evita. Still can't remember what the song is supposed to resemble.
    Lousy backstory time!

    K, so Loco is the name of some crappy Sonic the Hedgehog fancharacter I made back in like, the 8th grade or so.

    My two best friends also made one for themselves as well. However, they used the names of their characters as their username for most everything on the interwebs. I used Loco for some stuff, but I kinda stopped using it eventually. But my friends still use their fancharacters' names for stuff, and I never really saw anything wrong with the name Loco.
    Also, I've never liked the name Lash, as I've said before in the poni thread. I figured, why not just use Loco? no one has that name on SWF, and it seems cool.

    So yes, this stemmed from Sonic the Hedgehog OC's :psycho:
    I don't use Skype much, I should probably visit the chat :V

    Oh, me and box talk all the time, he's my homie on the boards :p

    Yeah, I pretty much only post in the pony thread :x
    Did you say MKWii thread? You must know brickbox then
    oh, hey there, broski!

    I've been fine. Nearly done with my first semester of college :D

    wait, your threads? what threads do you have? I must've missed them D: i don't really use social groups or skype much.
    They air every Saturday, before or after MLP, the latter I am unsure of. I am only able to watch the episodes as they're uploaded to YouTube, though, which is why I mentioned the most recent episode yesterday.

    Gailbreak: http://youtube.com/watch?feature=m-feedu&v=4xda02rTpsU

    Also, I neglected to mention in my earlier post, but Russel reminds me of Spike something good.:applejack:

    Just finished watching "Gailbreak!" This episode helped the season something good for me. Holy cow.:applejack:

    The show itself is good, but I try not to compare it to MLP. MLP has set the bar, essentially.

    As for the pet list (as of "Gailbreak!"), I'm at

    The recent episode saved Sunil for me. Otherwise, he'd be right above Penny. It looks like the producers are letting the characters have the spotlight often, which I like. I hope the characters are further developed in future episodes.

    Dance like ya know ya can~
    Both. Pepper Clark is my favorite character overall, and I've enjoyed the show thus far.:applejack:
    Thank you :D

    AM is always in there every time I go in and he is just spamming the xat.
    It's rather annoying.
    Didn't know Max10n had this avi as well, I found it on myfacewhen.net

    As for whether or not it's a meme, I don't really know.:applejack:
    Oh yes, I remember those. I still have them saved onto my computer. Thanks again for taking my request and drawing those for me. =)

    What have you been up to lately btw?
    Why is Princess Luna so cute!?!?!?!?1?

    (Maybe I should get back into MLP one of these days...)
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