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  • y'all comin to Aftershock?
    No one in SA has made plans yet. I personally can't make it cause I didn't get the Sunday after off.
    It makes me so proud to see a promising pony who knows that plagiarism is never permissible in class. I'll put this down as a lesson that was well taught. Do as I say, not as I do! Or else.
    Cuteness to the max + Rarity's suggested dress to wear as a pair~
    Woot, thanks, PG, def' gone be the next ava~
    Oh nothing happeed at the moment. I'm just relating to the times I raged pretty hard in the xat.
    Oh you have a deviantart account? I shall use this information to stalk people from smashboards on DA while no one still knows what my DA account is. Mwahaha. But seriously, good drawings. I really do need to learn to draw soon. I tried learning before but didn't have much time to back then.
    By the way, do you happen to have any of your drawings online? I've been wanting to learn to draw for a long time but dunno where to start ^^'
    lol although future twilight isn't my thing, i do need an avatar change for the month.
    thanks for the image, i'll work it out to see which ava position works best~
    You have been bitten by the MetaVamp's minion!

    You have now been infected and are encouraged to bite another to help show that he can never be stopped on Ole Hallows Eve~! Report your victims back to him, he likes to keep a careful count of his minions!

    You are the token unicorn I have to bite, you might be the only one, so enjoy.
    Sadly didn't get around to doing any drawing last night.
    Since there wasn't much for references I decided on making a few Sheriff Silverstar references instead tonight. >=D

    The magic of "print screen" and an MLP episode on YouTube prevails. :grin:

    Almost forgot to mention that I found out that I won't be doing a crying Rarity drawing since I used that theme already with the crying Fluttershy and her inaccurate Celestia toy.

    Back to figuring out which theme to use for her. :/
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