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  • Yeah I got into it like a week after the Season 2 World Championships haha.

    My Summoner name is KoolOriBro add me and we can play!
    Doing well, I just finished my 1st semester of Junior year of college I feel so old. But other than that, just been watching Anime, playing Brawl and League, and hanging with friends.
    Hahahaha, the Ever 17 ending made me really want to discuss it too. :p

    There isn't yet, but I'll work on getting one. Until then, I'd be happy to talk about it with you.
    No, and there won't be. :/

    I'll try to argue for it again, but I sincerely doubt that it'll happen, unfortunately.
    Greetings, Mr.Frolossus. I have risen from the ashes of inactivity to bequeath upon you one visitor message.
    ayo sup
    y u no play with alex and I anymore?! :<
    Ugh. Don't get me started on the Brony movement. >_<

    And yeah, haha, I suck too. Just don't give it up!
    About a year ago, I learned the base rules. I didn't have much time, so I dropped the game. However, I've gotten back into it in the past few months, and I love it. :3

    Also, I miss the Pika Xat. :(
    I hope that pony which looks like lady gaga makes another appearance in a future episode. ;)
    Which pony and episode is your favourite? Mine would have to be Rainbow Dash and episode 25 when Pinkie Pie goes crazy. :p
    (Delay-hug back)

    Ive been playing my usual amount of rpgs, lately playing digital devil saga 2, very fun!

    Are you still on that sc kick?
    Not doing much tbh Fro dear, Ive been okay lately though thank you for asking (hug)

    You can make it through these finals Fro! Ace them and then the summer is yours!
    I hope you do well (hug) ♥
    This post is a response related to the message you most recently sent to Dan (about why he never gets online anymore). He thinks Brawl is a silly game. He hardly ever plays it anymore and finds more interest in starcraft and league of legends and Pokemon. I know this because I am part of the Madison brawl crew. Sorry to disappoint. :(
    Just google image search it. The first picture is pretty good in showing what it is. :p

    And I'll do my best. At the very least, this last time WASN'T my doing.
    Yeah, I'm trying to knock down my problems one at a time.

    Oh, I almost died yesterday. That's two times in less than a month.
    Pretty nuts.

    You ever see a false proscenium before? One of those almost collapsed on me the other day.
    That's pretty cool.
    Good luck at that tournament, unless I'm slow in saying that, lol.
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