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  • wtfffffff I keep wanting to start playing Peach again in Melee but I'm juggleing between Puff Marth Fox Falco and Ganon and it's holding me back but I want to play ALL THE CHARACTERS. My end game goal is to main Puff/Marth to cover every matchup but I've been getting better and better with fox so I might just go full smash ****boy and main fox
    If she ends up that bad I'll probably just secondary her to **** on kids. I have this nagging feeling that Shulk is gonna end up op but idk. I might main peach if puff and pika aren't good.
    All you need is a 2GB SD card. and yeah I was never interested in Ganon as a Brawl player but I can't judge anyone cuz I played puff. Also I've been watching Smash 3DS streams and it looks soooooo good. My expectations were rock bottom from Brawl tho so idk what that means for how fun the game is gonna be. Link looks really fun. Puff isn't in the japanese demo though so I haven't seen her play at all yet.
    Brooooo you should at least try it! Melee is still my favorite but PM is cool. they got ganon PERFECTLY.
    I was so pissed off when they kinda removed Pokemon Trainer from PM. I was a PT main for the last three months of my Brawl career and so my (sorta) Brawl main was the ONLY BRAWL CHARACTER NOT IN PM CHRIST. I main Ganon in PM tho cuz he's too boss and puff is just too bad.
    I'm planning on maining Pikachu or Puff. I've stuck through puff for a long time and still main her in Melee so I'll always have a place in my heart for her. I'm back on smashboards because I've been looking at character hitboxes and frame data for my puff game.

    Let's **** up the Smash 4 jigglyboards together
    smashboards is ass now and i dont know where the **** to post anyhting. gimme ur facebook or something. I DONT WANNA LOSE U AGAIN :C
    Would you and Clay be interested in housing together next year? I'm looking for potential housemates
    Do you still want to go to Apex? Would you mind paying me online through paypal soon? I'd like to collect all the needed money be able to pay for transportation and hotel fees in advance. The total adds up to about $500 so I'll need $100 from everyone. It'd be great if I could get everything by Christmas

    Can you send money to cookiecuttergoatchaoscontrol@yahoo.com ?
    My channel design looked terrible. It looked like a random mess of everything. A while after tournament sets get uploaded, no one watches them anymore. So why have them viewable on my channel? The real viewers would see them on the tournament video threads anyways. Eventually I'll split everything in the RANDOM playlist and my 4 public videos into 2 playlists; random Smash / Street Fighter moments and legit videos
    I found a competitive Starcraft 2 player in my psychology class today. He also used to play Melee semi-competitively it seems. Are you available on Friday at like 6 or 7pm for Melee?
    I thought you were older than me for some reason. Dunno why. It feels like it's been ages since the Jiggz board was the same. It's weird to go back through all the old posts and see people that are basically gone. I wonder where everyone is now. I've been trying to get a hold of Veril but I haven't had any success.

    Nice talking to you again, Anthony.
    I quit smash for a year until I met a group of people at my school that play Smash, and I play Melee now.

    Going to college at the end of this summer. woo. All the regulars we used to talk to on the Jigglypuff boards are long gone. I kinda miss 08-09.
    Surprisingly, there's not many more than this.

    I could probably nab another 50ish if I made my rounds again.

    Long time no see, btw.
    Oh don't worry the BBR is just ********.

    Olimar is not #2. As i explain in this post.
    Glad to hear it! :p

    Not really.
    I haven't gone to a tournament in uh, like 2 years i think now lolol.
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