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  • Yeah, but not playing as much as I'd like. Lol, work johns. Been feeling Sm4sh lately, and started hosting stuff here in Ottawa. Rockin' dat Jiggs / Mac combo.
    What's up bro? Every time I read you post, I read it in Chewie's voice.
    Damn, at least you got to play it. Been looking for a code everywhere(and not going to shell out $$$ for it) to no avail. I'm pretty sure it's just those first characters. That, and the fact that the Wii U will definitely be superior.
    Haha, 64 wasn't that bad though. It's Brawl that stands out as being the most ehh, I think. Sm4sh has a lot to live up to and so far, it doesn't seem horrible. I imagine it'll definitely have a longer lifespan than Brawl at least.

    Yep, Peach has turnip lag now. Her side-b was sped up but her down-b was slowed down.
    I'm betting Shulk is going to be overplayed as hell. It seems like just about everyone and their mother is really feeling it.

    Peach, huh? Think the turnip lag will make her considerably worse?
    Link looks like he's finally decent now. Bowser too, actually. I've heard good things about Bowser. It's too bad Puff hasn't been available in any build. I'm really really curious if she'll regain any former glory or just wallow in the gutter some more.
    I had little to no expectation as well because of Brawl. I changed my mind though after watching a ****load of gameplay videos. Plus, a lot of the people who have played the game have stated that, while similar to Brawl in some aspects, it's very competitively viable and much more fun to play.
    Damn, something Ganondork is actually good in? I've gotten so used to his **** performance in Brawl that it's rather difficult not to look at the character as a joke now.

    Yeah, I really should try out PM. Gonna be kind of tough now considering Sm4sh is literally less than a month away. Maybe I can find the time within these next few weeks. I never looked into setting it all up. Is it relatively easy?
    I never played PM. I kept wanting to but never got around to it.

    I used crown Jiggly in Melee. I hope she has some kick-ass alts in Sm4sh.
    My PT is gone but at least Charizard is still in it so I'll be using him, Greninja (main), Wario, and Jigglypuff.

    Yeah, let's **** up the Jigglyboards. Wonder if anyone else from back then (like Veril, M Wuz Here, Frolossus, Noobicidal, Metatitan) will return.
    When it comes out, I'll probably start getting deep into character matchups and all that again. I'm pretty sure Jigglypuff is in too. I'm interested how she'll be as a character. Hopefully, not as big a pathetic piece of crap as she was in Brawl.
    i kno bro im rlly drk n mysterus...watch it or u mite gt sniped lol

    A mixture of things. Boredom, for one. Mostly though, it's the new Sm4sh game that's coming out. As the release date got closer, I started taking more than a passing glance at it. Now, I'm all over information and discussion about it. It's like, I reverted to my 2008 interest level.
    I haven't had an active Facebook account in 3 years now. In fact, I don't really have any social networking accounts.

    Don't worry, snookums, I'll always be around here for you. Especially a lot more now.
    We could do half of a Smash 4 3DS tournament
    Way to respond on the wrong profile, you dumb *****. Did we even do half? I thought it was more like a 1/4th and then it all went out the window. We should make it master balls only/damage ratio set to 1.5/equivalent of Hyrule Temple.
    man **** u
    Fair enough. That's the only reason we did it in the first place. We should have some kind of tournament though if given the opportunity. Let's make it the dumbest tournament we possibly can.

    I bet you say that to everyone, you little wookie piece of ****.
    Yeah I've seen that child abuse video. At first I couldn't tell that the physics were altered and I thought that was just a super good ganon.
    I actually kind of liked BO2, but I never bought it. I can play after 5, so like 5:30?
    I can only warn you. Yeah, let's play at 5:30
    Yeah, I'd be interested in being housemates. Andrew isn't here this semester and I don't know if he's going to be here after that. And what color buttons do you have?
    What happened to him?

    I was thinking of changing my button color to match my faceplate color so it doesn't look like it has any buttons on it. Or maybe having them more visible does look better? Maybe I just need to compare them irl to see the difference and decide?
    Would you and Andrew be interested in housing together next year? I'm looking for potential housemates

    Do you want to trade buttons? I want mine to be purple now
    The only tournament I'm hosting this break happens tomorrow. You think Andrew can make it too?
    Do you still want to go to Apex? Would you mind paying me online through paypal soon? I'd like to collect all the needed money be able to pay for transportation and hotel fees in advance. The total adds up to about $500 so I'll need $100 from everyone. It'd be great if I could get everything by Christmas

    Can you send money to cookiecuttergoatchaoscontrol@yahoo.com ?
    I played him last Saturday and it's k is you can't play. Also, I've found someone pretty good we should invite over sometime. Just let me know when you've got a free weekend
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