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  • I'll be seeing you real soon, Tofie.
    Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer
    K. Cause my sister's actual birthday is in fact June 7th and I wanted to be home sometime then to possibly celebrate it.

    Well I'm kinda sad I'm missing out on that since that was a highlight to coming down as well as seeing Leaf since that'd probably be when him and maybe Kirby who come to SA.

    Though I hear he's having complications with his family so I might not have seen him even if I was at your June 7th party.
    Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer
    On a final note regarding your recent name change. So, is your BF The Dog then or else who is?

    ToferTheHuman and CodyTheGinger :D
    Sup Tofer~. Haven't heard from ya in forever man.

    So unless any new job leads come up soon I was thinking of coming down sometime between the last week of May and the first week of June to celebrate your birthday.
    It's early mentioning this, but I wanted to just throw it out early enough to know what'd work better for you around that time frame.
    And of course I'm gonna be talking with some of the others as well.
    hey there. How've ya been?

    Haven't seen you around other than the SA thread.
    What?! Lol I have been there everyday this week.
    Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer
    i know. I said that's the only place that I see you anymore.

    Oh, "other than the SA thread." I just read it correctly, sorry I do this speed read thing and over look everything.
    Late for telling you this, but me and my family are gonna be in TX around the South Padre Island area for the first week of March.

    Dunno how much it'll matter since family vacation and it's not like I'd be around to hang with you guys, but still wanted to let you know.
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    We can hang out maybe, even if it is with your family.
    Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer
    Maybe. We'd be arriving sometime on Feb 28th I believe, until Mar 8th.
    Speaking of wishing I wish I was there for the premiere this weekend, especially since it seems like it'll be better than last year with Leaf and probably Trela being there as well as the s4 2 parter sounding better than the s3 2 parter.
    I really wish you could have been here too Haider <3
    Forgot to mention this to you when you did your monthly xat visit, but on Adventure Time when I saw the "best friend massage" scene I thought of you.
    Because I imagined that you wished I knew about this part during my visit so that we could've reenacted it with you as LSP and me as Ricardio.
    Welcome to the new boards!
    I love that Quinn signature so much lol.

    Btw, thank you for all your instagram love. :p
    I am also watching the old episodes.
    Crying here.
    I reaaallly need to do a rerun of all the episodes. They play no rerums on any channel. Literally I've only seen each episode on it's air date or online since the show began - no rewatch of any episode. :mad:
    I downloaded them when they finished. Except for season 1, I downloaded that in the middle of season 2 and then finished Season 2 on Hulu. I should probably start downloading season 4 since it is all up for torrent already.
    Gahhh, love that song.
    And yeah she did. It wasn't half bad actually. But the crazy thing is, the McKinely plots actually had me more interested than the NY plot. Doesn't happen often. I think it's because the focus wasn't on the newer characters at all.
    Also the last episode was good because Tina had a dump of character development.
    ... Whether in your opinion if it's good or bad it's something at least lol. There's one disturbing moment though. xD

    She also sings one of my favorite throwback songs.
    It definitely builds up some stuff with this most recent episode. Watch it.
    The one before this one is kind of meh. But this newest one has a shocking moment that made me go. :O

    Speaking of shocking moments my biggest regret with the Glee series is knowing about the accident at the end of On My Way before I watched the episode. I feel like if I would've seen it without knowing anything about it my mouth would've dropped.
    I was uncomfortable in certain spots with this recent episode, lmao. But I thought it was good!
    I'm wondering how the ratings are for this season and if Ryan is aware that it's not churning out well.
    It does damage the show but I do like seeing the old characters --- when they're properly placed. I would be content if the show followed Kurt and Rachel mainly tbh. It's just more interesting to me. The whole old characters returning to the school is just not handled well. It's unrealistic. All the alumni are treated like legends in the club when they really aren't **** if they're not Rachel lmao.

    Idk. They should have either not added new characters and focus on the characters that graduated and are still in school, or just balance focusing on the characters more.
    I haven't done a rerun of Glee surprisingly. But the season just has too many things floating. They need to get rid of the old characters, find a way to make the new characters not so bland and 2D, and figure out what they want from the show: to please fans with older characters or take the show where it needs to be taken.

    Although to their credit, I imagine it's hard to think of new stuff in this show since it's very organized. It follows the same pattern: Filler eps, Sectionals, filler eps, Regionals, filler eps, Nationals, Finale.

    It's just so bland. The show has way too many characters and it gets in the way of developing others.
    Never discussed the last Glee!
    I think Tina and Blaine are cute. I'm glad there's a chance (since Blaine is probably a character they'll follow post season 4 due to being popular) that she'll be featured more next season if the two become the new Kurt and Rachel. Although their friendship hasn't seemed to take off in any episode I can recall so it's kind of like "oh".

    Still more interested in Kurt/Rachel. It's crazy. I think their friendship arc has been a good highlight of the show in general. I like how close they are now. Kurt is becoming likable again.

    New characters are still bleh. But Jake is still cute. I'm very very interested to see where Sam/Blaine go.
    IMO I liked how they developed Amy but I see what you mean. I was also doubtful of the newer ones when I saw them but that didn't last long. :p
    Yea, I also enjoyed some of the far older ones for a while. I prefer the newer ones but the old ones weren't bad at all.
    I can't remember the name of the episode but have you seen the one where the extra-terrestrial family try to invade earth? It's like 17th/18th century and the doctor has to defend the orphanage from them? Yea he gets seriously mad in that one, at the end. :o
    Yea a lot of my friends enjoy the tenth. I'm enjoying the current one personally... so good hehe. ^_^
    Marley is annoying as hel yes lol. Even though it's Kitty's fault lol.
    Rachel and Kurt instantly became better characters for me.

    And I really want something bad to happen to Kate, lol.

    What do you think of Brittany/Sam? Before I watched the episode I was just thinking to myself how Brittany just seems like a one liner character now. And Sam has just been... there since he returned. I remember when I used to think he was so cute and the new Finn. Now it's bleh.

    I notice they're making Tina more outspoken now. Yay.
    Ahmm. I really enjoy Amy and Rory as well, I was so sad when I saw the last episode yet. ;_;

    And any favourite doctor?
    Yeah they really are switching it up this season. Probably why I enjoy it so much currently. Still find Rachel/Kurt more interesting than the club atm. But yeah, I have no idea what the club is about to do now. Probably going to find some loophole to get back in the competition, I dunno.

    Yes, Tina was preaching lolol. I sensed a slight Marley/Finn ship at the end!

    I was thinking during the episode how great of a season opener the next season will be if they have someone die at the end of Season 4. Like Rachel, or someone that's connected to a lot of people.

    I dunno, in tv shows I like dark story arcs and character development a lot.

    Lol, you responded at 1:13. That's Chansey's number. :113:
    I really liked the last episode of Glee btw. It felt so mature and depressing, I loved it.

    I felt really proud of Rachel and kind of Kurt. Made me reflect on their character throughout the past 3 seasons and where they are now. I think the whole disbanding of the Glee club should have been spanned out a bit as an arc. I wonder if Kitty will fess up. Also, what happened to Quinn lol.

    Props to the writers for making those dramatic changes. I think it's interesting how Glee is struggling while everything seems to be going just right for Rachel and Kurt.

    Random thought. How are Rachel and Kurt paying for anything lol.
    Yeah I've noticed a lot that they develop her and then bring her back to her original self. Although you can tell she's changed now. But still.

    Her voice has always been okay to me. I think it had potential. Her hair grows so fast thouggghh. I liked it short. :(

    Oh wait, maybe not fast. She got it cut a long time ago.
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