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  • You should add me on the 3ds :B

    ...it would probably help if I gave my FC: 0791-2008-8754
    Also, I miss talking to you. Be in my life again, girl.
    So you're a moderator now, I remember playing Peach dittos against you.
    Hahaha yeah! I saw you in my notifications and was like wow he's an oldie! But yeah, I've been a mod since 2009, haha.
    Still going strong with Chansey, huh? I still maintain that Gengar is better.
    I've just been living life. And I know right? Lol
    I visit the site every day but it's just not the same. I've been more about living outside of SWF but I'm hoping with the new game it'll restore my connection with the site.

    How've you been?
    I'm not sure whether it's some misplaced sense or nostalgia or something else but I feel as if the community at that time was much more tight-knit . It felt like a little internet home.

    I've been alright. It's strange looking back at my own posts. I was a very weird kid. The fact that my username is even DemonFart further validates that.
    And yeah, I feel like the new smash game will reconnect a number of people to this site. I'm one of them seeing as how I've awakened from a 4 year coma. I already find myself checking this site a lot more frequently now.

    As for real life, it's been interesting. I'm in college now and want to pursue a career in the sciences. Paleontology to be specific.

    Also, this new 420 character thing is a load of bull
    Completely slipped my mind until I read the LoD, but that thing I wrote in the SS when I quit about you being a huge nerd was a joke. ^^;
    Oh haha I didn't think you actually typed that and just thought it was a weird forum thing that changes depending on who reads it. How did I even come to mind, lolol.

    Well now that I know you actually meant it... :mad:
    Sky Pirate
    Sky Pirate
    OH DANG, completely forgot about this!
    IDK, you seem like a nice guy, I'm a sadist, things happen. :3
    You so jelly of my sexy ass avi.
    Seriously, they only reason Tina gets anything if because her story is intertwined with Blaine.

    Sugar is going to be leaving along with Joe. And **** **** **** **** **** **** **** Marley. Can't ****ing stand that *****.
    They are forcing her on us, trying to make us like her disgusting uninteresting character.
    Marley is okaayyyyyy now. I just don't like how her character is so pure. I really don't know how this show will be next season with the Glee club being bland.
    Hopefully the just finish the series this season before they make it worst.
    I saw a picture of her in Madonna gear from the song Hung Up, it looked hype.

    Also, apparently Rachel sang one of my favorite song ever from the 90's, Torn.
    I loved it.
    OMGG, I really didn't know about until it showed her driving.
    Both my sister and I saw it happening at the same time and when it did I literally flinched.
    I still didn't see it lol
    My sister and I are waiting for it to build up so we can just see them all at once.
    I have a feeling it is going better than I think.

    It seems like this for me,
    step 1.make a big deal that main characters from previous season are not coming back.

    step 2. put the characters in scattered episodes so everyone gets excited to see them when promised they wouldn't.
    Like I said before, they should have ended the series with the season 3 finale and it would have been PERFECT.

    In my mind, it is the end, and this season 4 thing is a reboot of the series.
    It really does get in the way, especially when you're trying to still develop old characters.
    For me, the show is turning into Dawson's Creek or 90210, with following the characters to college instead of just giving the show a new and fresh look.

    Honestly, if they would have ended the whole series last season, with them winning Nationals, people going to college, Rachel and Finn ending.
    I would have been SUPER satisfied, it was the right emotional ending we needed to see a long running show finally end.

    But no, instead we got this.
    Well in comparison to the other seasons it just lets me down, and leaves me empty from what I watched.

    Try watching season 1 again, or even 2 and not think season 4 is complete ****.
    I actually haven't seen it lol

    Been kinda fed up with it, might wait for it to build up in episodes and then see it.
    They haven't enough for me to know what she is like.
    I like the idea, they are throwing in a lot of famous drag queen things to make her popular.
    Like saying hallelu is something a famous drag queen named Shangela says.
    And she was also in an episode of glee.
    Along with the song Lets have a Kiki, which is a very famous drag queen song.
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