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  • Same with my boss, except she's just a ***** 90% of the time. A really good doctor, but a *****. Her bad attitude kind of permeates through most of the rest of the staff, which kind of annoys me, because I'd prefer a more positive work environment. I guess I'll get used to it in time, but for now, I'm gonna try to stay positive!
    And yeah, the techs pretty much stay busy, but oh man, when there's no appointments going on, there is damn near nothing to do but rifle through drawers mindlessly to look for something to stock for fear of supposedly getting "yelled at". Meh!
    Yeah, when I graduated with a degree in zoology last year, I thought about applying to vet school, but I didn't have any veterinary experience at all. (Some of my fellow ZO majors applied and some got in, but some didn't.) So I went back to work at the animal shelter I'd worked at for a while and was in charge of all the medical stuff, but it wasn't too in-depth or anything. So a month ago I put in an application at a vet's office that we used a lot and they hired me right away. I loved the shelter, but I really want to see if this is the kind of field I really want to go into and I needed to make a career move, so that's pretty much the main reason I left. It's going ok, so far, I guess. My boss could be nicer :)
    It's fine and expected with going to uni/dorm and stuff so no worries lol :p And will do!

    Yes, I do lol. Who am I supposed to watch with now ;-;
    Sorry for the lack of response, I seem to tab in momentarily read everything and forget to respond. I've been well, pretty busy with job, school, and girlfriend these days. School full time, work full time, and then the weekends are dedicated to friends and girlfriend. I don't peruse the interne as much anymore, I have about 3 sites I regular. Google, Netflix, and Twitter. Haha. How've you been? It may take me a while to respond but I'll get to it.
    We are, it's just really weird when you tell me happy birthday and it's not my birthday -.-
    Yeah but you are noticeably darker than a caucasian meaning you can pull it off.

    That in combination with your hair.
    You've seen several pictures of me.

    I wear whatever the **** I'm wearing in those, except the gangsta stuff.
    See you totally make no effort to talk to me.

    Which ho you been seein' behind my back? Don't think I don't know mmmmmmhmmmmmmmmm
    Yeah everyone loves Nutella.

    You were reminded of me cos I really really really wanna zig-a-zig-ahhhhh
    That's a good thing. lawl

    I remember being in high school and the weeks leading up to that some people were saying that "OMB WORLD GOING TO END ON 6-6-2006"

    I didn't buy it, but obvs some people did.
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