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  • They haven't enough for me to know what she is like.
    I like the idea, they are throwing in a lot of famous drag queen things to make her popular.
    Like saying hallelu is something a famous drag queen named Shangela says.
    And she was also in an episode of glee.
    Along with the song Lets have a Kiki, which is a very famous drag queen song.
    Yeah they're making Tina more of a *****, I love it.

    I always felt the same when it came to Sam and Brittney, their characters were not really indepth.
    Sam is poor and dumb, Brittney is fashionable and really stupid.
    Sam has been with all the girls of the Club but Tina, Rachel, Marley and Kitty.
    Quinn > Santant >Mercedes > Brittney.
    I agree, I love dark stories.
    I feel looker they just add to the show give it more depth.

    I hate Marley, she is just pissing me off all the time, she is like a bad Rachel Berry.

    I love everything they are doing with Kurt/Rachel, they seem so much more interesting.
    Rachel's showdown with Kate Hudson was awesome.
    And SJP needs to sing again.
    I was talking with my sister that they just completely threw everything they usually did out the window with this season.
    I mean now that Sectionals/Regional's/Nationals is not going to be a big thing, what is?
    I love what they are doing with the characters, they are making them a lot more mature, and showing them a side we have not seen yet.

    Quinn went back to school, I assume.

    And all the **** Tina was saying about Marley was music to my ears.
    I LOVED everything she said and agreed with it.
    I HATE that Quinn seems to be doing the same **** she was doing before.
    Sleeping with a man, wanting someone to love her, being desperate.
    It's like the character they made last season just went away, I was soooo upset.

    Although it is nice to see that her voice has gotten so much better, she's even more fierce.
    My god that is terrible, but they did their best to make it good.
    Tina did a great job though, glad she got another solo at Sectionals.
    First ABC last year and Gangnam Style this year, yay for more Tina!
    I like the Sue/Finn thing that is happening.
    And as for feeling sorry for Finn and Rachel, I cannot, it breaks my heart to see them, but Finn brought this on himself completely last season.

    And yes, Tina is STILL wasted space, he needs to just write her off already, it's pissing me off.
    I loved Kitty from the beginning, but I hate how she looks JUST like Quinn. Actually, I hate how they are replacing the old characters with new ones that are just like them.
    Marley = Rachel
    Blake = Finn
    Wade = Mercedes
    Kitty = Quinn

    It's ****ing annoying.

    Also, my heart broke and I felt like crying when the whole thing of Glease happened at the ending.
    Erm more like 20 - I'm like the same age as you! What you planning on doing next year?

    I know right? I'm good thanks, pretty busy with my Uni course and irl stuff but it's all going well. Don't visit SWF as much as I used to cause of course work and stuff with friends but still pop in every now and then to see what's up :)
    Lol I thought my secret identity had been revealed!
    I'll get round to it someday, promise - I'll take part in one of those tinychat things you guys have if timezones allow and get the webcam to work

    Tbh I don't know why I'm so bothered about it - I guess it's cause I've always been a bit funny about this 'video game' hobby and that I'm worried about how my irl friends/people would receive it - which is absolute nonsense I know cause video gaming is so social these days

    How are you doing anyway? Haven't spoken to anyone on the boards in quite a while
    No, I use that AFTER the cleansing as my protein mask.

    Get your facts straight you noob.
    I never find anything outside of the physical form sexy, but I am so massively drawn to soft, tender inflections in speech. Like, I melt and almost die.
    N**** u cruisin 4 a bruisin

    But really it's okay because I look young and have better skin than most douchebag teenagers anyway, plus my voice didn't break until I was 15 so obv I'm like physically 17.
    but I don't like 12 year olds generally unless they're seriously 12.
    Wa t
    I always thought that would be the category of boy you'd want to fit into.
    There are always too many options, but you'll find that life will often force your hand into things anyway.

    I'm well thanks how about you? :)
    I do too, but they made her such a small character, she's not even in the show nearly as much anymore.
    She's just kinda there, and it's upsetting.
    Sarah Jessica Parker.

    I love it when Kurt cries from sadness and being heart broken.
    Also, Kurt is a little ***** for ignoring Blaine, a man like that needs to be looked after.
    I like everything they are doing, especially SJP and Klaine breaking up. OMG how I love to see Kurt cry.
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