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  • Was it you i played with last night on fg? (Purple TL, Puff) If yes, much GG, you're the scariest Peach i've ever met :O It's surprising i didn't even see you on the UK power ranking, you'd do like top 8 here xD
    Hey man! Just played against you, I was the ****ty Samus/Pikachu (and for one time Peach too, I'm trying to learn her atm but oh well ;_;). I only killed you two times in I don't know how many matches. Just wanted to say you're too good and well... thanks for playing so much against a noob like me. :D Ggs and really wp!
    Your skill with Peach is incredible (and with Roy too, ofc, but that Peach stunned me :3).
    Hey! Thanks that's very kind of you :) lol don't be silly you weren't ****ty! I enjoyed playing vs you too - I don't get much free time to play Smash anymore so it's nice to play For Glory when I can :) Let me know if you'd like to play again at some point (although whether I'll be free is another matter!)
    If you're interested learning Peach definitely visit the Peach Boards! We always need more people contributing :) Visiting character boards is always super helpful (that's how I got into Smash and learnt more about Peach)

    Alternatively (this goes for any character), watch videos of good Peach's...that's very very useful indeed :)
    Oh, really many many thanks! I honestly don't have actually so much time to play Smash too, but well... I'll see what I can do. :)
    See ya!
    Yo lets play sometime again!!
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    Hey Yaaay that would be nice :) are you back in the Netherlands? I am currently writing an end of year report on top of trying to do bits of lab work so I'm not particularly free these days but we should try arrange something :)
    Nice! Do you happen to have Skype or Facebook or something? It makes contacting each other less of a hassle xd
    Are you that Peach I just met? GGs, you're insane :)
    Thank you very much - same to your Falcon! The MU always makes me nervous - Raptor Boost especially at high percents is so dangerous!
    Yoooo Rick! I'm in The Netherlands for a few weeks now so would you like to play some games online sometime? :)
    Hi Yaaay apologies for not getting back to you - I've had a very busy time at work recently, are you still in the Netherlands? Do you fancy some games sometime next week?
    Unfortunately I have already gone back to Japan. I'm afraid it will have to wait till September, sorry :(
    Ah crud, please accept my apologies for not getting back to you :( I am very busy with work these days and only have time for the odd For Glory match once every fortnight...we'll have games in September I promise :)
    Did i play against you? GGs, you're a monster! I need to improve my wario but i'm still a noob D:
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    Hello there yes you did! GGs :) Thank you! Don't be silly your Wario is very good - we had some very close matches indeed!
    I used to play a very good Wario in Brawl which helped me a lot with the match up.

    If you ever fancy playing again then let me know! I'm normally quite but I'd love to play your Wario again sometime :)
    *normally quite busy - is what I meant to say! :)
    Thanks! Yes i'd like to play again with you! :) I'll contact you in future for some matches for sure!

    PS: will you get the WiiU version, right? :)
    Hey how you doing this time? I have to wait for new smash untill the wii U version. Not interested in the 3ds one. Hope we can get those online matches going again like old days.

    Lil mac was always my favorite and finally mega man, I can't wait :).

    May the vegatable rng be with you.
    Hey Rizul long time no speak! Glad to know you're still around (I recently started revisiting SWF what with the new Smash Bros coming out). Yea that would be really nice - I don't have much time to play but we should definitely have some games for old times sake when the Wii U version comes out :)
    Release pushed back one week as well, can't wait.

    You use skype already as a messenger tool? I don't use the other anymore as everyone I know either uses skype or facebook. Do I need to stalk smashboards 24/7 :p.

    I just hope the Peach Wario mu is less don't get grabbed style. ^^
    Rick! Lets play sometime :)
    Yes! I'd very much like that - I'm a bit busy at the moment but we'll try and get a time sorted. Weekends are usually good for me :) How've you been anyway? It's nice to see so many familiar faces on the Smash 4 Peach Boards :)
    Haha no problem. I figured since the wifi is pretty decent your distance won't affect matches that much.

    And I've been great! School has me very stressed but I'm pushing through it. I'll be done here soon. And I know right? It's cute haha. Our community is awesome. Keep up the good work btw, you and Yaaay are impressing me with leading discussions and initiating great topics for us.
    Hello, okay? I saw her a topic explaining how to defend and attack some of the characters in SSBB. I wanted to ask you something about it. Attack of the Pit, the "Uair", how can I avoid it without his attack with a "Fair", "Bair" or "Nair" with Peach? I tried to revert to a "Dair", but it is canceled.
    Yeah SWF has taken less of a priority in place of life lol. But I still come on here of course. <3
    I'm planning on going to this other college I had gotten accepted to last year but denied. It fits more with my career interests. :113:
    You're like 28. You shouldn't care about what people think!
    And I've been good. Just college. It's alright but I'm not going to return to the University next year. I'm going to go somewhere else.

    How have you been? It has been a while! We haven't VMed in over a year wow.
    Haha I'm just joking with you. <3
    You have to show me someday though. We've been around each other long enough. :p
    Kie is a good Peach to learn from. The people that played him [including M2K and Vinnie] even claim that he's *the* best Peach. Videos against both of them can be found on youtube.
    Peach is considered as mediocre in Japan as she is elsewhere, maybe a tad lower.

    SF4 is going fine I have finally got a new main after searching for one. Back to my old pal from sf2 T Hawk. I just let the haters hate and the ragers rage. I know he isnt populair but I cannot deny what I enjoy.

    Yeah I got sf x tekken to. It is bit of a mess though and not as good. Still some annoying bugs to. Down back and down forward doesnt register good when you use the stick of the pad. Thank god cursor does work good. There I got my other grappler friend Hugo ^^

    What you do these days besides work and being very busy?

    edit: oh yeah you of couse dont get what I mean with the Hawk part. I wasnt maining Hawk before because even some friends generated rage towards him as I always played him for fun next to my former main. It was always stuff like 'if you play hawk I dont play serious' Or just simple dc away. Ever since I met a real good friend on sf4 I got talked back into it. Also cant please them all I play with my fav since he ever appeared and from now on noone stops me from doing that :p. SF4 really has some rotten community I just had the bad luck to start with the wrong friends and got way later the right friends who know how the game works and know to respect hawk his moves and not go in blindly.

    Long edit but I dont mind sharing this small thing. I am sure people would rage about Wario camping hard to ^^
    How is it going now Rick? You didn't tell if you still used AIM or MSN which I use more.

    Don't want to make you feel rushed though. I know a british guy from SF4 who is just as busy as you these days.
    No problem hence I said if you still use AIM or have MSN. Like I said I got AIM back to and you can send me an offline message there to. Unless you don't got AIM anymore.

    Not like I lurk these forums anymore like I used to.
    Bit unhandy but we see. I be sure to check a few times isnt that much of a hassle for me. But I don't know if you are still the forum spammer like you used to be.

    Maybe would be handy to know what your usual times are unless you cant know them because of unpredictable. Also I must not forget you are one hour behind. My SF4 friend is one hour ahead.

    edit: I rather get AIM back then as that is less hassle than being lucky on these forums. If you still got it.
    So going to be quite the adventure then without instant messaging program :p. You really don't got MSN?

    These days I play SF4 AE almost daily with a friend I added on MSN. Some good training :).
    Hey was wondering if we could one day do lagfii brawl again for the sake of reliving old days. Unless you are super busy of course.

    My take on playing has probably changed a lot. In SF4 I heavily enjoy to play the poker character. Characters with a great set of normals. Just like Brawl I suffer from the can't put my mind on one character syndrome. I am already happy I narrowed it down to the playstyle I enjoy the most.

    Brawl feels laggy then though as I recall lots of moves being unsafe on shield while in street fighter there is plenty safe on block.

    I dont have AIM anymore though as I was highly unsatisfied with it. I use only MSN these days.

    So many messages between eachother. Your profile is like 1352 total and over 1000 filled with mine. My profile is even worse though ^^.
    I'm fine to. Got plenty of time for games myself. Even played some really good players who can make me feel like a total nub.

    Ah so you are still busy as always.
    Hey old buddy how you doing these days? Still brawling?

    But what did I miss. Meta Knight banned? They mad? This of course means Peach will bump up one entire tier ^^. Pretty much the entire cast lose a terrible matchup. Down with Fox !!!

    I still happily play SSF4 AE :). Haters gonna hate when I play T.Hawk which is amusing and sad at the same time as he is considered one of the worst and most likely the worst with the new balance patch. Can't help it as I always was old school fan of him.

    Your new ava reminded me of mega man first, from some strange reason.

    Seriously.... it's like my way of stopping and actually reading a post.
    Just to let you know that I lost complete interest in Brawl Rick. We had some nice time often :).

    Now that SSF4 AE hits I just don't want to look back. So great stable connection, had one match against a korean the other day with just a little input delay much like Brawl. But so far from other countries nice and stable. Also much more rewarding to become better. Also it is actually competetive, I never saw Brawl as that. The millions of rules that game has :p.

    Goodbye for now I suppose. Probably won't visit this forum either anymore, did I only to see if you were online ^^.
    Never ever very late that is for sure. I go to sleep before midnight and be up early morning every day. Weekends basicly all day. Normally later afternoon and early evening. Times are rarely needed as I don't do anything else with tv season over as well.

    In other news SF4 AE finally released. Boo, I don't like Bison a lot anymore. But the good news is Vega is buffed. in SF4 longer combos you couldn't end at all. Now you can always end with ex wall dive for a nice damage boost. Which is very good news for me as I always had spare Vega meter. I already know most of Vega his links so I am very excited he can finally finish those longer links with his damaging ex wall dive :D.
    Totally missed the new tier list. Wario dropping one spot is all right as he or Marth are just very close. Happy to see them close to eachother 5 and 6 like I said :). Omg Peach up 2 spots. It is more like others dropped ^^. Wolf vs Fox debate will probably continue now Wolf is one spot behind Fox :p.

    You probably had no time last week. I didn't expect much but next week you are free or how was it?
    Ha don't worry I am used to messaging people first. Either they forget or don't want to make the first step. It is like in SF4, more people search for games than opening a lobby ^^.

    Be sure to hit me on AIM though. I am really super inactive in these forums. I only login every morning during my daily surfing. I just don't have the time and/or mood any more to keep with Brawl stuff. I still can play though of course.
    Hey Rick how is it going now? Already done with your school/study?

    Two more weeks for SSF4 AE :D.
    What time (west coast united states, so pacific time) would work best for you for Peach Jeopardy? I want more people to be included and know you were sad you missed the last one.
    Don't forget that you are gay. Or at least curious. Even if you aren't. Remember, he knows you and everyone else better than anyone.
    Shhhh. Don't point out the flawed logic in my statement. I'm trying to see how far I can push him before he realizes everything he takes for fact has no evidence to back it up.
    Bone walking is significantly faster, by about 18 frames. In addition to this there's momentum to consider. At the end of a bone walk you have momentum roughly equal to Peach's dash, while after a normal turnip pull your momentum is reduced to 0, obviously.

    Note about foxtrotting:
    The earliest frame you can pull a turnip after a foxtrot is 22 frames. This stays consistent even while foxtrot length varies. Foxtrot length is dependent on how long you hold forward/backward on the control stick. For Peach at least the longest you can hold it for is 15 frames. So yeah, when foxtrotting in order to set up a bone walk try and hold the control stick for as long as possible (assuming distance is your goal... not sure why it wouldn't be)
    But you didn't lost interest in Brawl like me? Don't get me wrong I still like to play with you as we have been playing so long together. But it pales in comparision with SF4 and soon for pc SSF4 AE :D.

    I probably said it before but Bison looks a bit like Wario both great mobility and awesome spacers able to punish minor mistakes. Though Bison is a lot lower on the list. Guile vs Bison is there my getting close to braindead matchup it is so ******** 3:7 for me and you basicly can't approach as Guile zones > Bison hard.

    I probably man up against you and go all out Wario but that can change on the fly ^^
    Yeah both Bison and Dhalsim teleports. Bison was designed lame on purpose as he was the last boss. Almost all last 4 bar balrog were designed lame. Balrog you could lame yourself by choosing Honda or Chun and spam the hands or feet and he will always jump or run into it ^^. All cpu got habits though as soon as you learned them you could always read them :p. I main that lame teleporting guy btw, but his teleport is really slow in SF4. He is also not as awesome as in SF2 He is like dead middle much like Peach in Brawl ^^.

    I prefer 2d fighters myself and SF4 is also more combo based unlike Brawl. Aka more rushdown strats viable although normal SF4 can be campy at times to. But you basicly have that everywhere.
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