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  • Peach her matchups are like she should be 5-7 spots higher but that is also unrealistic. If Peach was good where is she in tournies? She is populair enough. Peach players make often to many excuses by that is not how she is supposed to play. Aren't MK and Snake -3? -2 seems so generous.

    Yeah I am quite glad Wario has his tourny viable matchups but he remains an unpopulair character anyway.

    Besides from the absent of Luigi mains this first one looks good yes.
    What'd they say?
    I have that Chansey picture! ;)

    And it's like a visual presentation and essay for these two books we're reading in my english class. Bleh.
    It's that Chansey charm. ;)
    Idk, I've just been more on the lurking side looking for things to infract/take care of whenever possible. I just haven't been motivated to post lately.

    And life is good! I'm currently working on a project so to speak lol. And you already know the answer to that. :p
    That's weird. I accepted your friend request ages ago.
    Oh wait, it lists us as not friends. Idk why!

    And whatchu talking about! I still post! :p
    Matchup thread is amusing. Wario vs Peach -2 for Wario is a huge joke. I thought it would be -1.

    What you think of Peach her matchups? The rest I can agree with Wario. With only having 4 bad matchups but I thought MK would be -2 and not -1 so reverse him with Peach.

    I am already happy Dedede vs Zelda is +1 for Dedede. Thank god they don't listen to Zelda boards :p.

    edit: oh and Peach vs Dedede even , lol what?
    You already read about the matchup list that is coming out from the BBR. Can't wait to see Wario his and I don't hope they got wario peach as 4:6 :(. On the other side Peach mains will probably rage as I assume they got a lot of other thoughts on Peach ^^. I thought Wario his bad matchups were MK, Marth and Dedede. Now lets see what the list says when it arrives.

    I forgot to mention on AIM but I also enjoyed playing a bit the camp game with Snake. Feels good to not have to approach Peach ever :).
    Boring. I feel like I'm doing the same thing everyday and it's hard to break out of the habit.

    You think Peach is then better in a neutral position on the ground with a turnip in hand? Clearly Peach is not so good in approaching much like Luigi. Also as long as they think Dedede is neutral or slight advantage Peach they come nowhere indeed :p. But still playing Sonic again is not really an improvement. You go from one annoying voice to the other.

    Oww yesterday was tv night and I was online in early evening though but I didn't really pay attention.

    edit: I rarely check on these forums so I assume you come on AIM if you can play.
    Huh what you got another avatar? How could you betray Sonic :(.

    Yeah yeah I am a little impatient and wonder when you could be ready for some lagfi. I assume you are still busy but I can't help talking ^^. I probably asked before but you never play Sonic again? He keeps showing good stuff and probably is better than Peach. Or didn't you quit him for being low tier back then? I did quit Bowser because he is horrible and I can't have fun with that.

    Also do message me with your first tourny results whenever you go :).
    Yeah playing me so you respect the waft more ^^. I doubt there are any Wario in UK. Such an unpopulair character. People madly underrate him he is much like Marth with almost no bad matchups and the only one being bad MK. So that is probably the main reason. Pocket Foxes will be populair if he continues winning from MK.

    No problem I am always happy to help :).

    You probably let me know when you are up for the lag.
    Hey Rick just wanted to send a pm regarding that situation as well.

    To be honest like most say just go anyway. You will miss out a lot of great stuff if you don't go. Plus you orignially already wanted to go. You can't let your parents cloud your vision and certainly not on a topic they have no clue about. Parents should also respect a child his choice certainly when you are older than 18. They have no rights to control your life. It is not like smash community is a criminal orginization that tries to gangrape you.

    The video games is bad old fashined talk is so redundant as well. It is a hobby like any other.

    I hope you still go to that tourny. Even though I have never been to a tourny, I know it is well worth the time of meeting other great people who share your passion.
    As long as you start on AIM before you go online, it will be all right :).

    Nintendo already has the worst online out of all the consoles so maybe we don't notice anything ^^.

    Which means I can practice my lame lucario a bit further because you will not punish fsmash then :p.
    Hey Rick next time we play I be sure to play the gay game when I am Lucario vs Peach. I know it is WiFi but still then you can see how I can frustrate you. Lucario had advantage? Don't know if it is like Sonic as both he and Peach can't kill and Sonic hates Lucario :p.

    I think I frustrate you already enough with Wario. I am positive you won't grab me offline either. It is even easier to space properly then ^^.

    SF4 online has also lag which prevents pulling of the more harder link combos. But both remain a good way to start. You still see what works and what not :).
    I hope you're enjoying the new year so far Rick :O

    We don't talk much any more, but I hope you're enjoying Uni life!
    I assume your school has started again? So you missed my lame Lucario :p.

    I am seeing your current actvities. Interview with you? I be sure to read that ^^.

    edit: even though I have you as friends for some time, I barely knew anything about you. So you think I am a stalker? :p.

    Your situation probably sucks. But where I live there are plenty of gamers. Mainly the old fashioned people give a strange look about games. Yet they hang in front of the tv all day long, right.
    Couldn't agree more. :p
    Besides, people can't really search for pictures. They'll only know you have an account here if you ever mention your username.

    But with yours they'd probably forget it since it's so obnoxiously long. :p :p
    I was only half serious with my question. Wasn't trying to like sound all PEER PRESSURING. :p

    Whenever you're ready is fine. :p
    Even if he attempts to jump you can re-grab him with your normal grab. Just aim it so he lands on your arm. Also don't walk forward too much, he'll footstool you at surprising range.

    The most basic input for pivot grabbing was:
    -input a backwards run for two frames
    -turn around + pivot grab

    This just barely has enough range to grab him. The more "ideal" but far more stupid way would be something like:

    -run forward for 4 frames
    -run backwards for 2 frames
    -turn around again + pivot grab
    Assuming you've not already got an answer to this: theoretically Peach can infinitely re-grab Wario with her pivot grab. I mean the frame data is there, but in practicality I don't see it happening at all. If you run to the other side he'll footstool you or you'll be too late and if you don't do that the inputs are just ridiculous.

    I'll note though that Peach can nearly infinite him by just walking forward a tiny bit and grabbing him normally. It's more reasonable than the above but you still only have a 2 frame window to land it.
    After MK her bad matchups are only 4:6? like Dedede. I forgot how Falco and Marth were now at the moment. I believe there was also a time GnW had a solid advantage on Peach :p.

    Still yeah Peach has not many advantage matchups that matter. Who cares you destroy Falcon and Ganon ^^. She only goes neutral with Wario and IC at top tier?

    Late happy new year from me to :D
    Nice job on trying to lower the overrated matchups from Peach Rick. Dedede should still be 4:6 though. Isn't Ike supposed to be neutral to? Just like Wario :p. Not like Peach forces an approach on Ike. She does on almost noone tbh.

    I haven't seen a top brawl match in ages though, I prefer ssf4. But Peach is so slow that she should be treated much like Luigi. She of course is better than him but both can't really force anything.

    Still hoping you could fit some lag greatness in ^^. But your busy school life probably started again.

    Btw more great people like Ally started on WiFi. I recall when first vids of him showed up. It was like he is just average snake WiFi nub. Which means, go to tourny one day finally ;D. As long as you don't go aggressive Peach I have faith in you. Also hope noone knows the Peach matchup and just blindly approach you with turnip in hand and/or while float baiting :p.

    That is literally my favorite Peach sound ever. I've been failing to imitate it for months.
    Oh well, at least we had some games after all. Lucario and others can wait for whenever you are available again.

    Btw, I love the Peach mentailty with we got bair and grab release on Wario so bang advantage ^^. They forgot if they try that too much both can be punished with waft. But then I probably get accused for you can't assume that. But they assume just as much. Wario will not get grabbed often or at all by Peach because she is so slow. I fear Sonic his grab way more but he has I belive nothing on Wario that is as scary.

    Moral of the short study. Pick up Sonic again of course. Although you go from one annoying voice to the other.

    Just play who you like unless it frustrates you. I had that with Bowser over time, so I dropped him. I still recall some hype that he needs to be in lower part of b tier :p. He belongs in bottom tier or low just above falcon.

    So maybe we don't play anymore in your 'free' time? As I said I am sure you let me know when you can again.

    Busy time, good luck on that :).
    You available at different times these days Rick? Or you still got a christmas dutie aftershocks :p.

    I often do tf2 to in the later evening. But I am sure we sort some laggy games out before you go on complete no play mode again.
    ggs :p **** Port Town Aero Dive :)

    It was pretty laggy though... quite surprising, I have an amazing connection with you normally ;_;
    I assume because you ain't on on AIM it means you got no time for games?

    Btw I put my status from now on on away. This doesn't mean I am away but just to see that I don't get kicked out of my game.

    Nice to see a little rediscussion on the peach thread. How opinions can change. Certainly on Olimar, some still think it is solid advantage though.

    edit: I forgot for a moment it broke down on you :(
    Just a small AIM reminder Rick. If you ever feel for more games or just talk about how Sonic will be above Peach next list. You seem to have forgotten in the past ^^.

    See you probably soon in another laggy environment.
    In about 2 hours from I write this would be perfect. Just see when you can fit it. I be watching tv later though but we can still play for a while probably. More days will follow.

    Like Peach dittos? What ditto could be more annoying than two screaming little girls :p. No secret I hate all dittos. The only good thing is that it is dead even ^^.
    Btw Rick how long is it that you are available?

    Don't know if you already played or not. Because last time I played serious was ages ago.

    Let the boring Peach vs Wario matches begin one day again :p. I can imagine offline it is even more boring. I would so 100% always run the timer down to 0.
    Don't know when you are up for some but I prefer before the evening as this evening I probably watch a lot tv :p.

    Also don't forget AIM ^^.

    edit: you probably watch edits to. Early evening I have often time btw. Maybe some evenings as well. So just let me know when you can fit the laggy games in.

    edit2: or we could play in the afternoon of course because of christmas holidays. Don't know if you also got free afternoons in between. or you probably need to study then.
    All I got to say is be on AIM :D.

    I play heavily other games but let me know when you are up for some. I haven't played in ages.

    Oh and I agree with the trend that Peach should drop lower on the list, if Luigi gets treated you can just walk away so must Peach. Both are slow and turnip slides ain't going to do that much. I first thought Peach was quite good but we live in a time now where we go out time eachother more and more :p.
    Oi, I'll probably get to this in a week or so, now is a kinda bad time :X. If you don't hear from me in that time just nag me, I often forget stuff :p.

    Anyways even if this works would it be useful? People can mash out pretty quickly and peach's pummel is only average speed... I'm thinking that by the time you could safely pummel once you could just finish him off with a usmash. Thoughts?
    I am still waiting for your first results :p.

    Tourny results are indeed not everything. Where is Wario? Or I always check the wrong big ones :p.

    I love how finaly people realize how bad Bowser is. I quit him long ago as he frustrates me more than enjoying it. Brawl is such campy anyway that I stick to Wario no matter what.

    Looking forward to play you in laggy environment one day again :p.
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