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  • Hey how you doing? :)

    What are your thoughts about Sonic maybe next tier list being above Peach? Time to main Sonic again or is he all hype? I gues he is the Wario on the ground with being able to camp everyone with sheer speed :p. I don't dare to say anything about it though.

    I do think Peach is getting less scary. Also with the Wario matchup. Peach matchup threads are probably still the most overrated of them all ^^.

    I haven't played Brawl in ages with you not around. I play a bit more SF4 then and trying to learn Seth now as I like him a lot.
    LOL this is why I love you Rick (no homo). Thanks a lot man, I'll do my best in there. :3
    I was just reading through that Peach matchups when metagame advance thread, or however it is called. Peach mains overrating matchups since who knows when ^^. But who am I.

    I do like the OP his future thoughts on Dedede and Wario as I can agree on that. Dedede certainly has the advantage and more and more I think Wario vs Peach is just dead even. Wario has nasty counterpick stages and Peach not? Warios always ban FD anyway. Wario also gets not so easily grabbed like some might think.

    Also a nice good luck towards you for your busy life :).
    Just make sure it don't happen again ;o </3

    And Manny people say Ivysaur is a WOMAN cuz SHE was voiced by a FEMALE voice actress in the Japanese version

    Did you know, every single time that terrible song comes on, I sing your alternate lyrics? My friends think I'm crazy.
    As I said don't worry to much. Real life > silly games. But it does suck though you barely got free time :(.
    Just a small question in between. When you think you got this all setup? You also get some free time from busy university?

    Don't rush anything though, I am just curious that is all :).
    I recently played a bit more sf4 with some old friends. Going a bit Ken to get the feel for non chargers. His high damage punishes make me jealous as Bison doesn't have that :(. Both are around mid tier though. Balrog is the easiest charger to use and I could combo into his ultra very easily as you don't require a link. It also starts from his low poke which is fast and his main poking move.

    Not much changed at all for the rest as I didn't play anymore brawl.

    Sucks about your internet there :(.

    edit: also I finaly learned I can use the c stick to drop diddy bananas so he becomes more fun now. I also use Marth his dancing blade more now which I never used which is so silly as that move is so good. So look for those two when we meet next time :).
    Any update on your disk?

    All this talk about new damage ratio. All I got to say is, camp even harder because fart kills way earlier while Wario remains hard to catch :p.
    You just explained why it is frustrating and much the same when I see I am behind and know you basicly can't make it anymore in time. I probably enjoy it more offline because of the precision needed. I also seem to forget my t-stick setup for Wario. You know I use it when the tag is Wario.

    Oh no Brawl gave up on you :(. At least game data is saved on your Wii and not the disk for if it really is broke.
    What is that did I read just right you enjoy Wario vs Peach a lot? I gues we need to dedicate one day to only those matches then. I can promise you both of us will come out of that mentally scarred for life.

    Yeah no Rick on AIM means I abuse SWF ^^.
    To bad we couldn't talk further on AIM yesterday :(. Oh and you can message me between 18.00-18.30 often enough without kicking me out of my game as I generally eat around that time. I might not respond right away of course :p. I say that because I don't always look at SWF on later hours and we might miss eachother then.

    We need more mind boggling Wario vs Peach matches ^^. More MK to please you know you want it if you compare his options with Peach hers :).

    edit: hmm that is my time though and England is one hour behind of course.
    Of course it's alright Rick. I consider you a valuable contributor on the board man. xD
    What is with the funny icon you got there? A ten in candles. I assuming it has nothing to do with just loggin in :p.

    I love the tierlist thread a lot. Oh and Wario never ever again lower than 5 :). We also need to play :(. You so busy and we you think you can you get boned.
    He's cut in half and dead
    man why do you have to rub it in my face

    well now your kadabra is a kadeadbra so you can feel my loneliness ;_;

    You be offline in AIM? Does that mean you can't play anymore? Handy to know so I know if can continue something else. You have priority at the moment ^^.
    I was comparing it with ROB anyway not DK of course :).

    I am glad Wario is finaly in top 5 again where he belongs. I also love my old main Bowser his deserved drop he seems to be right where he is now as the rest under him is certainly not any better. Also Mr Game and Wacth +1, take that haters ^^. Ganon is his own tier is good to as he has all bad matchups unlike the rest. For my Dedede play at time, Olimar and Pika deserve to be above him. It is more those two passing Dedede than Dedede dropping if you know what I mean. Oh and Pit still > Peach :D.

    I haven't read the thread yet I do that a later point but I can't wait for the Peach mains rage :p.

    Anyways Rick still no playtime? You probably contact me first again as you are so busy.
    Peach still gets hard countered by MK though. Ok DK gets worst countered. But MK is someone you always encounter.

    To much ROB hate he used to be 6th on the list which was way too high of course. I believe if I recall correctly MK ***** ROB badly to.

    Diddy just got so much hype. While Diddy has a lot more bad matchups scattered around the tiers unlike Marth and Wario. I gues it all has to do with how you fare against MK to. In that way Snake and Diddy are just better.

    We will see soon anyway when the new one comes out. Can't wait for the rage, I love tier list threads :p.
    All this stuff with the leaked tier list now and I also wouldn't be surprised if Peach didn't move at all. You just must ask yourself this, who can she pass?

    Ike is just getting back to his original spot where he deserves to be. Bowser should plummet into low tier, he is garbage. I hope both Olimar and Mr Game and Watch go up. Latter one his game remains solid no matter if you can DI out of bair these days or not. Snake his grenades are also easy to dodge if you put it that bland.

    Just some of my thoughts. Don't know what you think. Oh and Wario > Diddy. Wario should also be tied with Marth for 4th and 5th spot.
    Don't you worry too much about it though. Uni is of course much much more important than some silly brawl games with a loser who picks almost all characters so he can never master one :p.
    Hey Rick how is it going now? I gues your school started already or wherever you are now. I assume when you are not on AIM you are not available or you missing these messages already? :p

    For every day we fail to play, MK will make you pay.
    Come on AIM then :). Ike and Marth wants to beat you senseless after I was about to pick them vs Yaaay. Played him again yesterday he shows a quite interesting aggressive Peach. I know for sure that fails hard against MK with his devious upb and other tricks. But yeah he had me good with it for a time as I am so used to your campy Peach ^^. Is also a reason why I would fail at tournies or I should stick to my campy Wario for sure. Although just picking random characters can be fun to.

    In other news I spotted myself again in a vid from one my friends where I get beat senseless in one round. It is just a collection vid from him but there it looks like he owns me. I believe it was like 15-3 for my Bison vs his Balrog ^^. I hate that a lot though as it doesnt reflect reality.
    Hey Rick any update? If I got a small timeframe I know I can completely avoid these boards in the evening :p. AIM you are also not much on unless you really have no time at all. You know it is used for talking :). Talking about how MK should not be banned ^^.

    I don't know if you got this feeling but sometimes I feel I do better with Dedede than with Wario but that might be because of WiFi and offline competition is horrible for me much like you have the same. All this hate some people Dedede give is annoying to. He still goes neutral or beats half of top tier. We don't even talk what he does to most low tier :p. Maybe I must main both a bit as I started to like Dedede more and more. Who knows the fat pinguin might take over ^^.
    The only thing left are of course random matchups you don't expect. Don't get beat by Falcon :p. But I gues the good news is that Wario's in Europe are more aggressive than I am. MK seems also less dominant.

    I probably never go to tournies myself. I got nothing to proof even though I do wonder sometimes how I fare. I probably would bore everyone to dead anyway ^^.

    As you sai yourself you let me know when you got some time again :).
    I watched some Peach videos just to see other Peaches play. With some I can clearly see you are much alike and maybe even better as you are much more defensive. Also maybe I watched a bit to much friendlies. But I saw one Dedede where I could count the times he used bair against Peach on one hand ^^. Reminds me of myself when I first started Dedede. He can shut down Peach much more comfortable than just running grab. I barely used it against you as I know you punished it. Bair,ftilt and (safe)waddle spam all the way and then see what fits :).

    At least there are some serious Peaches in that thread to, was nice to read for the eyes some tips. Even though I don't play Peach. Which I never will :p. I got to be in touch with the latest tricks because I play you so often :).

    To bad you couldn't go to tournies yet. Would love to see how you do. But you better be not afraid of fat penguins, unless they are not populair in England :laugh:

    Don't worry about not being able to play.
    You were not there yesterday even though you said you could sure play :(. I gues something came inbetween or you came online when I was off ^^. Just remember punishment will be swift for missing that. MK and Snake will be chosen or is Snake not a bad matchup anymore these days?
    If you like challenge go Ganon ^^. I don't like a challenge so I main Wario :p. Although even it doesn't look like that these days. But if we have to many of those matchups we become braindead. My ultimate goal? Maybe main the character that counters Peach.

    If Ganon and Falcon were only as good as in melee my mains would be easily set. I would play Wario simply because he is my favorite. I also enjoy his fast air speed. I can't really stand to sluggish characters. No Bowser is not slow he is just big :). Dedede is like the only exception I like to play. But what is not to like about that big smile waiting to grab and cuddle you.

    So in the end I wouldn't main horrible characters as I will find that pointless. If Wario was terribad I wouldn't main him even though he is my favorite.
    Hey Rick maybe today some brawl? You know you want to kick pinguin butt ^^.

    Is your impression of Ike still got turnip in hand Ike can't really do anything? His nair can easily cancel into a jab mixup. His dash attack is quite nice to which I noticed from our Ike vs Peach matches.

    You still enjoy Peach btw even though she is a heavily camp dependant character? But I gues that goes for everyone and this is just Brawl and not Melee. Can't compare two different game styles.

    Oh and more turnips please :).
    Just congratulating you on your results Rick, I’m sure that they were great. My results were just what I wanted :D
    You didn't really gave me time to respond back from saturday. But don't worry about it :). Just don't forget about AIM and we play again when you can. Still it kind of sucked you couldn't continue :(.

    I gues we have to take a look what is happening to the ruleset. Wasn't there also talks about 10min matches? Wow that means I got to aircamp 2 min longer for the Wario Peach matchup :p. I just hope the airtime rule never comes into affect or else I quit Wario for sure. I got plenty of characters anyway I am average with ^^.
    That stupid topic about air time crap are making me sad. So many stupid rules coming on which makes no sense at all. I gues it is time to fully main Olimar then as he is a ground based character :p. Or all should just go back to Melee ^^.

    Our matches have become so long lately to. It feels more like a chess game at times that one wrong move can spell disaster.
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