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  • I got it off of Pixiv.

    Haha thanks, I change them pretty often because it was a sheet.
    I know right?
    I'm still getting to grips with it, sometimes I scroll through threads and wonder who's posted something only to find out it was actually me xD

    So how's life? :p
    Hello! Long time no speak - yea things are good so far, although 2010 had some really good moments that 2011 is going to have a hard timer surpassing :)

    Uni life is amazing - what are you up to these days?

    The ending killed me. That fat sum uh...well you know the rest. lol thanks man
    Hey Chis, is it possible for you to give me the second post in the texture thread? I wanna move the music part there. The OP is just becoming too large :dizzy:

    Heh you beat me to it! Yea I got what I needed too which is excellent :) Slightly disapointed because I was so so close to getting an extra A but I managed to get one so its all good xD Glad to hear everything went ok for you too :)
    Sorry I left so suddenly, we were expecting some guests and they turned up much earlier than I expected :(
    Glad to hear you're ok, a shame you don't play Brawl anymore (although with Wi Fi being so dreadful and there being no Brawl scene in the UK whatsoever I don't blame you). Yea exams sure were nasty...I'm cacking myself already thinking about results day xD
    Long time no see! :p
    You too, I am so stressed about them this year. Information just doesn't want to sink in :( I hope I do well in them, I'm even hoping for an elusive A* in Chemistry ;O Probably not going to happen but I can always hope since my coursework turned out so well...hows your exam stuff going?

    And yea I did vote :p Tbh, I know very little about politics but being able to vote as certainly made me more interested, paticularly experiencing such a bizzare government atm. I'm interested to see how the coalition works out - whether its a huge success and surprises us all or whether its a massive flop :p
    Jericho was robbed!

    God I hate Jack Swagger.

    Jericho should always be champion,he is the best on the mic by MILES.
    lol are they the ones where he's in the labyrinth riding some cart? Sega... always prevail with sidetracking from sonic's roots lol. Still though the rest of it is shaping up pretty nicely imo
    no worries - I definitely know what you mean... it goes up and down with me but I think sooner or later I'll grow really tired with it.

    I don't have TvC I desperately want to get that and blazblue. Also are you following sonic 4 news by any chance? I just managed to get the soundtrack.
    Will you be online tonight? We should play some games! I'll probably be on around 12ish onwards if you can make it.
    Chis! It's been ages - life is good atm and yeah we should definitely brawl sometime soon. Tomorrow night would be good for me. How've you been?
    My, what a shocker, another pesky Mod sticking his nose in my business.

    \very well, I changed it....what a bother
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