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Jim Morrison
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  • i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
    <font color="#F5DEB3">Night divides the day</font
    Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison
    :^) i love the new smashboards
    agray'd also lyk my coments if u agray too and now u can do it 4 reals hehe bye
    Ey yo JIM. What's up? ;o

    What's that orange name for! :D

    Yo I liked playing with you in Ryker Mafia, cuz you made me laugh. :D
    Thing is, they'll start posting in the good threads, and derail it to the point where it's no longer good.
    I swear the DR is so freaking annoying. I can't go to a single thread without being bombarded by tons of unfunny anime jokes, mods abusing their powers trying to be funny, or a taco discussion.
    [2:01:52] Jim Morrison: Hey Jim, thanks for doing this interview for the Disco Room, I'll just ask you a few questions that were proposed by fellow members of the Disco Room, you just try to answer them as well as you can, okay?
    [2:03:08] Jim Morrison: sure, no problem, hit me with your best shot
    [2:03:38] Jim Morrison: Ok, first question, asked by Xiivi: "Is John2kawaii4u?"
    [2:04:38] Jim Morrison: lol xiivi. yeah john is a little kawaii in the face, but he'll never be 2 kawaii 5 me
    [2:05:54] Jim Morrison: Hehe, okay, the next questions are by Teran, he asks 5 questions, I'll just label them, okay?
    [2:06:35] Jim Morrison: 1. How does it feel to claw your way back out of the dark chasm of irrelevance?
    2. Why are are the Dutch so arrogant when they have no reason to be?
    3. What is your favourite cheese?
    4. Have you ever fired a gun?
    5. What's it like for you not being an adolescent anymore?
    [2:06:51] Jim Morrison: finally some serious questions lel
    [2:07:46] Jim Morrison: 1. It feels good knowing that the things I say hold a bit more value now, I enjoy that.
    [2:10:11] Jim Morrison: 2. There's actually a pretty logical answer to that. It's got to do with the size of The Netherlands. Look at how small the country is, yet during the Golden Age, we were the richest in Europe, we are now one of the bigger economies in the world, are good at sports relative to our size, and all other things you can think of size related, not in the least that we are the tallest people in general. This gives us a sense of "Look at us, we're so cool and good coming from a small progressive country!" while in reality no one -really- likes the Dutch on the internet. Wew what a wall
    [2:11:17] Jim Morrison: 3. Young Gouda cheese.
    [2:11:25] Jim Morrison: 4. Not a legit gun.
    [2:11:44] Jim Morrison: 5. im still an adolescent m8
    [2:14:06] Jim Morrison: The Legend killer wants to know "How many licks does it take to get the center of a toostiepop?"

    [2:14:27] Jim Morrison: ask an american
    [2:15:15] Jim Morrison: Xireoy wants to know
    1. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
    2. Can I have $5.00?
    3. Why does Mitt hate trap cards?
    [2:15:27] Jim Morrison: 1. ask a ****ing american i dont have this candy LOL
    [2:15:46] Jim Morrison: 2. if you ever come visit me i'll even give you 5 euros which is like 20 dollars
    [2:17:39] Jim Morrison: 3. bczu mitt romeny is a puppet of the illimunati and the countermovement invented yguaioh and trap cards were specififcaly impelemented 2 counter iliminuti players so every1 who plays trap card against mit romeny automaticly upsets him a swell
    They won't turn black, cigarette tar is not black.

    In any case, nobody cares about the beauty on the inside.
    Absolutely but sadly it comes at the cost of my youthful good looks.

    If I degenerate in looks beyond a point I will probably pick it back up.
    新しい new furui
    古い old
    暖かい warm suzushii
    涼しい cool
    暑い hot samui
    寒い cold
    おいしい delicious mazui
    まずい bad tasting
    大きい big chiisai
    小さい small
    遅い late, slow hayai
    早い early, quick
    面白い interesting, funny tsumaranai
    つまらない boring
    暗い dark akarui
    明るい bright
    近い near tooi
    遠い far
    長い long mijikai
    短い short
    難しい difficult yasashii
    優しい easy
    いい good warui
    悪い bad
    高い tall, expensive hikui
    低い low
    安い cheap wakai
    若い young
    忙しい busy urusai
    うるさい noisy
    意地悪な mean shinsetsuna
    親切な kind
    嫌いな distasteful sukina
    好きな favorite
    静かな quiet nigiyakana
    にぎやかな lively
    危険な dangerous anzenna
    安全な safe
    便利な convenient fubenna
    不便な inconvenient
    きれいな pretty genkina
    元気な healthy, well
    上手な skillful yuumeina
    有名な famous
    丁寧な polite shoujikina
    正直な honest
    頑固な stubborn hadena
    派手な showy
    Thanks Guus!
    I was browsing that first birthday thread that you did for me, I still have that dragon in my wallpaper folder.
    Forever best present.
    Yeah I guess, but I take writing really seriously and I don't think I have the time or the required dedication to do a satisfactory job. So yeah won't enter even if a chance comes up in the near future.
    It's especially entertaining in UB where I can dance around the very rules I set.
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