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Jim Morrison
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  • We haven't covered Bowser yet though, have we? Wait for some input lol.

    That **** HAS to be an advantage if we're labelling Ganon as an advantage too, not that Ganon SHOULD be an advantage, lol.
    I don't really have any placeholder posts that started off the discussion of the match-ups, so I can't do much in that department. I could do the write-ups for the characters that I'm experienced against though and ask people to copy & paste them.

    But not right now, I've got 3 exams in the next 2 college days, so I'm going to be busy.
    I had already done it, lol.
    I'm just making that approaches thread now before Chis steals my idea.

    maybe tomorrow, but not really. I might end up studying the weekend away lol.

    Finals week.
    oh yeah, i forgot to tell you this the other day

    you can spinshot in that flash Sonic game.

    even release the spindash/spinshot backwards.

    loll only from the ground though.
    Alot of the night time levels are kind of Zelda-ish in the way you have to fight with enemies, except, you have to kill all the enemies or else you won't be able to move on. I hear the battle system/werehog is better in the Wii version than it is in the 360 version, and I guess it makes sense they'd put to be that way since Wii owners are supposed to play it with wii-chuck (I went GC all the way and still liked it lol >:D)

    There's alot of exploring in the night-time level though, if you wanna unlock videos and music and pictures and hints to complete the game (find all the stuff lol).

    There's also a bit of 'puzzle' solving that you have to do, but they're to do things like unlocking lives/levels. The ones in-level are moderately easy though, which makes sense because people want to finish the levels ASAP.

    Well, Wii Sonic Unleashed's daytime levels are kind of short, depending on if you can find the shortcuts / alternate paths that give you the best times or not. There's a bit more variety, path-wise, and sometimes it might be hard to catch them because you're running so quickly.

    The nighttime levels can take you from 7-10 minutes per act (you get like 2-3 nighttime levels per daytime level lol), but they're more exploration based if you wanna get S-ranks on everything (find as many exp boxes/enemies and rings, complete it by 7-9 mins) But if you rush through them, it'll take like 4-6 mins per night-time level.

    Bosses are waaay more variable in Unleashed, of course. Though you also have to deal with night-time bosses, too, which are kind of like... Zelda bosses, if you've played Zelda games lol.
    hmm... Well, if you replace spindashes with superfastboostrunthatkillsstuff, I guess you'd like the daytime levels. The night time is a totally different game though.

    Maybe rent it first to see if you like it? XD
    i c wat u did thar. i am just now logging back on...and i see brocks.
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