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  • Hey. Ran into you on 3DS For Glory today. I was mostly Falcon and Bowser. Also played Falco, Donkey Kong and Marth. Great matches!

    Edit: my name is Johnny G.
    Hey dude, your a mod right? If you have the power to, could you do me a favor and change my user name to Magnum12 ? I'd really appreciate it.
    Another thing.

    The problem with this is that it's very precise (probably the toughest AT I've tried doing for Sonic), and messing up means that you dair with that atrocious lag.

    Doing it off level and messing up puts you at a ****ty position too, btw.

    Oh, and you can also cancel out of spinshots. Makes you slide across the platforms.
    Moving. It's a combination of using the platform cancel and dair.

    You can't platform cancel if you're too close to a moving plat. However, Sonic's dair (along with several others like Ganondorf) gives him the ability to cancel at any time.

    This lets you platform cancel things you couldn't platform cancel before, such as the SDJ variations.

    The only thing I couldn't auto-cancel was his UpB, which is a **** shame. It'd be such a great recovery method.

    Lylat and Smashville are the only practical places to use this, but you can use it on plenty of levels, MLG list-wise.
    You know how Zero Suit Samus can cancel her dair in the ROB infinite because of her dair's properties and location due to ROB's footstool animation and placement?

    Same thing, except it's Sonic's dair on a platform.
    Yeah, Code::Blocks is good. To be honest, I'm not a VERY good programmer.

    I can program, yeah, but I have no VG experience, save for attempting a Mega Man Fangame.
    Why yes, yes it is. I'm postponing all activity for a while, though.

    I wanna at least get out of high school before I start working on things.
    I wont be there until 8. Go with Michaelis, he ha a car and lives at GA tech.

    Enough of your johns you little b*tch
    What are you doing tonight?

    Im going to one last smashfest today before I leave to go back to NY tomorrow.
    Hmm, i would enjoy being in a tourney in or near the metro area (Don't wanna get too far from home nao lol)
    But I'll keep a tab of that WABA just in case it turns out i can make it to one.
    So thanks =D
    Guess i'll have to pay a stop to ya when i go to Tech for my next Oflline Tourney? ^_^
    Oh, ok then, so i guess i found out who i can consult, should i ever need help with my sonic ;)
    And i really gotta get into some live tourneys, most are just too far:urg:
    But i'll most definitely try to make it to a WABA tourney :)
    Sorry for the "frandom", but i heard from a friend that you could possibly be some of the tough competition for making it to one of GA's best Sonics.
    Thanks Tenki, I appreciate it.

    Anyway, I didn't think it was unnecessary planning. Just seems to me that a lot can go wrong or some things that weren't on the agenda could (and probably would) pop-up. I suppose I'll just have to appreciate life the way it is, and however it may come at me.

    that should work. its the espy vs mikehaze 3-3. Itd be nice if we had any decay data checked out; it seems noone cares to check. ( i have no means to unfortunately) id love some data on uair too cuz i still can shake off that uair to spring uair isnt guarenteed on some characters at certain percents. Also thanks for the Spring L-cancel stuff; its situational but looks **** good when pulled off. Lastly, have you ever done a Homing attack where right after it connects and you press B at a certain interval it cancels the cool down frames and enters another homing attack state? Ive done this on occasion yet i never you what were the circumstances for this to occur. have you ever done such a thing?
    hey do u know if we retrieve frame advantages on decayed tilts or anything? Also Ive been wondering for awhile now, when we do a downward f-tilt and i THINK a tipped dtilt the opponent usually flies into the ground ( at mid percents) is it simply bad DI or is it when its not properly DI that this situation happens ( maybe noone DIs it) but i would like to the know the explanation for this. I would also like to inquire how most of you techchase it and what are our best options out of it ( it also seems sometimes due to the second hit of ftilt it forces an auto getup that seems promising too) I usually techchase it with bairs or a well spaced DA> ftilt follow up or even just a simple grab. How bout you guys?

    Ex: A good example here of the situation I speak of and solid options.

    o and i got a L-Cancel combo in hahah, Fair>Dair>Rising Fair. It was amahzing.
    hey tenki you got any tips for get down true pivots perfectly? Do i have to soft touch it after control stick passes neutral or before when inputting the reverse direction? Ive gotten it from time to time but its still not a 100%
    hey tenki quick question. when u b-reverse a Spin-Dash to ride the the lip of an edge does it mantain invincibility frames?
    thank u tnki i think im going to experiment with these things. try 2 make it less pratical. im trying to run thru things that could aid sonics game. you got any suggestions for me
    NOOOOO no wii that makes me so sad. explain to me then lol. How would u prepare such a steak move. i havent been able to get it 2 work like u explained
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