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  • Lol that was a long time ago I think. Maybe before Apex? He did wreck my Wario pretty bad though. I also lost to Paw just this weekend. Win or lose, I've learned I should go with my gut when counterpicking characters and stages. I should have gone Sonic on Panty from the start and I should have gone Sonic on Paw game 3 at least. Also should have gone pit game 3 vs Razer.
    I was facepalming so hard when I saw your FB, man lmao. I saw your shirt on Saturday (I think it was Saturday) that had "Jesus" written across it, and I was gonna say something, but I ended up getting called to a pools match.
    Apologies for taking so long. But no, you cannot jab and shield before Meta Knight hits you with an attack after Snake uses Dthrow.

    However, MK cannot buffer the attack. You can buffer standing or rolling by keeping the control stick held in a direction. The Jab and shield trick will work if MK is just one frame off in trying to do the get-up attack the moment he can from a dthrow.

    This is not one of those guarantee things, but since it cannot buffered, it must be mashed or timed which means there is room for error. And with having to time a one frame window, I would say this is a pretty solid method for covering 3 of meta knights options. Jab will hit if he does nothing. Jab will miss if he does the get-up attack or stand, then shield grab the attack or stand option. Covering rolls are useless with this method.

    Edit: it seems to be universal. Any character put into a DownWaitU (the animation Snake puts characters in after dthrow) cannot buffer a get-up attack.

    This is the list of characters who dthrow -> buffered jab will work on given no option selected in the DownWaitU animation. If any of these characters have get-up attacks on frame 16 or higher, I think jab -> ftilt or Jab -> shield is a solid method against these characters. After that, it would be a matter of cover a roll or in place option.

    Alright, here's the thing with Marth vs Snake's Dthrow. Marth (for whatever reason) gets his invincibility on his forward roll a frame later than the rest of the cast in that position. So, that's enough time for a Ftilt to come out and hit Marth. Its really strict timing though since it requires both Snake and Marth to buffer these options or else Snake's ftilt will whiff. The reason is due to height issues in Marth's forward roll animation. If Snake is too early, it'll whiff over Marth, if too late, the invincibility takes over. It's a single frame to work, yet is perfectly timed when Marth and Snake buffer those moves.

    In the case of MK, it might work. Looking at the frame data makes me think it is possible, but I want to be sure.
    yes you should

    User Control panel > Group Memberships > Bottom of page, click the box that says identify me as this group
    You can make your name cyan in the control panel

    and you should log on to skype
    Frame traps like the option selects you were talking about, or frame traps that force people into situations where they must get hit?
    Argh stop being offline when I'm online -_______-

    Everything will be explained on Aim.
    I'm quite curious about "opening moves" in matchups depending on starting positions. When I'm not being a campy jerk, I have my favorites. The ASC shieldgrab on BF, the dash grab opener on SV (so small). Is there any way you can cover and elaborate on these types of things when you get your thread going? I hoped for some sort of Rock/paper/scissors frame data thing from kinzer explaining how some openers can counter enemy opening strats and etc.

    Just a midnight idea. Send the footage whenever you have it. The sooner I get it, the more time I have to record and edit to your liking.
    Yea, but you are WC and therefore not part of the metagame cuz no vids or results. Looks like most other Sonic run to FD/Ps1 when YI is banned. I think if you have the patience for it, Delfino is a strong timeout stage. I can basically play the entire game circle camping the poorly distributed platforms on the carpet and walkoff camping/isdr camping. I supposed this is why I'm more or less mocked for my playstyle though...
    Unfortunately, I didn't get to play much at my last tournament. I'm salty about it, but I'll have to fix it myself I think.

    I'm ready to record stuff if you need it. Also I would really appreciate it if you or someone could help me work on my sharking game. Its not something I've seem alot from other Sonics and I feel it makes Delfino a strong CP for us. You should check out my Delfino matches and tell me what you think.
    The Lab Directors decided that they wanted to wait until Video 3 or 4 depending on the content for me to release the thread lol

    Sorry :(
    trust me. Im with those guys quite a bit over here. TKD is an amazing player, but Tyrant is overall better. Tyrant has one of the top Marths in the country but he plays MK instead. I do wish TKD would go to other tournies aside from So Cal. ADHD is basically at M2Ks Level. Anti is near that level as well.
    Idk man, I don't consider ADHD, Anti and Tyrant THAT much good. TKD, in the other side...
    Dude, DEHF is like, M2K level or something. That guy is amaaazing. Only other player I consider this good in the US are MikeHaze and Ally (cmon, Ally can be considered US).
    I wish Brazil had a Smash scene going on. :/
    Yeah, I've never seen that CG with pivot grab before. I guess I don't know **** about Falco, lol. Thanks for those explanations, though. And sorry for my bad English lol.
    Well, I feel like with marth u can do a fullhop/shorthop emty jump towards where u think they're gonna jump, so that when they do jump there, u can immedietly react to it.
    but with someone like say uhmm snake, most of the times when im reading jumps I can't like just jump and respond ( since his airspeed sucks ) so what I do is I asume people are gonna jump and just already counter it with nair/bair, however if they dont jump, that leaves me in a ***** up position.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's kinda character dependent xD
    We just did a bo5 friendly set marth vs mk, I won that 3-2, also took a game in winners vs his snake before he changed to ic xD
    When he knocks people offstage and they're recovering the best thing is to drop to the ledge, but some people jump out of fear or positioning. Illmatic capitalizes on people's jump habits. I beat people who do it with Wolf Fair for early kills sometime.
    hahaha yeah it would feel so good if I beat ally, not just because hes from the states and im from europe, I don't give a **** about that LOL. it's just ALLY, he's been my favorite player ever since 2008.
    and let me know when ur going to any europe tourneys ! ( if u are that is )
    Then again could be my biasness since i do well vs mk's xD
    we'll find out in a few days now wont we hohoho ( ally coming to spain )
    Well I think the reason why hes so dominating is the states is because of the stagelist u guys use, im pretty sure if RC was banned at least 50 % of mk's wins would be reduced xD that being said us mk's>europes, u have have way too many amazing mk's.

    uhmm and I think the matchup between mk and marth is 55-45
    aaah i see!

    yeah i saw X vs Mikehaze on stream and everytime mike jumped and aerial'd, X spindash'd em.
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